This theory states that Devil Fruit Users awaken their Devil Fruits based on their personality and will. And i’ll give examples and explain how.

You ask “But Pirate-King Buggy, what does Personality even have to do with awakenings?”

Well , in my theory i believe that Devil Fruit users can manipulate and change the nature of their Devil Fruit’s Original Power to fit them according to their use.
To make this theory easy to understand, I will divide Devil Fruit users into 3 parts.

1- Normal Devil Fruit Users.

(This is the base level , any Devil Fruit user is at this level)

2- Advanced Devil Fruit Users.

(This is the Devil Fruit user can that use their Devil Fruit at full potential)

3- Awakened Devil Fruit Users.

(people who got their Devil Fruit users to go beyond their limits)

This theory will only cover Awakened Devil Fruit Users.

So first of all , What examples have we seen in the Anime/Manga that Devil Fruits go beyond their Limit?

One of the examples is Luffy’s RED HAWK.

In the Movie 3D2Y , It was explained that Luffy obtained Ace’s Flare.

The Gomu-Gomu no Mi can’t produce fire. However, Luffy’s anger over Ace’s death and his love for his Nakama made his Devil Fruit to change it’s properties to be able to Somewhat copy Ace’s devil fruit.

Could Red Hawk be one type of Awakening?

This is an example that Devil Fruit users awaken their Devil Fruits based on their personality and will.

Another example is Luffy’s Gear 4th.

Doflamingo was shocked that Luffy’s armament haki was rubbery.

Doflamingo is a haki user too , so why was he surprised?

Is that because Luffy manipulated his Devil Fruit in order to use haki on it? But if he did , isn’t that considered a type of awakening?

Some people may say this is far fetched. It maybe be.

After all this is just pure speculation.

But I also found something interesting.

Luffy’s gear 4th Attack names are based off of the animals he trained with.

1- Gomu Gomu no Kong Gun

2- Gomu Gomu no Rhino Schneider

3- Gomu Gomu no Culverin

4-Gomu Gomu no Leo Bazooka

5- Gomu Gomu no King Kong Gun

These animals that Luffy trained with could have had influence on his personality and his style of fighting.

Therefore his Devil Fruit somewhat changed it’s property to adapted to Luffy’s new personality.

Enough of Luffy , let’s take another example of awakenings :p

Another example is Chopper.

Many People Speculate that Chopper’s Monster Point is his awakening.

We also see a moment with Chopper that kind of confirms that statement.

In Fishman Island , we see how Chopper’s Human Form has changed .

Chopper said the reason is “ at first he wanted to look like a human because he wanted friends. Now he wants to become a monster to help Luffy.”

This is another example how the Devil Fruit user’s personality can change the properties of the original Devil Fruit to their will.

Well , what about Doflamingo’s Awakening?

How does that fit his personality?

Doflamingo’s personality is the Puppet master.

His Personality is to control other people against their will.

So it would make sense that he is able to control other elements in his surroundings such as the buildings and the ground into strings.

After all the Puppet master can do whatever he wants to change his stage into the play he wants.

This also explains how Doflamingo can clone him self into a puppet.

And make the bird cage where the Puppets can’t escape his stage.

And because Awakening is special to the Devil Fruit user only, and based on his personality .

Then that means no two Devil Fruit Users who have the same Devil fruit can have the same abilities!

Yes, We do see an example of that in the manga.

The Mera Mera No Mi!

Ace/ Sabo’s Devil Fruit.

Despite the fact both Ace and Sabo have the same Devil Fruit , both of them use It completely differently.

Sabo’s main attacks are Dragon Claw and attacks he learned from the Revolutionary Army.

Ace main attacks are guns and fireballs, and attacks he learned while he was under Whitebeard’s ship.

Both Ace and Sabo are influenced differently, and they use the Devil Fruit differently according to their personality.

Unfortunately none of them are awakened, so I can’t compare them on that.

However , My guess is if Sabo awakens his Devil Fruit it has to do with something according to a Dragon Attack.

Just like Magellan from Impel Down.

His Awakening was transforming into a Venom Demon.

Since Impel Down theme was based on “Hell”, the devil Fruit changed to be more poisonous and dangerous, and it changed from hydras to a Demon.

The last example on awakenings according to personality is Brook.

Brook gained his power of making his body leave his soul by knowing what was missing from his songs.

And that was something “Any-Male would understand” YOHOHOHOHO!

Brook’s Pervert Personality gained him a new power.


-Devil Fruit Users awaken their devil fruits based on their personality and will.

-Devil Fruits can change their abilities according on the User’s influence to it.

– No two Devil Fruit Users can have the same awakening because Awakenings are special to the users.

*Theory by Pirate king buggy?


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  1. Herosmustdie

    So Black beard has two devil and also devil fruit sword I guess his devil fruit should not get awakened right? let see how the story goes nice find cheers.

    Luffy copies all his moves from his opponents . The bouncing man resembles exactly like SENGOKU THE BUDDHA. I am sure he have learned something new while fighting “Mingo” He is just evolving fight after fight can’t wait to see the fight with the Beast Master KAIDO…

  2. Good theory

  3. I Agree with you that the ”personality and will” have much influence on the akuma no mi, but I think that is not the point of the Awakening. Let’s Look to the Smoker! into the battle of Punk Hazard, Luffy and Vergo can catch in and bit him from any inch of the Smoke that he created, and this thing doesn’t work wih Aokiji(battle against the whitebeard, he Hit Aokiji but him don’t suffer any damage), Just Like Pica! I think that Pica is a Panamecia user, just like Doflamingo, and they are both awakened the akuma no mi, they can transform things and create things to fight(doflamingo many kind of strings) to hide(pica can move himself from the rocks) and etc. If we Look closer, Pica can Hide himself so good as Senor Pink, who has an akuma no mi designed to do hide on anything, and belived that the ability to move the core of pica on the rocks, is one true aspect of his awakening, just like Aokiji From move his core into the Ice.

  4. Nice theory !!


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