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Remember This? :-)


    Hello everyone ! I will show you a rather small theory today and it concerns Kaido’s death.

    I don’t think I have to explain this fact right ? We all know that Kaido is looking for a way to kill himself and so it’s seems logical that before the end of One Piece he will reach his goal somehow. Watch Kaido’s first introduction :


    I mean we haven’t seen the guy yet and Oda is already telling us that he wants to die ! How many manga can introduce this kind of character :lmao:.
    Anyway, now that it’s clear for everyone, let’s continue.

    With the recent revelation of the 824th chapter, I just thought about a character that will help or find a way to kill Kaido. I’m talking about this guy :We don’t know what happened to Hawkins after the Kidd – Hawkins – Apoo alliance met Kaido. But we can already tell that Kidd refused to go under Kaido’s order so he ended up half-dead in a cage. We can already assume that Apoo betrayed the alliance and is now a part of Kaido’s crew. But what about Hawkins ?
    I mean is it a coincidence that in one side we have a Yonko who is supposed immortal and is looking for a way to die and in the other side, we have a fortune teller that can see “the shadow of death” upon someone ? I’m sure that Oda has something in store for these two characters.

    I won’t try to guess what will happen exactly, Oda’s imagination is not in my league anyway :D. But I’m telling you this guys, I’m sure Hawkins prediction will have a huge impact on Kaido’s death.

    That’s it guys, as I said it was quite short but I wanted to talk about this cause I haven’t seen anyone talking about Hawkins recently :D.

    Tell me what you think about it !

    *Theory by Xdidzic

      Sabo VS Kuma & Dragon AMV One Piece [ HD ]

        The Beasts Pirates

        The Beasts Pirates are a powerful pirate crew ruling in the New World, led by the Yonko Kaido.

        Kaido, the captain, has full control over the crew. He is noticeably much larger than an ordinary human being and feared by his fellow crewmembers due to his drunken rampages and extremely violent mood swings. Most of his subordinates dress similar to barbarians and viking warriors, wearing armaments such as helmets, belts, furred and feathered cloaks with pauldrons, swords, gauntlets, long pants, and boots. Their chests, however, are generally left uncovered; the one exception, needless to say, is the female crewmember Ginrummy, who, while scantily clad in general, has metal breastplates. Like their horned captain, almost every single member of the Beast Pirates bears an ornamental headpiece of animal horns as well, or possesses actual animal horns, while others even have fangs or other animal traits, and a large amount of the crew sports hair that is some combination of long, wild, or flowing.

        At his side are three beings known as the Disasters. One of them, Jack, has the ability to become a mammoth, granting him immense size and strength. Jack has authority over the Gifters and Pleasures. The crew also has X Drake, another ancient Zoan-type user like Jack and a member of the Worst Generation.

        One division of the Beasts Pirates is called the Gifters, a group of Artificial Devil Fruit users lead by the Headliner Sheepshead. All the Gifters have a pair of black horns.The Gifters were created through the use of SMILEs, which gives them the ability to transform some parts of their body, such as their arms or ears, into different parts of an animal’s body. With the defeat of Doflamingo, however, Kaido’s attempt at building up a giant army of Gifters was brought to an abrupt end.
        Another division is the Pleasures, who resemble foot soldiers and do not appear to have any animal traits. They each wear a hat with one horn, and smile regardless of the circumstance, even when taking damage.

        The crew’s Jolly Roger is a skull in the middle of a pair of intersected crossbones (similar to the Blackbeard Pirates’s flag). The skull has horns similar to Kaido’s, and there are two shapes flanking the skull.

          Luffy’s Next Gears ahahaha :D


            Today I will be discussing the possibility of Kidd joining the Law – Strawhat Alliance!

            It’s pretty clear that Scratchmen Apoo betrayed Kidd and joined Kaidou

            We don’t know yet what happened to Basil Hawkins, but I guess since he is not in a cell like Kidd is, I can think of three things…

            -he escaped
            -he joined Kaidou as well
            -he is in a different cell

            But if he is in a cell, why Oda didn’t show us Hawkins as well?

            Why he choose to saw us only Kidd?

            Anyway, I don’t think he is a captive… I believe he either escaped or joined Kaidou

            In few words… the alliance Kidd – Hawkins – Apoo exist no more!

            This exciting development opened a new little window…

            The basis for the establishment of the most powerful Supernova Alliance!

            Although there is an antagonism between Kidd and Luffy, if the need arises, I believe there is a great chance for them to shake hands

            We saw it once, at Sabaody Archipelago and we can see it again!

            Could it be that Oda was foreshadowing a future alliance between them?

            I believe so… But how can they reach an agreement, when Kidd is rotting in a cell?

            One world… Killer!

            When we see Kid, we always see Killer as well…

            I don’t remember ever seeing Kidd without Killer at his side…

            Sabaody, New World, underground, Kaidou appearance…

            So, I think that if Killer was a captive, Oda would have shown him to us

            This led me to believe that Killer most likely escape.
            Probably Kid’s crew as well.

            However, there is a big problem… they find themselves alone with no allies in the New World, surrounded by enemies, unable to rescue their captain and even themselves…

            So, I believe Killer MUST find allies or perish with his captain!

            And who are the best candidates? Well, they were in every newspaper…

            What I am trying to say is, that there is no way Killer doesn’t know about the defeat of Doflamingo and the destruction of the smile factories

            This action led them to an open war with Kaidou, and Killer knows that

            We ‘ve seen him in very few moments, but we can tell that he is smart. The previous alliance was made thanks to him, despite how it turn out to be…

            When you confronting such a monster, you can easily change your mind!:)

            Before I continue, I want to emphasize something…

            Kidd has something in common with Luffy…

            It’s his stubbornness and stupidity… He chose to face Kaidou despite being alone, than working under him, much like how Luffy would do!

            “You can be my underlings instead” xD

            But, there are still unanswered questions that have to be answered!

            When, where and how Killer going to meet them?

            One group is headed to Wano(Law – Zoro) and from the looks of it, Kaidou and Kidd are in Wano…

            So, if we think about it logically this group is easier to meet than the other one

            However, there are two obstacles… Law and Zoro!
            I cannot see them reaching an agreement, especially with Zoro there…

            Law is there also, but as of now they risk too much, just to save one person …and Law knows this…

            He is a very strategical and careful person, so i don’t believe he would make such a risky move.

            To go to a Yonko’s lair is a very dangerous thing, whatever the reason may be…

            Yes, to have Kidd as an ally is beneficial, but not under these circumstances.

            Except of course, if Oda planning to make two rescue arcs…
            One group rescuing Sanji and other rescuing Kidd…

            Now that I am talking about it, I think it has some low chances of happening and it’s not that all unlikely

            The second choice would have been to go after Luffy’s group…
            But for what reason he would choose to go after that group and not Zoro’s group?

            Could have been possible for Killer to think so much ahead?
            Or does he knows that Luffy is stupid and the chances to make the deal happen, are higher?

            I think that if he would choose Luffy’s group, it would have been for none of the above!

            It would have been because he knows someone…
            You guessed right… Sanji!

            There are many theories claiming that Killer is Sanji’s brother and the last chapter made me think about it a lot!

            It would make sense, and in this way Oda can connect Kid and Luffy way easier!

            This would have given an extra motive for this alliance to happen.

            But regardless of him being a brother or not to Sanji, I believe if in the end does choose Luffy’s group, he is going to help rescue Sanji and in return they will form the alliance.

            However, I believe it connects a lot nicer and more beautifully if he is Sanji’s brother as well!

            Lastly, let’s not forget that Kidd sunk two of Big Mom’s ships

            …and maybe this is the reason why Kaidou is keeping Kidd alive… as a bargaining chip!

            *Theory by EpicListening

              One Piece AMV – Wild Spirits [HD]

                Masters. Can you recognize them all? :-)

                  Negative Zoro

                    THE NAME OF THE GREAT KINGDOM

                    The name of the Great Kingdom

                    Among the greatest mysteries of One Piece, there is the name of the Great Kingdom. Remember, Professor Clover tried to reveal its name but was shot by the CP9 in Ohara. I have a theory about it and it could be a name that we all have heard often.

                    Preamble: the name “One Piece”

                    First of all, I don’t think the name of the Great Kingdom is One Piece. From what we know, the One Piece is a treasure that exists (no matter the kind), as Whitebeard proclaimed before his dead. In contrary, the Great Kingdom have been destroyed by the Ancient Alliance which will become the World Governmennt. Plus, I think it will be too obvious from Oda, I hope the meaning of the One Piece is more specific.
                    That being said, let’s begin the theory.

                    Part 1: the Poneglyphs and Joy Boy

                    According to Professor Clover, the people that left behind the Poneglyphs was the Great Kingdom. And around 800 years ago, a man named Joy Boy wrote the Ryugu Poneglyph, the one in the Sea Forest. So, we can assume that Joy Boy was a member of the Great Kingdom.

                    I will not beat around the bush, I think Joy Boy was the king of the Great Kingdom. Like many theorists, I believe that Oda draw his inspiration from Joyoboyo, the Javanese king.
                    For those who don’t know him, Joyoboyo was a famous king in Java 800 years ago in the real world. The similarities between the names and the periods are suspicious. Since then, we can wonder how much Oda draw his inspiration from him. I think that is more than we could thought.

                    Part 2: the prophecy and the Void Century

                    Some prophecies are attributed to Joyoboyo. One of them is very interesting:

                    “The Javanese would be ruled by whites for 3 centuries and by yellow dwarfs for the life span of a maize plant prior to the return of the Ratu Adil: whose name must contain at least one syllable of the Javanese Noto Negoro.”
                    (source: Wikipedia)

                    The period before the return of the Ratu Adil is called the chaotic era. The next after him is the golden era. Reminds us something, right?

                    If Oda draw his inspiration from this prophecy, it can clarify the Void Century and the future of One Piece:
                    – “The Javanese would be ruled by whites for 3 centuries…” can be the reign of the World Government.
                    – “… by yellow dwarfs for the life of a maize plant…” can be the future short reign of the Blackbeard Pirates. Some versions talk about “brothers” instead of dwarfs.
                    – “… prior to the return of the Ratu Adil” can be the return of the Pirate King. In Fact, Ratu Adil means “Just King”.

                    From what we got, we can speculate that Joy Boy was a prophet king. He could predict the future like Madam Shyarly or Basil Hawkins. Before the end of the Great Kingdom, its people wrote the Poneglyphs for telling their story to the next generation. But more importantly, for telling that a “Just King” will return to save the world. And maybe, by finding the One Piece.

                    Part 3: the “Just King” and the “Will of D.”

                    When I first read this prophecy, one part attracts my attention more than the others : “whose name must contain at least one syllabe of the Javanese Noto Negoro.” (Noto Negoro is a Javanese name).
                    So, we can presume that the name of the “Just King” must contain at least one part of the name of the Great Kingdom, and by the way, must be a descendant of its people.

                    Hmm, it’s strange. The “syllabe” reminds me a middle initial that possess several characters in there name. You guess it? Of course, the “D.”.

                    In my opinion, the ideal of the Great Kingdom have a link with the piracy and liberty. The adventurers, the explorers, the dreamers… all of them are the ideological inheritors of the Great Kingdom. And one day, the “Will of D.” will be fulfilled: a pirate with the middle initial “D.” in his name will return and become the “Just King”.

                    So, we have our ultimate clue: as the name of the “Just King”, the name of the Great Kingdom must contain the middle initial “D.”.

                    Part 4: the name of the Great Kingdom

                    And I found it. It’s obvious and it make sense.

                    Like Gold Roger’s real name is Gol D. Roger, something in the One Piece World have a similar name. Something so great that it can rule the world…

                    Grand Line.
                    Or you can spell it: “Gran D. Line”.

                    Think about it: all Poneglyphs that we know of their existence are in this sea. Every major events happen it this sea. The Shandians, Alabasta… all these old and great civilisations are from there. And finaly: to become the Pirate King, you have to conquer this sea.


                    Joy Boy was the prophet king of the Great Kingdom. He predicted the return of a “Just King” who will save the world: the Pirate King. The name of the “Just King” must contain a part of the name of the Great Kingdom because he will be a descendant of its inhabitants.

                    Every pirate are the ideological inheritors of the ideal of the Great Kingdom. The people who have the middle initial “D.” in their name are the descendant of its inhabitants. So, the name of the Great Kingdom must contain the “D.” too. One great place in the world and in the history of One Piece bear its name: Grand Line.

                    Thank you so much for reading!

                    *Theory by Bonnet