Contrasting parallels between Koala and Nami

Koala and Nami were both in fishmen crews, but draw contrasting parallels with each other:

  • While Nami was forced to join Arlong’s crew against her will, Koala only traveled with the Sun Pirates because they were asked to take her.
  • While both were forced to wear their crew’s mark, Koala’s “mark of the sun” was put on to replace another mark. Nami’s Arlong tattoo was removed and replaced with a tattoo of her own design. Each girl ended up with a permanent mark replacing a former mark of enslavement as a result of affiliation with fishmen.
  • When Koala joined the Sun Pirates, she was finally allowed to cry, whereas with Nami, after she was forced to join Arlong she refused to cry.
  • Koala was never forced to do any work as she was freed from slavery. Nami was forced to draw maps and act as a slave to Arlong.
  • Koala’s time in the crew was only meant to be temporary while Arlong intended to keep Nami in the crew forever.
  • Koala left the crew with good memories and was sad to leave the crew while Nami’s time was spent in misery and was happy to leave. This caused Koala to have a good opinion of fishmen while Nami had to put her feelings behind when she finally came across fishmen again.
  • In Koala’s case, her hometown exchanged her freedom with the Marines for the lives of the fishmen. In the case of Nami’s hometown, they fought against the fishmen for their freedom after the Marines betrayed them.
clima tact Contrasting parallels between Koala and Nami Koala and Nami Koala and Nami contrasting parallels

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