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One Piece「AMV」- Film Gold / Movie 2016

    Their eyebrows look so different… any thoughts?

      Sanji’s Elder Brothers Theory

      In the last chapter we met Yonji which means 4th and Reiju which means zero. This explains the title of the chapter “0 and 4”.
      Yonji has a number 4 right on his cape.

      Now take a look at these 2 men seen in the last chapter fighting Sora

      As you can see they have a 1 and 2 on their capes. Seems like they would be the other 2 Sanji’s brothers.

      *All rights go to the maker of this theory

        Zoro & Robin :-)

          Sanji’s siblings revealed!! o.O

          Finally the long wait is over!

          Sanji’s Sister ヴィンスモーク・レイジュ (Vinsmoke Reiju) and  Sanji’s Brother ヴィンスモーク・ヨンジ (Vinsmoke Yonji)

          Sanji’s sister Reiju is SO HOT! *__*

          Yonji really looks badass.

          Just like someone predicted, Sanji’s bro is also a pervert ahahaha XD

          I wonder if Reiju is a pervert too XD

          It could be fun if Sanji’s sister would be a pervert with Zoro 😀

            Progression of Time in One Piece

            Myth: It has been a year since the story began.

            Fact: There is no indication of how long the storyline has taken. Few clues aid the fans at all.

            From witnessing the story play out;

            1. Luffy’s first few adventures in the East Blue happened within a few weeks. The only time night was witnessed however were during the captain Kuro story arc and at the end of the Arlong story arc. They therefore spent at least one day at Usopp’s village.
            2. Luffy worked for two days in Baratie before the arrival of Don Krieg’s Pirate Armada.
            3. They spent several days partying in Nami’s village after it was freed from Arlong.
            4. No night scenes were witnessed during Loguetown, it is presumed Loguetown was a quick stop for them due to the conflict with Smoker.
            5. Whiskey Peak was at least one night, they were there less than a day.
            6. They were at Little Garden for only a day (no night scenes were witnessed).
            7. From Little Garden to Drum Island it was less than five days (Nami would have died from her illness of Kestia if it had been any longer).
            8. There was a night scene at Drum Island, but they were there no more than two or so days.
            9. They met Ace within ten days of him visiting Drum Island because he had left Drum Island only a week beforehand and he was still in Alabasta when they arrived. He was only going to wait ten days for Luffy.
            10. In all, they spent less than a week or so in Alabasta before moving on.
            11. They were in Jaya less than four days, the time taken before their Log Pose would have adjusted, however they left close to its change.
            12. A close examination of Skypiea will show that it lasted two days (Entering the white sea to the campfire in Upper Yard was one day, and then the Survival Game to waking up the next morning after the party was another).
            13. No night scenes were seen in the Davy Back Fight matches. It is presumed the events took place in less than a day.
            14. They stayed in Long Ring Long Land for 4 days after Aokiji’s attack to let Luffy and Robin rest.
            15. They traveled for another 3 days before coming across Yokozuna.
            16. Including the events of Enies Lobby, the crew had stopped at Water 7 for a week.
            17. Thriller Bark was less than a day, a day max.
            18. There was a week between leaving Thriller Bark and arriving at the Red Line.
            19. They were in Sabaody Archipelago for less than a day.
            20. A full two days had visibly passed over the time Luffy was on his way to Amazon Lily.
            21. Four and a half days had passed during the journey from Amazon Lily to Impel Down via Marine ship.
            22. At least 30 hours passed while Luffy was in Impel Down.
            23. Three weeks passed from the end of the “War at the Summit” at Marineford to Luffy ringing the Ox Bell.
            24. Two years passed during the timeskip.
            25. They travelled straight to Fishman Island in what was depicted as less than a few hours after reuniting, and stayed there for less than a day, a day max.
            26. They travelled straight from Fishman Island to Punk Hazard in what was depicted as less than a few hours.
            27. They spent less than a day on Punk Hazard before leaving for Dressrosa.
            28. They spent four days on Dressrosa before leaving for Zou.
            29. A week passed before they reached Zou.
            30. They spent a day on Zou before Luffy’s group went to Whole Cake Island and the others went to Wano Country.


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                In chapter 818 we received a lot of information about Raftel or rather how to get there.
                One of the most important panels though is this one where Inuarashi subtly confirms what many people have thought that the Ancient Kingdom is in fact Raftel.

                He doesn’t say a specific number but only “for centuries”. However we actually know when was the last time someone was there.

                It was 8 centuries ago. Yes, 800 years ago when the World Government came to existence.

                Before his death professor Clover was just about to say the name of the Ancient Kingdom and we believe the name was ”Raftel”. But since this happened 3 years after Gol D. Roger’s execution, during the Great Age of Pirates, Gorosei didn’t want any more information to be revealed and they ordered to shoot him quickly before he could have done any more harm.

                Also when we were shown the image of the Ancient Kingdom it looked like the eastern side could actually be the image of Raftel Crocus and later on Inuarashi “showed” us.

                However how come that World Government themselves didn’t destroy Raftel and didn’t claim One Piece after Gol D. Roger’s execution to stop the Great Age of Pirates? Since they knew where Raftel was 800 years ago. Did they lost the information about Raftel’s position? We don’t think so. Since Gorosei know about the history it’s hard to believe they wouldn’t know where Raftel was.

                The reason why World Government couldn’t do it is because Raftel is not where it once was.

                And the reason for it lies in its name “Raftel”.

                Raftel is formed by using two words: Raft meaning something used as a boat or floating platform and El which is a nickname for elevated railway system.

                We believe that Raftel, once prosperous and enormous kingdom had such an advanced technology that they were able to relocate their island to another, safer place where enemies couldn’t reach them.

                And that place was, as we learned from Inurarashi, between 4 islands.

                However since it’s supposed to be an enormous kingdom how come someone just can’t be lucky and get there by using Log Pose? Well we know from Law that Punk Hazard can not be located by using one so this can be somehow avoided but most importantly since Raftel is able to float on the water it’s impossible for it to have magnetic field.

                We think that this ancient civilization didn’t choose this spot between 4 islands randomly.

                And this is when Nami and her knowledge comes to play. They chose this spot because those 4 islands were 4 different types of islands. Meaning they all had different weather.


                It was: Summer Island, Fall Island, Winter Island and finally Spring Island.

                We know that each island in Grand Line has its own climate and we believe that this is also one of the reasons Raftel can not be found even by a mistake.

                In every picture that Raftel has been shown so far we can see it being sorrounded by fog, mist and haze. This is probably the result of moving Raftel with it’s own climate to the spot between other 4 islands.

                Raftel disrupted those hot, windy, humid and cold climates which created its natural protection.

                It’s even possible those extreme weather conditions created mirage or an illusion rather that there is no island even though there is supposed to be one. Similar to the Mirage Tempo technique which Nami uses to project an image which isn’t real

                or she can even make her image completly disappear and make herself invisible.

                However Nami will be able to figure this out since she is familiar with this phenomenon and will realize what’s happening.

                So thanks to her the Straw Hat pirates will finally be able to get to Raftel

                where awaits the legendary treasure ONE PIECE!

                If you would rather watch the video version of this theory then here it is:

                *Theory by Manga Detectives

                  The Fiancee of Gildo Tesoro is/was a Slave of Celestial Dragons


                  I think this girl is/was a slave of celestial dragons and the (dead ?) fiancee/wife of Tesoro :

                  Something is missing… A wedding ring ?

                  Indeed, the theme of celestial dragons seems to return often in the movie :

                  Does the straw hats know the truth ?!

                  I think Tesoro wanted to bring back his fiancee/wife with his wealth, so he asked for the help of Doflamingo in exchange for a great deal of money :


                  Here, Doflamingo is clearly shown in a upper position, he probably served as an intermediate between the celestial dragons and Tesoro. However, it seems that the negotiations failed…

                  Does his evil comes from this story of his past ?!

                  I also think that his henchmen are former slaves on which Tesoro has replaced the seal of celestial dragons by its own seal : a star (as the fishmen with their sun symbol)


                  Money can’t buy happiness. It would seems that it is the theme of the next movie One Piece.

                  *Theory by Tear

                    ONE PIECE & ALICE IN WONDERLAND