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Ths is a theory on Zunisha, its inspiration and its relationship to Momonosuke

Zunisha is an enormous elephant that wanders the New World and carries the island of Zou on its back

Zunisha has a commensal relationship with the Mink Tribe and the island of Zou, because at least two times a day it showers itself with seawater. This helps the minks acquire fish for food, so it is considered a blessing. The Mink Tribe has built aqueduct systems to divert the flooding. When Jack and his fleet were attacking it, Zunisha expressed concern for the minks, worrying they would die if it were to fall into the sea. Zunisha begged Kozuki Momonosuke to allow it to fight before Jack could bring it down.


Those who can speak to Zunisha can also see through its eyes, giving them a great range of detailed vision

However, due to having lived for so long, it is not very durable, so its weak and aged skin can be heavily damaged by concentrated cannonfire


Inspiration for Zunisha is Airavata king of all elephants

Airavata is a mythological white elephant who carries the Hindu god Indra. It is also called ‘abhra-Matanga’, meaning “elephant of the clouds”; ‘Naga-malla’, meaning “the fighting elephant”; and ‘Arkasodara’, meaning “brother of the sun“

One of his names means “the one who knits or binds the clouds” since myth has it that these elephants are capable of producing clouds. The connection of elephants with water and rain is emphasized in the mythology of Indra



This mighty elephant reaches down his trunk into the watery underworld, sucks up its water, and then sprays it into the clouds, which Indra then causes to rain forth cool water, thereby linking the waters of the sky with those of the underworld.

Ancient Kings and There Beasts
In Ancient age per-dates void century Kings and queens had creatures who there partners these creatures were protectors of kingdom and worshiped as divine creatures

1.Mermaid Princess and Sea Kings


While merfolk can summon and communicate with normal fish and marine life via sonar waves, Shirahoshi has the uncanny ability to call sea kings via the same method, which according to Vander Decken IX, was the ability of a legendary Mermaid Princess. By screaming, she emits sonar waves that summon the sea kings to her. While she was unaware of her power during her childhood, Otohime thought that if she receives a huge shock, she might subconsciously send sea kings on a giant rampage

While Luffy was destroying Noah to keep it from crashing into Fishman Island, Shirahoshi once again unknowingly summoned the Sea Kings to help save both the ship and the island. The Sea Kings stated that they were called by Shirahoshi’s desire to help Luffy. It appears that Shirahoshi can summon them through her will and feelings even though she wasn’t directly calling for them

2.Shandora and Ancient Python(Kashigami)

Shandians used to worship and offer sacrifice to Kashigami



Now Nola is a giant snake that lives with the Shandia in Jaya before and after the island got knocked into the sky by the Knock Up Stream.

Nola is the second oldest living creature in One Piece, being more than 400 years old. The longest living creature is Zunisha, the elephant carrying the island of Zou

Kashigami was partner of Ancient kings of Shandia and regarded as divine protector of Shandia




Her foreboding and fearsome stance has earned her the title of “Master of the Sky”

As you can see by now most of allies of Anicent kingdom of D had these creatures associated with them

Luffy as we know inspired from Sun Wukong king of beasts

Luffy has already tamed beasts from Rusukaina and has ability to hear voice of all things in order to befriend other animals he has already tamed kraken


Zunisha and Kouzuki clan

Before void century Kozuki clan were rulers of Wano and Zunisha was originally a war elephant who served under king/shogun who must have a special haki(Voice of all things) to have control over it

The reason Luffy asked Momo to converse with Zunisha is he understood those words were meant for rightful owner/master of Zunisha which was Momo

Zunisha’s crime

Now this part is pure speculation me taking a shot in dark so bear with me
Zunisha was present and fought during void century war as Wano Kuni allied with Ancient kingdom of D
After the battle Ancient kingdom anticipated their loss and retreated back
Kozuki clan’s leader was targeted in war but shogun and leader of Kozuki clan didn’t want anymore blood shed in order to protect his master Zunisha attacked the army which was insubordination of its master’s order
Master of Zunisha ordered him to not ever fight again unless it was a direct order under a rightful master

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*Theory by D kar

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