As I am RE-watching Skypiea I couldn’t help but noticed what Sanji said, now I may be looking way to deep into this, but this is not the first time Sanji has talked about, “the Gods” in one scene Usopp was scared of traveling through the Ordeal Of Balls, Usopp then talks about how powerful Enel might be, for he is a “God” in reply Sanji told Usopp, “There are many Gods in the world” referring to the position of God in terms of power right?


But like I said before, this isn’t the first time he’s talked about, “the Gods” in Enies Lobby he once again talked about them! “Cooking is a gift from the Gods, the spices are from the Devil”


Now I may be over analyzing here but let’s say there are Gods in the world of One Piece, who are they and where are they from, etc.

Well we all know Oda likes to use mythology, everything and anything related to that nature. In mythology, Greek to be exact, the Gods of Olympics are bestowed upon planets. In the One Piece world there are 6 planets. Now I’m going to say oh “Zeus is this guy and Hades is this guy” but.. Sanji is talking about Gods, and there are 6 planets in the world of One Piece.


So now that I’ve established the fact that in mythology Gods and planets are symbolic with each other, they have importance, etc. It’s time to get into the juicy stuff.

We all know that there was once 21 Kingdoms, I believe Joyboy is in fact one of the 6 Gods in the world of One Piece. The other 5 Gods were from the other planets there is in One Piece. Now you all have heard the popular theory that the people of One Piece we see today were from the other planets, a lot of people have incorporated it to their theories, so I guess I will to, because well I do believe in that theory. But none the less I believe the other 5 Gods were under Joyboy and were rulers with Joyboy.

Now the Gods are dead, but who could of killed them 900 years ago? I believe the Gorosei did! Gorosei = 5 Stars? Hmmm little suspicious don’t you think? 6 planets, 5 men who call them self “Stars”

Now I believe the Gorosei also lived in the Void Century, the age & human body haven’t been fully explain yet, we’ve seen 100+ year old characters yet they look nothing like 100 years old, some even fresh and ready to fight! Now since there is 6 planets, and 5 men who call them self “Stars” (this next part is going off of speculation) I believe there were in-fact 6 Gorosei members but one of them died in the Void Century. The only evidence I can prove that the Gorosei are powerful/battle worthy are the scars they have, no old guy can have a scar and say the didn’t go into battle. Obviously the scars they have look like battle scars!

Conclusion: Going off of what Sanji said in Skypiea and Enies Lobby I am starting to believe Joyboy was a God in the Void Century, but not only that there where other Gods in the Void Century who were from other planets (like in Greek myth, how Gods and the planets are symbolic with each other) The Gorosei had 6 members and had gone to war with the 6 Gods, and the results were the Gorosei being the Victor, but only with one of their members dead.

6 – Planets
5 – Gorosei
Odd isn’t it?

*Theory by AnimeFanTalk

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  1. Mr Swgdudekool

    I thought you would go along the lines of the Gorosei actually being the Gods; that ended up betraying joy boy. This would explain why they are feared by even Akainu, and the battle scars would fit here too. Also the Tenryubito having the generic space suit costume would also hint them being people from the other planets, that now oppress the people of the current one piece world, hence forth creating revolutionaries and pirates pillaging for freedom. Something related to this could be hidden in the lost island Raftel and because the Gorosei cant find Raftel, they fear pirates the most. Robin would be a key character in this plot development. This could also be linked to the “D’s” being the “God’s” natural enemy, as the Gorosei may be the “Gods” referred here. I dont know how this would fit into the mythology, but this seems extremely plausible, especially after the new reveals in the series.


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