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First we know Jack is alive somehow in the ocean. Many people believe he’s a fishman or part fish man, other’s argue he’s simple holding his breath. For the purpose of this theory it doesn’t matter, he’s alive and in the water, that is the key.

Second we know Zunisha twice a day such up ocean water into his trunk and rains it down on Zou, and in fact that water carries a lot of fish and even sharks with it. I feel Oda included this for a reason and that is what I think could happen next.

I believe that Zunisha will inadvertently such Jack into it’s trunk and rain him down onto Zou, but in doing so Jack will injure Zunisha trunk to try and achieve his plan to injure or incapacitate the giant elephant and in doing so will in fact bring a drought to Zou by cutting off it’s source of water, there by literally living up to his nickname. While he may not be able to move in the water, there will be air mixed in at well and if he get’s into an air bubble he’ll be able to attack Zunisha from the inside out while riding the stream to Zou.

The biggest problem with this theory however is location. Jack is presumably a distance away from Zou at this point, with the old elephant still moving, albeit at a slower rate.

This could however be addressed a number of ways.

1. Zunisha isn’t moving in a straight line, but rather wonder’s around a certain area for a certain amount of time before moving onto a new location, Elephants do this in real life in certain conditions, they move around a specific area for part of the year, and revisit some of the same locations before moving on to another general area where they repeat the process.

2. Jack may not be able to move on his own, but ocean currents could easily move him around in the water, and Zunisha probably isn’t that far from his current location at any rate, it was injured fairly badly.

So yeah that’s one of the way’s I think Jack could get back to Zou. Not great but I think the idea has interesting potential.

*Theory by Herr Krokodil

    Eleven Supernovas

      Kid Pirates

      The Kid Pirates are an infamous and notable rookie pirate crew led by Eustass Kid.

      The most significant aspect of their appearance is that most, if not all of the Kid Pirates have heavy metalesque appearances. Also, many of them seem to wear leather in one way or another. There are 4 named members in the crew: Eustass Kid, Killer, Heat, and Wire.

      They are most known for dealing major destruction and civilian casualties along their route through the Grand Line and towards the New World. Furthermore, the entire crew easily survived the blast of Haki released by Silvers Rayleigh, a testament to their overall strength. In spite of their great potency in battle and overall level-mindedness, the members of this crew display an inate sense of haughtiness. They have also formed an alliance with the Hawkins and On Air Pirates.

      Their ship continues the theme of heavy metal, with a bizarre skull as part of the deck, resembling some heavy metal bands’ stages. Their ship was coated with the Yarukiman resin, allowing it to submerge underwater by reducing its buoyancy, and withstanding the water pressure of 10,000 feet.

      The ship in full sight:

      The Kid Pirates’ flag represent the usual grinning skull having Kid’s hairstyle and wearing the latter’s square shaped goggles on its forehead. In the background there is the traditional cross-bone pattern plus what seems to represent two knives forming a cross as well. Moreover, on each sides of the skull there are flame-like patterns.

        Volley Battle: One Piece x Naruto :-)