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Zoro, Then and Now



    This is X Drake as a child. Notice how happy he is about the marines


    This is X Drake after MF. Notice how Oda puts emphasis on “Must Change”. Drake says the marines must change as if he wants to change it.

    There are 2 ways to change the marines

    1) From the inside
    2)Revolting from the outside

    Being a pirate is no way to successully change the marines. Look at Kuma for example he became a pirate to join the warlords and help theRA not just for the sake of being a pirate

    Sir Francis Drake

    This guy’s nickname was ” The Dragon” he is the inspiration for Drake

    His Epithet Red Flag Drake

    Revolutionary Army Flag


    By his reaction to the pacifists its seems he had interaction with Vegapunk when the Pacifista program started


    X Drake was on an island where a revolutionary leader was. Coincidence maybe? But with Oda u never no

    Alot of people would shoot this theory down and just think Drake is a Zoan and was was on Kaidos island looking for him. So he must be working for Kaido right? Well I agree but my point isn’t that he is not working for Kaido its “WHY?”

    In Dragon words he has revoutionaries scatted all across the globe. The revolutionary seem to be infiltrating spies in key places in the world and building an information network

    Kuma: Warlord
    Ivankov: Impel Down


    What if Dragon is infaltrating emperors as well?

    Think of it as a chess board. We no yonkos greatly affect how the WG moves. If does something it causes a reaction from the WG. So what if Dragon has spies with the Yonko ranks so he can no the Yonko moves and if he knows the Yonko moves he can predict the WG moves more easily and look for his openings to strike. Some say Aokiji is a part of the revolutionary army and he istied up with BB so if that is true that can add to the theory

    Thanks for reading

    *Theory by luckyroo20

      OnePiece AMV Dressrosa – Awake And Alive

        The Strawhat Grand Fleet and their Ships

        Orlumbus has 50 Nita Maria ships, 5 Santa Maria ships, and 1 Yonta Maria ship, in order of smallest to biggest.
        Don Sai commands the Happou Navy, which consists of one Happousai ship and 7 smaller Ippousai ships.
        Cavendish‘s ship is the White Horse of the Sleeping Forest.
        Hajrudin‘s ship is Naglfarl.
        Bartolomeo‘s ship, we already know is the Going Luffy-senpai.
        Ideo and Leo don’t have ships of their own yet. They hitched on Orlumbus’ ships for the time being.

        Source: SBS Volume 81

          What Goes Around… Comes Around!

            Can you recognize them all? :-)