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Well, as we all know Shanks has a scar on his left eye which is given to him by Marshall D. Teach aka Blackbeard, the scar was absent on Shanks when he was part of Roger crew

When Shanks visited Luffy at Foosha Village he had scar.


So it is between that period from Roger’s execution & visiting Foosha Village, he received the scar from Teach.

Here’s my theory.

I am going to start with devil fruit which Shanks had (gomu gomu no mi) & devil fruit which Teach wanted (yami yami no mi)

Above you can see , both the df’s have similarities (at least i think that ). Both seems to look similar due to that colour and design. So it is safe to assume that one can get confused on recognising the either devil fruit. And if you are as desperate as Teach well you will.

So my theory is based on that similarities of df.

Now ,when Shanks entered WB’s ship moby dick, the reaction from various crew members were like they were meeting Shanks as Yonko for 1st time, those who fainted on his arrival.
Even Shanks’ conversation with Marco “so ,you are 1st division commander Phoenix Marco” states that Shanks and WB never clashed as “Yonkos”.

So how & when did Teach gave the scar to Shanks ??
I think that Shanks(before being a Yonko) had found a devil fruit Gomu Gomu no Mi from a certain pirate crew somewhere in grandline(mostly new world).

And Teach was already after Gomu Gomu no Mi mistaking it for Yami Yami no Mi, which he has seen in Df book. So when Teach arrived, he found that fruit was already stolen by Shanks. So he planned to get the Df from Shanks & we know how evil planner Teach is .

He joined the crew of Shanks(remember teach wasn’t a infamous pirate then, he always leaved in shadow of WB). He managed to infiltrate the Red Haired Pirates & waited for his opportunity, as soon he got his hands on the Df, was caught by Shanks & at the same time he realised that df wasn’t Yami Yami no Mi.

Now in order to flee he tried to fool Shanks in a meaningless talk, while attacked Shanks when his guard was down giving him a bloody scar on eye with his claw & managed to flee from there.


The reason Shanks scar still ached ,was he was done by the misleading personalities of Marshall D. Teach.

Thanks for reading ^^
*Theory by blaze


    This theory states that Devil Fruit Users awaken their Devil Fruits based on their personality and will. And i’ll give examples and explain how.

    You ask “But Pirate-King Buggy, what does Personality even have to do with awakenings?”

    Well , in my theory i believe that Devil Fruit users can manipulate and change the nature of their Devil Fruit’s Original Power to fit them according to their use.
    To make this theory easy to understand, I will divide Devil Fruit users into 3 parts.

    1- Normal Devil Fruit Users.

    (This is the base level , any Devil Fruit user is at this level)

    2- Advanced Devil Fruit Users.

    (This is the Devil Fruit user can that use their Devil Fruit at full potential)

    3- Awakened Devil Fruit Users.

    (people who got their Devil Fruit users to go beyond their limits)

    This theory will only cover Awakened Devil Fruit Users.

    So first of all , What examples have we seen in the Anime/Manga that Devil Fruits go beyond their Limit?

    One of the examples is Luffy’s RED HAWK.

    In the Movie 3D2Y , It was explained that Luffy obtained Ace’s Flare.

    The Gomu-Gomu no Mi can’t produce fire. However, Luffy’s anger over Ace’s death and his love for his Nakama made his Devil Fruit to change it’s properties to be able to Somewhat copy Ace’s devil fruit.

    Could Red Hawk be one type of Awakening?

    This is an example that Devil Fruit users awaken their Devil Fruits based on their personality and will.

    Another example is Luffy’s Gear 4th.

    Doflamingo was shocked that Luffy’s armament haki was rubbery.

    Doflamingo is a haki user too , so why was he surprised?

    Is that because Luffy manipulated his Devil Fruit in order to use haki on it? But if he did , isn’t that considered a type of awakening?

    Some people may say this is far fetched. It maybe be.

    After all this is just pure speculation.

    But I also found something interesting.

    Luffy’s gear 4th Attack names are based off of the animals he trained with.

    1- Gomu Gomu no Kong Gun

    2- Gomu Gomu no Rhino Schneider

    3- Gomu Gomu no Culverin

    4-Gomu Gomu no Leo Bazooka

    5- Gomu Gomu no King Kong Gun

    These animals that Luffy trained with could have had influence on his personality and his style of fighting.

    Therefore his Devil Fruit somewhat changed it’s property to adapted to Luffy’s new personality.

    Enough of Luffy , let’s take another example of awakenings :p

    Another example is Chopper.

    Many People Speculate that Chopper’s Monster Point is his awakening.

    We also see a moment with Chopper that kind of confirms that statement.

    In Fishman Island , we see how Chopper’s Human Form has changed .

    Chopper said the reason is “ at first he wanted to look like a human because he wanted friends. Now he wants to become a monster to help Luffy.”

    This is another example how the Devil Fruit user’s personality can change the properties of the original Devil Fruit to their will.

    Well , what about Doflamingo’s Awakening?

    How does that fit his personality?

    Doflamingo’s personality is the Puppet master.

    His Personality is to control other people against their will.

    So it would make sense that he is able to control other elements in his surroundings such as the buildings and the ground into strings.

    After all the Puppet master can do whatever he wants to change his stage into the play he wants.

    This also explains how Doflamingo can clone him self into a puppet.

    And make the bird cage where the Puppets can’t escape his stage.

    And because Awakening is special to the Devil Fruit user only, and based on his personality .

    Then that means no two Devil Fruit Users who have the same Devil fruit can have the same abilities!

    Yes, We do see an example of that in the manga.

    The Mera Mera No Mi!

    Ace/ Sabo’s Devil Fruit.

    Despite the fact both Ace and Sabo have the same Devil Fruit , both of them use It completely differently.

    Sabo’s main attacks are Dragon Claw and attacks he learned from the Revolutionary Army.

    Ace main attacks are guns and fireballs, and attacks he learned while he was under Whitebeard’s ship.

    Both Ace and Sabo are influenced differently, and they use the Devil Fruit differently according to their personality.

    Unfortunately none of them are awakened, so I can’t compare them on that.

    However , My guess is if Sabo awakens his Devil Fruit it has to do with something according to a Dragon Attack.

    Just like Magellan from Impel Down.

    His Awakening was transforming into a Venom Demon.

    Since Impel Down theme was based on “Hell”, the devil Fruit changed to be more poisonous and dangerous, and it changed from hydras to a Demon.

    The last example on awakenings according to personality is Brook.

    Brook gained his power of making his body leave his soul by knowing what was missing from his songs.

    And that was something “Any-Male would understand” YOHOHOHOHO!

    Brook’s Pervert Personality gained him a new power.


    -Devil Fruit Users awaken their devil fruits based on their personality and will.

    -Devil Fruits can change their abilities according on the User’s influence to it.

    – No two Devil Fruit Users can have the same awakening because Awakenings are special to the users.

    *Theory by Pirate king buggy?


      Which one do you want? Why? What would you use them for? :-)

      which do you prefer

        Which Devil Fruit would you choose to have in real life?



          Okay, so, we all know that Luffy inherited Roger’s will, but how does inheriting will actually work? And at what point in the story did Luffy inherit Roger’s will and how?

          This is my speculation:
          Did you manage to catch what was the reason Shanks gave up an arm for Luffy and gave him his hat? It happened right after Luffy ate the Devil Fruit Shanks was carrying. After eating the fruit, Luffy showed a lot of similar traits with Roger. Before eating the Devil Fruit, Luffy never once mentioned that he wants to be the Pirate King. So, the way Luffy inherited Roger’s will is eating a Devil Fruit. But how exactly does that work?

          Well, take Sabo for instance. Upon eating Mera Mera no Mi, he said that he will now inherit Ace’s will. That could mean two things:
          1. Roger was a Gomu Gomu no Mi user (I don’t like the idea of that)
          2. There are other ways to inherit someone’s will via Devil Fruit

          In first case, it means that every Gomu Gomu no Mi user shares treats with the original Gomu Gomu no Mi user
          However, in second case, it opens up a possibility of storing one’s soul into a Devil Fruit.

          But why would Roger choose Gomu Gomu no Mi out of all Devil Fruits? I believe it is because of Goro Goro no Mi. However, all that stuff is pure guessing.

          We haven’t seen Devil Fruit eating in action a lot of time, but after some time, the Devil Fruit user’s personality changes in a way.
          Now, I don’t believe Roger had any DF because of the crew’s reaction to finding Devil Fruit, they percieved DFs as something strange, not as something they are familiar with. I believe Devil Fruits aren’t anything old – they were created in last 50 years or so. (maybe Uranus or national treasure of Mariejois, who knows)

          I’d like to see your opinions on this.

          *Theory by JewDoo


            Hi guys, this is my first theory/speculation, so please bear with me!

            As we all know that Luffy because his devil fruit powers can withstand large amount of distress and pain caused to his body and his internal organs – Second Gear and so on…

            Who else in the past have we seen withstanding very critical pain and doing stuff not possible for a normal human being even in One Piece?

            The answer would be Portgas D. Rouge, yes lover of the Pirate King and mother of our late beloved Ace!

            She held Ace inside her for nearly 20 months, which a normal woman’s body cannot withstand, but because of the powers of the Gomu Gomu no Mi she could withstand the presence of her baby inside her for nearly 2 years!

            But eventually even with the Gomu Gomu no Mi ‘s power the 20 months was little out its capabilities and she lost her life!

            And to see many theories relating Shanks and Rouge which lead to Shanks being apprentice of the Roger pirates ship, it would seem possible for Shanks having fight for the Gomu Gomu no Mi from an enemy!

            Thanks for reading it! All of your thoughts are welcomed!

            *Theory by Atul D Mittal

              Gear Fourth!

              • In this form, Luffy’s Busoshoku Haki takes the shape of tribal flames on his body. This is the first example of Busoshoku Haki forming a recognizable pattern.
              • The position of Luffy’s hands to perform Leo Bazooka highly resembles the Kamehameha stance from the Dragon Ball series, a manga that highly inspired Oda.
              • Similarly to Gear 2nd, Gear 4th allows Luffy to use techniques that appear to be his own reimagining of Rokushiki abilities, his pseudo-flight bears a striking resemblance to Geppo, and Leo Bazooka is seemingly reminiscent of Rokuogan (with Gear 2nd allowing Luffy to move at a speed similar to Soru)


                Must go in Japan!

                Must go in Japan!




                  There is a reason I started with this one and it’s because it is the easiest to justify. Luffy’s awakening will be simple. It will be the ability to make the environment elastic to match his body. I will even go a step further and say initially he will be only able to turn a small area around where he is touching rubber at any one time. Eventually developing that to  Doflamingo’s level of turning an entire town.​

                  And there are many reasons why I went with such a simple awakening idea for the Gomu Gomu no Mi.

                  1. Luffy’s powers have always been on the surface, underwhelming. It has never been a power that grants the user automatic strength, like a powerful logia or something like Law’s fruit. In many ways, it’s close to Doflamingo, in that the power itself isn’t inherently amazing, but with a creative user, it can be terrifying. So it stands to reason that its awakening will also be on the surface, very simple, but again it will be how Luffy uses it in combat that makes the big difference.
                  2. Oda has said Luffy’s powers will always revolve around stretching and contracting. He has said several times it’s why he gave his protagonist those type of powers, because he could have fun with changing his shape all the time. So I don’t expect the awakening to suddenly give him skills and abilities that don’t relate to stretching, such as producing random electricity or super saiyan like transformations and other, frankly imho, ridiculous ideas.​
                  3. Luffy has always been about physical combat. Punching and kicking. It would make more sense that his awakening would somehow facilitate his chosen fighting style, not over power it and give him an all new fighting style. He will always be punching and kicking. So the awakening on its own, shouldn’t be the central focus.​


                  HANA HANA NO MI: MOTHER NATURE

                  First of all, and most importantly, this picture of Robin is sexy as FUCK! Now, onto the awakening.

                  Robin’s fruit is really fun to speculate with. There are so many ways you can build it and still fall within current knowledge on awakening, yet still create a completely viable fighting style. My favourite,  and the one I’m using here is that Robin will eventually use her awakening to use plants.

                  Like Luffy, and by Doflamingo’s explanation, Robin will learn to duplicate or bloom objects other than herself. Because this has so many viable possibilities one could focus on, it was fun to speculate but I settled on plants as her awakened usage of choice because it fits her theme and the fruit name.

                  Oda stretched her fruit’s name to include “Blooming like a flower” into its theme. This was intentional because I believe he always intended for Robin to use plants as her eventual weapon
                  First let’s look at Robin’s Personal Jolly Roger than Oda created.

                  [​IMG] [​IMG]

                  Note that the one on the right is as it is Post timeskip. And we know this is significant  because of how Oda addressed this in the SBS.


                  He makes it clear that each Jolly Roger had to be done a particular way. So I think there is meaning behind this choice. And what he adds to the Jolly roger is a flower backdrop and some seeds. I think Robin will awaken her fruit and eventually build her fighting style around using plants. A further foreshadowing of this maybe from Dressrosa with her Hanagasa move.


                  But more so than regular plants, which have very little offensive prowess, I believe Robin will learn and assimilate Usopp’s current skill of Pop Greens and use it for herself. Being able to use an army of carnivirous plants and unlike Usopp, use her power to duplicate each individual plant.

                  This ties into the Jolly Roger depicting seeds and a flower as Robin’s new backdrop. Whereas Usopp has to use a seed for each plant, her awakening will give her a freedom and potential with Pop Greens that Usopp could never reach with them. She could bloom them on any surface, even at a distance from where she blooms the first plant.

                  And maybe even take handful of seeds and duplicate the seeds in another hand further away and grow them there.  A potentially limitless supply of Pop Greens at her fingertips.

                  I do not believe that Usopp’s current fighting style will be what he uses until the end of the series because he has very little room for growth in it. Imagine him trying to use Pop Greens against people like Van Augur or Yassop. Plants with no haki or superspeed. They would laugh it off.

                  So in this theory Robin becomes the wielder of the Pop Greens and she could eventually work poisonous and gigantic growth plants into her powers. This is the most fun to me, so I personally love it.
                  Although duplicating weapons would be cool too. ​


                  HITO HITO NO MI: THE MONSTER WITHIN Monster Point!! FREAKING MONSTER POINT!!!! Bigger than he currently achieves with Rumble Balls, bigger than the average Giant as well. Just an all around massive form. Tremendous power, durability and resilience. And before you say a Giant is not a human so it can’t be the awakening, please draw your attention to the other Human Fruit in the series, Sengoku’s Buddah:

                  If Sengoku can get a Giant form then so can freaking Chopper dammit. And based on the wiki’s description of an awakened zoan, the transformations are usually bigger than the normal zoan transformations to correspond with the increased power. Therefore, I see no reasonwhy not.Chopper can get a giant version of a human for his awakening. Hell, Giants are essentially human in the series, just bigger. Awakened Chopper will be a bigger, giant sized version of Monster Point that’s larger and more powerful and gets all the perks of an awakening. And by EoS he will be San Juan Wolf size.

                  Turning into a human being, is BORING!!!! Come on, admit it. So for me, Awakened Monster Point is the pinnacle transformation for Chopper. Would be amazing. And finally,

                  YOMI YOMI NO MI: THE SHINIGAMI

                  Kind of a misnomer, but the name is so damn cool, so who cares?!! No I don’t think his awakening will be Death while his power is Life or some kind of two sided Yin and Yang thing that he is unaware of. But when I was making this I had to ask myself what is Brooke’s power? It’s so undefined what its true capabilities are. I mean who expected what he has shown with it so far Post-timeskip?
                  So to start, let me build on what his abilities are.


                  So expanding upon that, I believe Brooke’s fruit imbues his soul with a powerful energy, that he is only now learning to manipulate. This energy has the ability to sustain life itself, as well as a freezing effect, when applied to other things through attacks. Making the assumption that this energy is like an “life” energy, then we can theorize that all living things in One Piece have some of this energy, althought likekly not as strong as Brooke’s, within them.

                  Thus, Brooke has been given the gift to control it and use its power. But currently, he is limited to himself only. Expanding this again, based on Doflamingo’s explanation, Brooke will extend his control of this energy to everything around him during awakening. Granting the ability to bestow upon and take this energy from other living things and the environment. As a restriction, he probably won’t be able to take it from living beings unless willingly.

                  The two fold power of this will influence both skills of fighting Brooke currently uses. His swordsmanship and his music. By bestowing this energy upon other things that are dead, he may be able to cause a temporary revival and be able to control these revived beings outright. But also he may be able to connect to the soul of someone that he is fighting and have an even greater control of their will through music.

                  And for his physical abilities, he could take this energy from the area around him, basically increasing the speed, power and level of freezing effect from his swordsmanship. Also granting him reconstructive abilities far beyond where he currently is and what he can maintain with his own soul energy.

                  Basically Brooke’s awakening could unlock a tremendous amount of skills he doesn’t currently have.


                  A very tricky question. Technically speaking, they don’t ALL have to awaken, but to me, will they or won’t they, depends how much further you think their fruit can develop and how much other skills in the One Piece world can benefit them overall, that the need for awakening may not even be necessary.

                  For Luffy, it’s almost a given he will awaken at some point. He is the protagonist and he has to be the strongest he possibly can be in the crew. So it makes sense for his awakening to at least be considered almost guaranteed.

                  For Robin, she is SO RELIANT on her DF, and after coming back from time with Revolutionaries with only knowledge of haki and not having awakened it herself, you begin to wonder if she is even destined to have it. More than even Luffy, I think Robin is the one out of the four that REALLY needs to awaken and is probably the most likely one at the moment.

                  For Chopper, even though I believe Monster Point is him using an imperfect form of his awakening, and he has mastered his fruit through drugs to a high level, there could still be loads of room in all his points as they currently are. Furthermore, with Electro being a possible future powerup for him, he may not even need to be in the discussion ofr awakening just yet. His is the most flexible. It probably relies most of all on when the strawhats may be faced with a situation of fighting against a bunch of giant enemies at once with no chance to team up on the giants. Chopper could awaken around then.

                  And finally Brooke I believe is a LONG way from this. His mastery over his fruit is pretty poor, only now learning in the last 2 years after having it for 50+, that he could leave his body and that it could freeze things. I feel he has not mastered his fruit enough to expect an awakening any time soon, but it could be useful if it plays out how I described it.

                  So as of right now, I think Robin is most likekly to awaken first. She has the level of mastery over her fruit currently, that suggest she is approaching its pinnacle before awakening as she has so much feats of ingenuity with its usage. As well as power with her Giant limbs that she unlocked. There doesn’t seem much mroe to explore unless Oda literally turns it into a “Numbers” game,
                  and just gives her more and more limbs for her limit.

                  Luffy has more to explore with haki and Gear 4 before awakening becomes the next thing to learn. He likely won’t awaken until after mastering Gear 4 which won’t be for awhile. Chopper, like I said, can explore more drugs and Electro, if he gets it, for awhile as a powerup. Awakening is not entirely necessary at this juncture. Brooke, however, I think will be last, just because of how much more he needs to develop his DF, Music and Swordsmanship skills before we get to that point. And yes, I think they will all awaken, but it will be spread out significantly over time.

                  Well, thank you for reading.

                  *Theory by TheConqueror

                    When Luffy first ate the gomu-gomu devil fruit