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We all know that Oda is a master of foreshadowing, but what will happen when One Piece is near its end?

There will be less foreshadowing, and instead Oda will entertain us by recreating some of important past events. Of course not exactly the same and not in the same context but in similar and impressive way.

For example:
Sanji left the others to deal with his own problem just like Robin did.
Momonsuke communicated with Zunisha just like Shirahoshi did with Sea Kings.
And in the recent chapter 822, Luffy dragged the others jumping down to Sunny or the sea (whatever his plan), just like he did in Enies Lobby, dragged everybody to Rocket Man.

Next chapter, I think Oda will recreate how Luffy got a seventh member when Robin sneaked into Going Merry after Arabasta Arc. This time, a seventh member again has already sneaked into Sunny to follow Luffy in his journey to rescue Sanji.

Who is he/she? I will give you clues..

1. She is a woman

2. The first Mink we met in the beginning of Zou Arc, but she is nowhere in the recent chapter, 822.

got it?

3. She can reach Sunny very easily because she can jump very high.

4. She mentioned that it is fun to sneaked into Big Mom tea party in chapter 815.

5. Last clue, she was in the Sanji rescue team poster:

*Theory by gaimon

    Can you find the mistake in this image? :-)


      The Yami Yami no Mi

      Blackbeard has eaten the Logia-class Devil Fruit Yami Yami no Mi. With it, he can create an ebbing shroud of darkness, shown to possess a strong gravitational pull. Teach demonstrates that the “darkness” is a void which devours anything, able to pull in (much in the manner of an actual black hole), and crush his surrounding environment into a pile of rubble. Due to the Yami Yami no Mi’s gravitational ability, Blackbeard, unlike every other Logia user, cannot disperse and let attacks simply pass through him, drawing the attacks faster towards himself instead, meaning he takes equivalent or more damage than a normal human would.

      However, Blackbeard states that the deficiency this presents is well worth the advantages the fruit bestows upon him, such as the ability to “absorb” certain projectiles and then hurl them back at his foes using moves like “Liberation”. The second, and the most frightening power of the fruit is to nullify other Devil Fruit abilities through physical contact, allowing Teach to physically hit Ace, whose body was composed of intangible flames, and injure Luffy, whose body was made of rubber. Teach states that this is because the Yami Yami no Mi truly holds the power of the devil. As such, Blackbeard’s style revolves around getting close to his enemy and grabbing them, canceling out any defensive abilities they have, forcing their own natural resilience to take Blackbeard’s massive strength.

      Blackbeard must, however, physically touch his enemy to cancel out their powers. This puts him at a huge disadvantage against enemies he cannot reach out and grab, even more so when the enemy can hurt him at a distance. However, this weakness can be rectified somewhat by his signature technique “Kurouzu”, which utilizes his suction powers to drag his opponents towards him. This technique opens up another weakness since right after he uses it he is left open for an attack at close range.

        Roronoa Zoro & Silvers Rayleigh

        zoro & rayleigh

        One thing that these two characters differ on is that they have different personalities, while Rayleigh is more laid back, Zoro is more intense.