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Zoro knows the Shadow Clone Jutsu :D


    As everyone knows, Rayleigh is known as “Dark King” and it hasn’t been revealed how he was called, “Dark King” but people have their theories and ideas. Now I believe since the Right Hand man of the former Pirate King is called, “Dark King” Zoro will have a name similar to that, “Heavenly King” Zoro. Now you may disagree and say, no, Zoro already has a nickname, “Pirate Hunter” Zoro!

    Well right now Zoro isn’t really hunting Pirates at the moment, maybe he will go back to hunting pirates when his journey is over and he will reside somewhere in the Grandline (Like Silver Rayleigh) but that is for another theory!

    So in the Skypiea ARC, Zoro Vs. Braham was a simple fight for Zoro to try out new fighting moves. As I RE-watched/RE-read the fight I noticed something, very… foreshadowing/wow kind of thing!



    In this fight, Braaham was using light against Zoro! This was extremely hard for Zoro to fight, the light was his real enemy! It was so hard for him to fight, he used goggles to fight against the light!





    Now this made me think of a certain someone, but before I reveal who I thought about when I saw that yellow light. I also thought about, Observation Haki. If only Zoro at the time against Barham, had Observation Haki, he wouldn’t need to use goggles, he wouldn’t really had have a problem against Barham!

    Okay so let me go over this: Zoro was having a hard time fighting against Barham, who used light to fight!

    Now before I go any further, there is a lot of theories/ideas on how Zoro will become the worlds greatest swordsmen. He will either defeat Mihak, defeat Vista, or defeat Rayleigh, etc. Now the person I will bring up, many of you will disagree but hear me out.

    The person that Zoro will fight in order to become the Worlds Greatest Swordsmen, is……


    Now I’ve done some research on Kizaru a long time ago, but to sum up the search, Kizaru sword: Gathering Clouds Of Heaven is based off of a real sword that was referenced in a (Japanese Mythology) story that nobody knows if its a fact or myth, the, Gathering Clouds Of Heaven is a sword for those who are true warriors, it is a sword that can be found in the belly of a beast. In order to achieve this sword, defeat the beast, which thus proves you are a true warrior and your rewarded is a sword in the beast of a belly!


    There are theories that Rayliegh is called Dark King because he has an extreme A+ YONKO Level Haki thus he is called Dark King! Now I believe in this theory/idea , I believe in it so much that I believe there is a twist, he is called this because he used his A+ Haki to defeat Kizaru. Yes I believe Rayleigh is called Dark King because of Kizaru!

    Now you may ask, why is Kizaru the one to decide the Worlds greatest Swordsmen? What importance does Kizaru have?
    OKAY well besides Kizaru Sword being based off of a sword in Japanese Mythology (Which I will bring up later)
    We don’t know anything about Kizaru. That is the key thing here in my theory. He is being assisted by Dr. Vegapunk, Kizaru (And this is going off of speculation) may have joined the Marines way earlier before Akainu and Aokiji. Kizaru is a huge mystery thus his importance is a mystery!

    Now one last thing! Zoro said in Skypiea, he never prayed to God. Kizaru’s Devil Fruit powers names are related to God, Heaven, etc. Not only that, but Zoro now has Observation Haki and Armament Haki, 2 things you need to defeat Kizaru, and I think we can all agree, Zoro is not a person who wants to admit defeat, but because of that, Zoro is also someone who, “Can cut anything in this world” (From what he said in Alabasta_ but yet he was unable to cut Kizaru, light.


    Final: Kizaru’s Devil Fruit powers are related to God, Heaven, etc. his sword, Gathering Clouds Of Heaven, is based off of a sword that is inside the belly of a beast! As many have speculated Zoro will cut down a beast, I believe this beast is Kizaru, and his rewarded will be the title of Worlds Greatest Swords Men! In Skypiea Zoro Vs. Barham was something Oda showed us to tell us Zoro biggest enemy is light!

    Before I go, I just thought of this while typing my conclusion. Anybody else remember when Mihawk picked up his sword and Kizaru looked at Mihawk in aw!? Kizaru looking at Mihawk.. Hmmm!?

    *Theory by AnimeFanTalk

      Did You Know?

      • The symbol of Impel Down is an overlap of the prison name’s initials, “I” and “D”

      Impel Down Logo

      • Various influences of “Hell” are present within its walls:
        • Impel Down seems to be heavily based on how Hell is described in Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy. Both are level-based, “inescapable” prisons with unique forms of punishment per level, and the lower one traverses, the worse the punishments become.
        • Level 3: Starvation Hell is ironically the third floor, while in Dante Alighieri’s hell, its the place where who was damned by the sin of gluttony are punished by “starving to death” inside Cerberus’s gullets.
        • Level 4: Blazing Hell is a typical representation of Hell in cultural and fictional references, with intense flames and heat burning the “sinners” (or in this case, prisoners), while a demonic figure (in this case, the Jailer Beast Minozebra) pushing sinners into the flames. Magellan’s residence on this level could refer to this depiction of hell being where the devil resides. This resembles, in Dante’s tale, the level where violent people are punished: a lake of boiling blood, where the damned are drowning.
        • Level 5: Freezing Hell is another thing that is based on Divine Comedy. In fact, this level is the one where the damned are fraudulent. With the only difference that the Dante’s damned are totally frozen into a lake of ice.
        • A few of the levels of Impel Down also seem to resemble Buddhist concepts of hell such as the Crimson Hell which seems based on the “Hell of the Sword Tree and Knife Hill” which similarly tortures its victims by forcing them to run upon or impaling them upon trees and hills covered with knives and swords. Also the Four Jailer Beasts seem to resemble the Jailer Beasts Horse Face and Ox Head.
        • Each of the high ranking staff members seems to have a devil theme in their dress codes, a reflection to how each level of Impel Down is called Hell.
      • Level 5.5 is a pun, as it is pronounced Go Ten Go. “Goten” means “Roaring Heaven”, and Level 5.5 was portrayed as heavenly.
      • The level 6 purpose of erasing a person from history is similar to the damnatio memoriae, a form of punishment in the ancient Rome which had the intent of erasing the memories a person and everything that could carry it to the future generation, effectively erasing the existence of a person from history.

        Is Fairy Tail inspired by One Piece?

        It’s quite common for manga writers to get inspiration from other authors’ work and share some qualities. Fairy Tail for example shares some similarities with One Piece: