I have 3 probable suspects to join Strawhats apart from Jinbe coz Luffy asked him already and its matter of time when returns
Two condtions on which Luffy decides a crewmate
One is Luffy says ‘he’s a good guy / an interesting person.’ , etc.
The other is that One needs to have specific skill to do a job whether it’s necessary for the pirates.

So guys Do you have someone in mind fulfilling these 2 crietria?
1.Trafalgar D. Water Law
According to me he has fullied most of criteria of a Strawhat
Here are some foreshadows which i think points Law to be next Nakama

After time skip when Luffy appears on Sabody he is wearing a hood particular pattern on it which almost smilar to Law’s cap

Now Nami also is shown in almost hat

This one is from East Blue Saga

Zoro is shown wearing patterned cap like Law except its blue and carrying one katana like Law

Now the final piece

Luffy has made his decision like Zoro, Sanji, Nami ;)
Law also refuses
but you know Luffy – I refuse your refusal :rofl::rofl:

2.Jewelry Bonney
There is one thing common between Nami and Robin both saved someone from Strawhat crew before joining as offical member
-Nami saved Zoro and Usopp from getting killed in arlong park
-Robin saved Luffy from dying in Alabasta

Similarly Bonney saved Zoro about to attack a Celestial Dragon. While she kept Zoro from attacking Saint Charloss, Luffy later attacked him, so an admiral was sent to the island anyway :8D:
Luffy’s actions during the Celestial Dragon incident have unintentionally garnered him Bonney’s fury, a fury that even extended to the rest of the Straw Hats
However, when she was reading the newspaper about Doflamingo’s defeat, she praised Luffy and Law for it. Weird right :saikensmirk:


Despite being arrested by Akainu, Bonney somehow managed to escape or was apparently released from custody through some unknown means during the two year time skip
Although her crewmates are not seen with her i believe they were taken by Akainu

Possible Foreshadows

First time she was shown she was eating pizza turns out its her favorite:coolpink:
And then

Strawhats eating pizza ……<.<


Same sunflower patterned designs on Luffy and Bonney……


As u can see Usopp turned old which is one of the abilities of Bonney


Even though he’s not been not for long he has grown on me quiet a bit as he completes two trios
pervert trio-sanji, brook and kinemon
swordsman trio-brook,kinemon and zoro

Like some of Strawhats before joining he also bear hatred for pirate as shown by his constant refusal to accept help from Sanji

Possible foreshadows
His 1st appearance in color scheme


Look at Kinemon’s appearance a typical samurai look with two katanas

Now take a look at Luffy’s appearance here

Top knot hair like Kinemon with 2 katanas and same samurai clothes and similar pose as shown by Kinemon in color spread

That’s all

Hope you like it

*Theory by D kar



  1. tikboy palaboy

    what does “supernational abilities” supposed to mean?

  2. Really niggaa!

  3. Dude they’re all wrong…next member is gonna be ceasar!

  4. I will actually like to lend some traction to the Law theory since we have entered the Big Mom arc. Compared to the other two candidates, we have actually got a good long chapter on Law’s past and he actually has a specific occupational role, which is that of a surgeon. And I will like to point out that it is plausible to have Chopper as a doctor and Law specifically as a surgeon on the ship. Just to debunk the ‘Law does not have a role’ arguments. In addition, we have seen Usopp break the monster trio in terms of bounty. Hence, I don’t believe Law’s high bounty is a problem (and that applies to Jinbei as well). The realistic counter argument is his existing crew, which at the moment, I can only fathom a major disaster eliminating his entire crew or Bepo handed the reigns to captain, until some better clue pops up. In no particular order, I assume the next 3 possible nakamas will be Jinbei (without a limb and representing the fishmen), Carrot (representing the minks) and Law. I just so hope for Law to be true as team fights will be so much cooler in dynamics with his ‘room’ and ‘shambles’ abilities. Then again, Oda the master can just have thrown a blinder in my direction and go another way entirely on this one. Fingers crossed.


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