Kaido will kill Big Mom! Straw Hats and Big Mom Pirates remnants Alliance!?

★Kaido and his dream of a DF only Pirate Crew!★

First of all, we know that our King of Beasts—Kaido the Yonko had been recieving SMILE from Donquixote Doflamingo for a few years in the story. As we know, SMILE, is an artificial DF that was created by Vegapunk which then the Idea was taken by Caesar Clown to make the main ingredient, The SAD. Kaido, who was the no.1 customer, had recieved more than 500 smiles and in result, he got more than 500 Zoan users in his pirate crew! [​IMG]
At first, I thought he created an army of DF users was to make his death more awsome if somehow he’ll get killed by the Marines. But, ever since I saw this page :


that page made me thinks that Kaido’s dream is to make the greatest pirate crew in the world, which is a DF only Pirate crews!

★The Fall of his Dream and his Next Move!★

After the fall of the Donquixote Family, the order of smiles had been stopped which include the one that was meant for Kaido. This mean that Kaido will not able to fulfilled his desire! And as we know from Law, Kaido will never make negotiation that even Doflamingo got scared as shit by it!

If we think again, Kaido should aim for Luffy and Law directly in the near future, but this page might says no to it


On that page, we can assumed that Kaido is ordering Kidd to send his message to the SHP. This means, somehow Kaido got something more important to do rather than crushing the one who kill his dream! Then what actually makes it so important? The answer is that his dream wasn’t completely crushed and he still have hopes in creating smiles once again!

Then what’s Kaido’s only hope?

Yes this man is the key to resume Kaido’s dream!

But now, currently Caesar Clown was taken by Big Mom pirates and will be taken to the Whole Cake Island which is actually BM based of operation!
As for now, we don’t know if Kaido know where Caesar is, but as we know, Inu stated he’s kind of worried about how Jack was able to find Zunisha in the first place and by this, we may conclude that there’s a spy among the Minks!

There are some that might be the spy which might be Pedro or Carrot. Which kind of scares me since I’m a Carrot fan.

But I really doubt if one of them is the spy since we know their character, but in case that Oda might troll us, I’ll make them as suspect! Since anything can happened in OP! And an actual spy can cover their personality and turn into a very different person once been found out by others.

As for the spy, he/she might also be a Minks that stay at Zou and informed Kaido and his crew about where Caesar actually is, and what happened at Zou!

★Luffy at a Yonko base?! What can he do?★

Seriously, Luffy is strong alright, but if he was placed in the middle of a Yonko base, what can he do? Even an admiral will be in danger in that moment! Hiding is impossible, pretty sure all high rankers in BM crew have Haki

This got me thinking, Big Mom—Charlotte Linlin is an old woman that even eat her own crew, how in the world Luffy will able to convinced BM to return Sanji? My bet if he ask that BM Pirates will immediately kill Luffy and The Swirly Hats at that moment!

After I read some theories about Vinsmoke and Bege’s betrayal, there might be a possibility that the Vinsmoke is actually planning to kill Big Mom! As Bege was based on Al Capone in real life.

Even if the betrayal will happen, as Tamago stated on ch 824, the Vinsmoke Power is still under the BMP strengh!when Tamago said that Vinsmokes will be BM’s underling! Then how will the Vinsmoke finish their job?


Yes, this might be the perfect time for Oda to introduce Ryokugyu! I haven’t found any theory that support this, but since Vinsmoke is an assasin, they work because they were paid, and the possibility is that the WG was the one who give the Job! Even Germa66 was able to make Sanji’s only alive which means that Vinsmoke and WG have a strong relations!

★Kaido and The Calamities! Crush the Tea Party!★

As I said before, Kaido will go to Caesar is, which is the Whole Cake Island! Visiting another Yonko territory could means a war, so he’ll take his full force too this time! ;) it might be weird for him to attack another Yonko just because of Caesar, but if he’s dream is to have DF only Pirate crew, then chases after your dream is normal right? Even Teach have to betray his own family, well not all people like him tho..

We know that It took the entire 3 Admirals along with 100.000 special troop to beat WB at Marineford. So, even Ryokugyu won’t be enough to beat Big Mom! So this is the moment where I believe Kaido and the Hundred Beast Pirates will crush to the tea party and fight the Big Mom Pirates!

Even with her Full power, BM enemy is the strongest Assasin family, an Admiral, and another Yonko full Power!

★The WCI War!★
The whole war I believe will take place on the WCI. It’ll be an unofficial alliance battle between BM-SHP and Kaido-Vinsmoke-Admiral! These are the fight that might happen!

  1. Kaido-Ryokugyu vs Big Mom, even WB was able to hold one Admiral! So my bet this will be BM final battle as pirates. Both of them might be different but since they have the same purpose, allying with each other is acceptable in some ways.
  2. Luffy-Sanji vs Germa66, I personally believe that Sanji will fight his father to cut off his relation with him and Luffy will help Sanji! This will be the end of the Assasin Organization if WCI is Truly Enies Lobby Parallels!
  3. BM Pirates Commander vs The Two Calamity, This will be a fight between Commander and I believe the Calamities will win (for the sake of theory) and leave BMP commander lose their spirit after BM’s death since I believe BM fight will not last long
  4. Jinbe vs Jack,Jack might be a Fishman based on ch 824 :p and Jinbe probably will meet Luffy this time! I believe there’ll be no winner and will end up in draw

The rest of the fight will probably between the Swirly Hat and BMP fodders vs Gifter of the Beast Pirates!

The war will end less than a Day and result in BM’s death which will shook the whole world! The end of the battle Kaido will leave Luffy this time since Ryokugyu is there and there’s a high risk that the Gifter might be annihilated if he keeps fighting! That will ruin his DF only pirate crew! So he’ll leave the WCI without killing Luffy and bring along Caesar with him!

This battle with end with Pekoms saying that the SH Alliance is targeting Kaido and BMP remnants will join as his alliance!

The Things That Support this Theory★

This OP manga page :


What Luffy said was taken as a Joke by some people :rofl: but I believe it’s actually a foreshadowing by Oda that BMP will all become his underling (Minus BM)

The second one is that This might be the perfect time to settle things with BM for Oda since we already in the final stage! There will not much time and we got BB,RA and Reviere to cover since Oda already teased us about it!

What do you think?

*Theory by Shadowlogia


  1. i was thinking this whole theory sounds stupid , until i saw the last panel , and everything made sence.
    i hope it becomes true

  2. It was a little hard reading this due to the grammar mistakes but i understand the general idea so i will say that it is not a bad one although there are some problems.
    I don’t think Jack is even close to being a Fishman and you mention that somewhere, Except of Jack having horns and such which isn’t a characteristic of fishmen but resembles more another tribe, he also can’t swim at all and this is normal for a DF user but we haven’t seen many Fishmen having devil fruits so far.
    It is possible for what you describe to occur in the next chapters of OP but it is just a theory amongst many others and i think the collision between Kaido and Luffy is going to be more than that, Luffy is the one who will end up being his main opponent after all. He will get his ass kicked badly (kinda like Kid had) and that could be there (although i still don’t support 100% the possibility of Kaido confronting with Big Mom). Something like what happened with many of Luffy’s past enemies (Crocodile, Enel, Lucci). When he first met them they beat him up badly but then he found motivation or one of their weaknesses and he was a lot stronger when he faced them later.
    I am expecting something like this to happen against Kaido too.

    • Who say fishmen can’t have horns? Fighting fish fishman sure have it. Even the hybrid Dellinger has horns

  3. Nice Theory…I like it… I would like to add some more things… SHs already meet one of BM daughter and that will give them the advantage on this alliance (Thriller Bark arc)
    Also if that happen i think the duel will be between Kaido and BM and finish with both of them got fatal wounds (they share the almost same power) so even if BM dies in this arc, Kaido also got some fatal (grave) wounds…that make the escape of SHs be easier and they also keep the Ceasar with them(still need him to take down Kaido)and if the BM dies, that means a seat in the 4 Yonkos will be open… if the BMP accept/want to be Luffys underlings and with the Marco gonna join forces with Luffy (+the alliance with Law + SH Grand Fleet) (maybe at the next arc) that makes Luffy one of the Emperors (I m sure that he doesnt accept that title cause he is baka 😛 and cause he want to be the Pirate King…so that title does mean nothing to him) dont forget the Mihawks words for Luffy… that he got the most terrifing power on this world – to make anyone to be friend with him….
    SHs will be fight against the Marines….I think its time for Luffy to bring down one of the Admirals and Sanji will be fight against his father (if he is not the same person as you said)…remember the anime opening “shining runing” that we saw Luffy vs Akainu(FA), Zoro vs Isho(A) and Sanji vs Kizaru(A), so I thing its time for the third one admiral to lose against Luffy (or Luffy-Sanji like Luffy-Law etc.) Anyway I like your theory and I m looking forward to see it becoming true!!!
    Great job!
    P.S. : Sorry for my English :S

  4. Thehummingone

    What about luffy saving lola way back wasnt she bm daughter


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