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Big Mom Pirates

The Big Mom Pirates are a powerful pirate crew. The crew’s captain is one of the Yonko, Charlotte Linlin. They serve as one of the central antagonistic groups of the Pirate Alliance Saga and Yonko Saga. Their base of operations is Whole Cake Island.

Captained by one of the Yonko, it can be presumed that the Big Mom Pirates are incredibly strong. One of their members, Bobbin, was powerful enough to pillage an entire country with only a handful of men, and Pekoms, a member with a bounty of Beli330,000,000, single-handedly defeated Caribou, a Logia user and Super Rookie, on his own and with a single attack. It was said that if an island does not pay its tribute she will destroy it using her army of “monsters”.

Furthermore, Linlin has several islands under her control, and the citizens of Fishman Island, fearing her wrath, agreed to produce the ten tons of candy she orders every month. It is common knowledge to everyone in the New World that Big Mom’s “invitation” to her tea parties is in name only, and that it is a summon order that, if declined, would result the invitee to be choked with regret. Refusal would result in the invitee being sent a box containing the head of someone they personally know, even if that person is someone of notable strength or in another part of the sea beyond the Calm Belts and Red Line, demonstrating how far reaching the crew’s power is.

They also have multiple ships and allies, some of which were sunk by Eustass Kid. After Whitebeard died, the Sun Pirates apparently joined with them so Fishman Island would be under her protection, which increased the Big Mom Pirates’ power. Jinbe, however, is not really loyal to her and is thinking of leaving her. Also Capone Bege, a rookie pirate captain from The Worst Generation has aligned with the crew. A Single “Road Poneglyph” is currently within the possession of Charlotte Linlin and her crew.

Big Mom has also aligned herself with the Patriarch of the Vinsmoke Family and through him she has access to the Germa 66 who are said to be a an evil mythical army.

The Big Mom Pirates’ Jolly Roger is a skull with thick lips and wearing a pirate tricorne based on their captain’s appearance, on a fluffy background (which could represent Linlin’s hair in some fashion) with several candy canes crossed behind it (one on the right, three stacked together on the left), in place of normal crossbones. A tree is seen coming out of the cane on the bottom right.

    Straw Hat Grand Fleet

    Formed from various powerful crews who managed to succeed in the New World, and the representatives and some other members have been prime contestants of the Corrida Colosseum, the crew is very powerful indeed. In sheer numbers, they have a grand total of 5640 people from various tribes and races, being quite versatile in strength and other attributes. Five of the seven leaders were powerful enough to defeat executives of the Donquixote Pirates.

    The Grand Fleet has the second highest total bounty of any currently known pirate group, behind the Straw Hat Pirates.

    Putting the combined known bounties of all of the “Straw Hats” together (both main crew and Grand Fleet) comes to a known total of Beli 2,800,000,100 which far surpasses the bounty of any other known crew.


      I have 3 probable suspects to join Strawhats apart from Jinbe coz Luffy asked him already and its matter of time when returns
      Two condtions on which Luffy decides a crewmate
      One is Luffy says ‘he’s a good guy / an interesting person.’ , etc.
      The other is that One needs to have specific skill to do a job whether it’s necessary for the pirates.

      So guys Do you have someone in mind fulfilling these 2 crietria?
      1.Trafalgar D. Water Law
      According to me he has fullied most of criteria of a Strawhat
      Here are some foreshadows which i think points Law to be next Nakama

      After time skip when Luffy appears on Sabody he is wearing a hood particular pattern on it which almost smilar to Law’s cap

      Now Nami also is shown in almost hat

      This one is from East Blue Saga

      Zoro is shown wearing patterned cap like Law except its blue and carrying one katana like Law

      Now the final piece

      Luffy has made his decision like Zoro, Sanji, Nami ;)
      Law also refuses
      but you know Luffy – I refuse your refusal :rofl::rofl:

      2.Jewelry Bonney
      There is one thing common between Nami and Robin both saved someone from Strawhat crew before joining as offical member
      -Nami saved Zoro and Usopp from getting killed in arlong park
      -Robin saved Luffy from dying in Alabasta

      Similarly Bonney saved Zoro about to attack a Celestial Dragon. While she kept Zoro from attacking Saint Charloss, Luffy later attacked him, so an admiral was sent to the island anyway :8D:
      Luffy’s actions during the Celestial Dragon incident have unintentionally garnered him Bonney’s fury, a fury that even extended to the rest of the Straw Hats
      However, when she was reading the newspaper about Doflamingo’s defeat, she praised Luffy and Law for it. Weird right :saikensmirk:


      Despite being arrested by Akainu, Bonney somehow managed to escape or was apparently released from custody through some unknown means during the two year time skip
      Although her crewmates are not seen with her i believe they were taken by Akainu

      Possible Foreshadows

      First time she was shown she was eating pizza turns out its her favorite:coolpink:
      And then

      Strawhats eating pizza ……<.<


      Same sunflower patterned designs on Luffy and Bonney……


      As u can see Usopp turned old which is one of the abilities of Bonney


      Even though he’s not been not for long he has grown on me quiet a bit as he completes two trios
      pervert trio-sanji, brook and kinemon
      swordsman trio-brook,kinemon and zoro

      Like some of Strawhats before joining he also bear hatred for pirate as shown by his constant refusal to accept help from Sanji

      Possible foreshadows
      His 1st appearance in color scheme


      Look at Kinemon’s appearance a typical samurai look with two katanas

      Now take a look at Luffy’s appearance here

      Top knot hair like Kinemon with 2 katanas and same samurai clothes and similar pose as shown by Kinemon in color spread

      That’s all

      Hope you like it

      *Theory by D kar


        We all know that you can just steal a paper from people who wrote down what’s on poneglyphs, but what does Luffy think about it?
        He is not happy with that, given that he showed us his Donald Trump face.
        So, how can they steal poneglyphs? Can they just carry them? Well, I think there are 2 images that foreshadow this.
        First one:
        Wadatsumi is carrying a Poneglyph on his head.

        Second one:

        Look at the pattern on Luffy’s clothes – the Kozuki clan.

        But what kind of significance does the clothing bring, you may ask
        Well, try to remember who from Kozuki clan ate a very strange fruit, and since the day he ate that fruit, he could turn objects that are put on head into clothes.
        Still doesn’t ring a bell?
        This guy:

        They have a foolproof plan – they steal poneglyphs by literally wearing them, and then Kanjuro, with Usopp’s help, draws a new Poneglyph where the old one was so no one can suspect a thing! I think it’s a perfect scheme.

        *Theory by JewDoo

          What group would you join in One Piece?


            Akainu and the rebels – Yakuza connections of the Admirals

            Hello once again everyone and welcome back to yet another theory for your entertainment.This time I shall be discussing the yakuza connections of the admirals but this mostly focuses around Akainu.

            First of all, why does the WG seem more like a mafia or yakuza? The way they dress, the way their meetings are held etc.. Does the fact that the 4 admirals are based off actors from the yakuza film era seem strange?
            (Everyone knows this trivia)


            Akainu is based off actor Bunta Sugawara or more specifically, his role in the popular yakuza film series Battles Without Honor and Humanity. In this movie series, Bunta was apart of a yakuza that was trying to shed their yakuza image and make Bunta retire. I’ll get more into Akainu later.

            AOKIJI KUZAN

            Aokiji is based off Yusaku Matsuda character in Detective Story (1983). In Detective Story, Matsuda was a detective who was hired to watch over a rich goal named Noami much to his annoyance. Things get complicated when Naomi’s mother is suspected of murdering a love hotel manager so Matsuda and Naomi investigates the crime and it leads them to the yakuza. Matsuda also starred as the main yakuza villian of the 1989 filmBlack Rain by Ridley Scott. In the movie, the lead character went deeper and deeper into the criminal undergound until he was lead the Matsuda’s character who was the main villain.

            Kuzan’s actions are pretty similar to the movies. He is pretty much an undercover detective playing the villain in order to dig deeper into the underworld.


            Kizaru is based off Kunie Tanaka’s character from Battles Without Honor and Humanity and Truck Yaro. In Battles Without Honor and Humanity, Kuine Tanaka was in the same yakuza as Bunta Sugiwara and was one of the people voting for Bunta to retire. Bunta and Tanaka also starred together in the comedy Truck Yaro.


            FUJITORA ISSHO

            Fujitora is based off Shintaro Katsu’s character from the Zatoichi series. During his training, Zatoichi was a member of the yakuza and killed many people. Regretting his actions, Zatoichi left the yakuza and became a compassionate man, helping as many people as he could during his travels. His endeavors led to Zatoichi being loved by many. However, since Zatoichi abandoned the yakuza, yakuza placed it bounty on his head and are hunting him.

            Judging from this, it seems Fujitora blinded himself as punishment and also because he couldn’t stand seeing the suffering he caused(kind of cowardly). Fujitora was probably a criminal and seeks atonement for his actions and believes the WG isn’t what it should be since it failed to catch monsters like him.
            Zatoichi- was hunted by the yakuza because he left them. Fujitora came to the “yakuza” to change them.

            Funta’s Shozo Hirono- didn’t want his yakuza group to change by shedding their yakuza image. Akainu only cares about the image of himself and the marines.

            Coincidence that Fujitora and Akainu lashed out at one another over the image of the marines?


            Now to Akainu’s past. As I said earlier, Akainu is inspired by the character Shozo Hirono in Battles Without Honor and Humanity. Hirono was an ex-soldier and street thug who was involved in violent yakuza wars. Hirono was sent to prison many times but soon enough, his yakuza group wanted to shed its image and wanted Hirono to retire, as he was one of the main reasons the group was still viewed as a yakuza. At the end of the film series, after many of his friends were killed, Hirono retired.

            Kuzan said that “the grass was greener on the other side” so you can probably guess what I’m trying to say; before the marines, Akainu was involved in criminal affairs. Heck…’Sakazuki’ means “sake cups” and they are for yakuza initiation ceremonies.


            As a kid, Akainu is carrying a knife and has a cap that says “justice”. It seems even at a young age, Akainu was killing criminals. Maybe the reason Akainu is so extreme about killing criminals is because he experienced it first hand.

            Probably the only thing Akainu hates more than criminals are traitors.

            Here, Akainu deems a random marine a traitor for running away from the Marineford War and kills him.

            Check Akainu’s dialogue when speaking to Jinbe.

            Akainu tried killing Coby cause he deemed Coby a traitor.

            After all, Akainu is a member of the rebel faction.

            The rebel faction focuses on the findig and demise of those who has turned their backs on the world government. Who are some traitors?

            I believed Dragon was a former CP0 agent and that would make the greatest traitor in WG’s history and an obvious target of Akainu. Akainu even knew that Luffy was Dragon’s son even before Sengoku told all of the marines.

            As for Bonney, though it is unknown that BB knew of her worht or not, the person who was sent/volunteered to retrieve Bonney was Akainu and he said that she FLED aka RAN AWAY from the World Government. Not the marines.

            According to this chart that Oda made, Aakinu is STILL hunting for Bonney and lets not ignore how Bonney’s Post-TS attire is a hoodie to conceal her face.

            Why is Akainu hunting for Bonney? Business with Big Mam but that is a theory for another time.

            You do NOT leave the yakuza nor do you leave the WG. There will be people coming after your head.

            *Theory by Vandenreich

              Nakama Theory

              I know how much a lot of people hate Nakama theories these days and understandably so because there are always so many circling around. But I’m currently re-reading the One Piece Manga and I’ve had some interesting thoughts about who the future Nakama could be. For the purpose of this theory, please keep in mind that Oda stated in an SBS from near the start of the Dressrosa Arc that we had already seen all of the future Strawhat Pirates.

              For hypothetical purposes of this theory, Jinbe is the 10th Strawhat crew member


              as this will be focusing on the 11th Strawhat crewmate. Hooray! A Nakama theory that doesn’t revolve around Pekoms or Carrot or Wanda!


              I think Choppers words will ring true for the 11th Crewmate as well. So to speak, I think the Strawhats will have two ex-Shichibukai crewmates by the end of the Manga. Who though? Well, this brings me to the recruitment pattern as many people know. To re familiarise yourself:

              • Sea 1: East Blue: Zoro (Male recruit – 1), Nami (Female recruit – 2), Usopp (Male recruit – 3), Sanji (Male recruit – 4)
              • Sea 2: Paradise: Chopper (Male recruit – 5), Robin (Female recruit – 6), Franky (Male recruit – 7) Brook (Male recruit – 8)
              • Sea 3: New World: Jinbe (Male Recruit – 9), ????? (Female recruit – 10), ????? (Male recruit – 11), ????? (Male recruit – 12)

              Now, this means the 10th recruit will be female and is the character I’m going to theorise. There is a set criterium needed for this and as I said, she’s likely to be an ex Shichibukai when she joins. Now, why do I think Boa Hancock might join the Strawhats? Well if we consider other female characters we know who the Strawhats are great friends with:

              • Vivi – far too weak for the New World, she also has outright said she cannot leave Alabasta
              • Rebecca – Has chosen to live a life of secrecy with her father Kyros
              • Viola – Is the next Queen of Dressrosa and now, with Doffy gone, has no reason to leave Dressrosa


              But Hancock is different. She could quite easily leave Kuja and the Kuja Pirates. In fact there are two reasons as to why she would join the Strawhat Pirates out of logic, not even taking into account personal motivations. Firstly, the Tattoo

              [​IMG] [​IMG]

              Hancock has explicitly said that if the Tattoo is uncovered then she will have to leave the country, in fact, she would be compelled to leave the country. And where would she go if she wanted to leave (which is not outside the realms of possibility)? To her beloved Strawhat Luffy’s ship of course!

              The second logic lies in an assumption that the Shichibukai system will be abolished like Issho has exclaimed his goal is:

              This being said, would make Hancock an Ex-Shichibukai, given it’s going to be a long time until the likes of Jinbe and Hancock join the crew. Hancock used her Shichibukai status to protect the country, and having lost that title, the only other way to protect it is under the name of a Yonko or incredibly powerful Pirate, whom Luffy will one day become. Thus, she can use her membership of the crew to protect her sisters and her homeland. And, unlike Viola and Vivi who have nobody else to inherit the throne, Hancock can pass it over to several different candidates. This is because the Kuja monarchy is actually an elected office.

              The candidates are as follows:

              • Gloriosa, the former incumbent of the throne
              • Sandersonia, the next eldest sister whom, if she remains, can inherit the throne as protocol
              • Marigold, for the same reasons as Sandersonia if both Hancock and Sandersonia leave
              • Kikyo, the most authoritative and powerful citizen of Kuja besides Gloriosa
              • Ran, the most powerful Kuja Pirate member besides the Boa sisters themselves

              This therefore allows Hancock to leave if she wants to, which is perfectly possible if her past is uncovered by residents of the island.


              Hancock also retains some crucial criteria. She may possibly have a dream that directly opposes the World Government, as she was herself a former slave of a Tenryuubito. Although we haven’t got a confirmed dream it’s likely to be revolved around Slavery. This makes sense when you consider the compatibility with other dreams of some of the Strawhats: namely Luffy (Pirate King), Robin (Void Century), Franky (Dream Ship to reach Raftel) and possibly Jinbe (Racial parity). It’s sufficient enough to say she hates the world government and has the substance needed to have some kind of dream that can only be achieved under the wing of the Pirate King.

              Without going into too much detail and as I’ve written probably a million times before by this point, to be a Strawhat also requires some close inspiration from external sources, whether it be real life, novels etc. Oda closely follows these designs far more passionately in comparison to other characters who are normally loosely designed at best, if at all, on other sources. Hancock is one of a select few characters with intense inspiration that Oda has strictly followed. Hancock is incredibly reminiscent to her inspirations to a similar extent that the Strawhats are. You’d be sitting here reading several more lengthy paragraphs, all nearly 300 words long at least, about the incredible lengths Oda goes to to design the Strawhats, here’s the list, but please just take my word for it, it saves us all a lot of time:

              • Monkey D. Luffy – Young Eiichiro Oda and Sun Wukong
              • Roronoa Zoro – Francois L’Ollonais and Don Diego De la Vega aka El Zorro
              • Nami – Cat Woman and Miriam Karlin (Catlady from A Clockwork Orange)
              • Usopp – Aesopp and The Boy Who Cried Wolf
              • Sanji – Romeo Montague and Steve Buscemi (Mr Pink from Reservoir Dogs)
              • Tony Tony Chopper – Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and Waylon Jones (DC Comics)
              • Nico Robin – Cinderella and Alexandra Kollontai
              • Franky – Ace Ventura and Popeye the Sailorman
              • Brook – A character from ‘The Rime of the Ancient Mariner’ poem and Jimi Hendrix
              • Jinbe – Whale Sharks and Taiho Koki

              This being said, Hancock is also designed on two sources of inspiration, and intensely so. But who and how?





              The most obvious links are the fact that she is the “Snake Princess” and has the ability to turn onlookers into Stonewith her Mero Mero no Mi. Constantly in the company of Salome, this is a clear nod to Medusa whom also had two sisters, just like Hancock. In fact, Medua is described as being “almost two meters tall” and extremely intimidating for a female humanoid, Boa Hancock is 1.92m tall. And if this wasn’t enough, they both live on islands where no men can go (Sarpedon and Kuja), both Islands names even have links! They’re both genus’ of butterflies and moths! Geez Oda! (Oh yeah, and Hancock has the “Gorgons eye” on her back)

              And if that wasn’t enough: Penthesilea was the queen of the Amazon Warriors from Greek Mythology. She was enslaved as a child by Persians but she later escaped with two of her sisters. Since the Kuja are referred to as Amazons, there’s a clear enough link, but then you also have to consider the fact Penthesilea is sometimes referred to as the greatest female archer, which by the way is a nod to her Devil Fruit abilities again. In fact, Penthiselea is one of 13 named Amazonians in the lost poem; the Aethiopis, there are 13 named Kuja Pirates: Hancock, Marigold, Sandersonia, Ran, Daisy, Cosmos, Rindo, Fan, Marguerite, Sweat Pea, Alphelandra and Gloriosa (ex member).

              Many people say that somebody like Monet could be the female Nakama, but I disagree for one crucial reason: The female Nakama are normal women by design. The male Nakama seem to be getting more and more excessive, as is the trend you can see here:

              • 1.Monkey D. Luffy, Normal Human, Gomu Gomu no Mi
              • 2.Roronoa Zoro, Green Haired Human
              • 3.Usopp, Human with a Tengu nose
              • 4.Sanji, Human with Curly eyebrows
              • 5.Tony Tony Chopper, Sentient Animal, Hito Hito no Mi
              • 6.Franky, Self Designed Cyborg
              • 7.Brook, Living Undead Skeleton, Yomi Yomi no Mi
              • 8.Jinbe, Whaleshark Fishman

              While the trend for Male nakama is becoming more and more extreme, the trend for Nami and Robin and whomever the next Female Nakama is far from it, although they diversify slightly:

              • 1.Nami, Normal Human
              • 2.Nico Robin, Normal Human, Hana Hana no Mi
              • 3.Boa Hancock, Normal Human, Mero Mero no Mi

              Even in terms of design they’re normal, extremely attractive women. They aren’t excessively tall (like Brook, Jinbe and Franky) or small (like Chopper), nor do they have bizarre colorations or blemishes (Zoro, Usopp, Sanji).


              Hancock is just that. An attractive, normal human (duhh, she’s famed for her beauty for gods sake!) being without bizarre characteristics beyond her Devil Fruit powers. This is what makes her an appropriate candidate, unlike Monet who has Wings or Wanda and Carrot who aren’t even Human in the first place.


              Have you ever heard of Goroawase?

              Oda has done this with the Devil Fruits within the Strawhat Pirates.

              • Go Mu = 5 6 = Gomu Gomu no Mi – Gum Gum fruit – Monkey D. Luffy
              • Hi To = 1 10 = Hito Hito no Mi – Human Human fruit – Tony Tony Chopper
              • Ha Na = 8 7 = Hana Hana no Mi – Flower Flower fruit – Nico Robin
              • Yo Mi = 4 3 = Yomi Yomi no Mi – Revive Revive fruit – Brook

              Because of this, people assumed that the next Devil Fruit using Nakama will have a Devil Fruit name comprised of 2 and 9, such as the Nikyu Nikyu no Mi

              But, there are several complications to this. The first being that 2 and 9 can be rearranged through many different combinations due to the amount of ways you can say numbers in Japanese. Such examples include the Fuku Fuku no Mi which by the way is the Clothes Clothes Fruit (potentially Kin’emon’s Fruit). You see, it’s not a conclusive piece of evidence to go by at all. Plus, there is the inconsistency of the fact :”Na” can also mean “0”, “Go” can mean “9”, “Mu” can mean “3” and “Mi” can means “2”. This therefore would leave the options of 2,4,5,6,7 and 9 depending on how you rearrange the characters. In fact it’s also possible that Luffy’s fruit is 9 and 6 and 3 while Brooks Yomi Yomi no Mi can be rearranged as 3,4 or 2

              Here is the full list of terms for Goroawase:

              0 maru, ma, rei, re, nai, na, wa, o, zero, ze
              1 ichi, i, hitotsu, hito, hi, bi, pi, fi, wan, a
              2 ni, mi, ji, futatsu, futa, fu, bu, pu, nu, ne, tsu, zu, ju, nyu
              3 san, zan, sa, za, mitsu, mi, mu, ta, da, so, zo, suri
              4 shi, ji, su, zu, yotsu, yon, yo, fo
              5 go, ko, itsutsu, itsu, i, u, ka, ga, ke, ge, faibu
              6 roku, mutsu, mu, me, mo, ri, ru, ro, ryu, shikkusu
              7 nanatsu, nana, na, shichi, chi, te, de, yu, sebun, se, ze
              8 hachi, ha, ba, pa, fa, he, be, pe, fe, yatsu, ya, eito, ei
              9 kyuu, gyuu, ku, gu, kokonotsu, kokono, koko, ko, go, ki, gi, kin, kun, gin, gun, nain
              10 too, to, doo, do, juu, ji, ten, den, te

              Notice the ones I’ve highlighted and increased the size of.
              In fact, Hancock’s Devil Fruit can reside in one number alone. This fixes a major problem with the Goroawase: Oda can’t use all numbers just once between 0 and 10 because that is eleven figures. The Strawhats Devil Fruits can be arranged as:

                • Go Mu = 9 3 = Gomu Gomu no Mi – Gum Gum fruit – Monkey D. Luffy
                • Hi To = 1 10 = Hito Hito no Mi – Human Human fruit – Tony Tony Chopper
                • Ha Na = 8 0 = Hana Hana no Mi – Flower Flower fruit – Nico Robin
                • Yo Mi = 4 2 = Yomi Yomi no Mi – Revive Revive fruit – Brook
                • Me Ro = 6 6 = Mero Mero no Mi – Love Love fruit – Boa Hancock
              • This means that Oda can use all of the numbers in Goroawase by having six devil fruit abilities, the only one left being made of 5 and 7. Hancocks Devil Fruit fits perfectly with the theme.

              The Strawhat Pirates also have a phonetic and alphabetic assortment and pattern to them. You may not have noticed this but each Strawhat Pirate represents a Binary Pair of Letters, assigned by their first name. Most Alphabets in the western world have 26 letters (the only exceptions being Greek and Russian as far as I’m aware), this is perfect considering that there will be 13 Nakama and 26/2 = 13. Each Nakama has their pair of letters, these pairs are in sequence and alphabetical order, in which one letter is the first letter of their name, if you still don’t get what I mean – a visual demonstration will suffice:

              • ABBrook
              • CD – Tony Tony Chopper
              • EFFranky/Cutty Flam
              • GH – Boa Hancock
              • IJJinbe
              • KL – Monkey D. Luffy
              • MNNami
              • OP – ?????
              • QR – Nico Robin
              • ST – Vinsmoke Sanji
              • UV – Usopp
              • WX – ?????
              • YZ – Roronoa Zoro

              Clearly, Boa Hancock fits the pattern with some. This is something else that plays in her favour.

              Just a little point here. Wouldn’t it make sense for the Pirate Empress to be on the same ship as a future Yonko (Emperor), something Luffy likely will become before being the Pirate King? The Pirate King and Queen on the same ship also makes a lot of sense.


              Hancock has plenty, and I mean plenty of potential for comedy value with most of the Strawhat crew. Not just Sanji and Luffy as you all likely thought. Of course, we have the obvious ones for Sanji and Luffy


              Moving on to the less obvious ones, we have potential for Hancock being extremely competitive with Nami and Robin to get Luffy’s approval and endearment. As we’ve already seen before in Hancock’s crazy fantasies. This means there could be inter crew hostilities or rivalries just like Sanji and Zoro, it brings much more entertainment factor to the crew than before


              Then there’s also the fact there are two more (three more if we’re counting Jinbe) Male Nakama who won’t find her attractive the same way Luffy doesn’t find anything attractive. You see, this has a lot of potential because it will piss Hancock off and provides a lot of comedy value to inter-crew interactions. I am of course talking about Chopper and Zoro. Chopper isn’t into humans and Zoro seems to lack any sort of Libido. Then there’s the opposing trio of Sanji, Franky and Brook. Having already talked about Sanji (who may or may not regularly turn to stone), Franky and Brook would also be easily petrified by her ability. This again, as I’ve repeatedly said would provide a goldmine for Oda in terms of comic effectiveness, it’s even possible that Brook can’t be petrified, we don’t know how it works yet.

              And then there’s Usopp who I quite frankly am unsure about.
              Clearly, Hancock has what it takes to be a Nakama. She has all the substance and material, a potential dream, sad past and a potential reason to join the crew in the first place. She would be hilarious on the Sunny as well and adds some much needed Long-Distance fighting power to the crew. Her Mero Mero no Mi can fit within Oda’s Devil Fruit Goroawase and she’s a former Shichibukai, possibly foreshadowed by Choppers line at the start of the theory.

              Keep in mind I don’t fully support this theory but I found these ideas interesting and intriguing so I decided to present them for your enjoyment anyway.

              Theory by L o g i a

                Shichibukai genderswapped

                D: If the members of the Shichibukai were genderswapped with the Horu Horu no Mi ability, what would happen?             P.N. YMEK

                Oda: You all really love this stuff, don’t you. It’s starting to get kinda weird, y’know??


                Crocodile: “Kuhaha

                Moriah: “Y’all better do your shit

                Hancock: “I’ll be forgiven. That’s right, ’cause I’m hot”

                Teach: “Huh? Black beard? I don’t grow one”

                Doflamingo: “It begins… the cake buffet”

                Jinbe: “I can’t thank you en…ice body!!”

                Mihawk: “You must surpass my beauty”

                Kuma: “Hey heeeey, if you could go on vacay, where’d you wanna gooo?”

                  Do You Agree?

                  Blackbeard Pirates vs StrawHats



                    Now this theory is inspired by the latest chapter 812. A lot of questions were raised with the revelation of Sanji’s Family Name and the declaration of the arranged marriage Big Mam has planned.

                    What I will seek to do in this thread is outline what events I think will occur during this particular Tea Party and what it will mean going forward in the plot. Whether the story will be diverted back to Big Mam, or will continue on to Kaidou.

                    Before we get started, there are some key things that we need to establish about the characters involved. As what happens at Big Mam’s tea Party will largely depend on the character of the people involved and how they would react to certain things. I have outlined several key questions that I think will dictate the events that occur during Big Mam’s Tea Party.

                    • How would Big Mam react to Capone backstabbing Pekoms?
                    • Is Capone really loyal to Big Mam or playing for his own devices?
                    • Would Oda really interrupt all this momentum towards Kaidou to swing the story completely towards Big Mam?
                    • What about Jinbe and the bomb inside the Tamatebako box?
                    • Would Sanji really marry someone if it meant being permanently separated from the crew?

                    Just a small note about arranged marriages, by tradition they are done for logical reasons and not usually for love. If Sanji does marry, it could foster amicable relations between the two crew going forward.

                    A MOTHER’S LOVE

                    Being honest, there is something that has been bugging me about Big Mam’s depictions so far. Why do her crew call her mama? So far she has proven to be stubborn, irrational, short-tempered, and overall very unlike the stereotypical view of a mother. Mother’s are supposed to be caring and loving to their children and fiercely protective if any harm should come to them.

                    If you look at the original Four Younkou, Whitebeard was like a father to his crew. He treated them like his sons. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Big Mam is named Big Mam and her crew calls her mama. I think Big Mam is just like Whitebeard. She treats her crew like her children and their safety means a lot to her, maybe even more than candy.



                    Pekoms was genuinely concerned and happy when he found out his family were alright. This doesn’t seem like the kind ofbehavior for a person with no moral fiber. In fact, recall that Lola also showed great honor when she refused to run when the sun rose.

                    Assuming Lola is indeed part of Big Mam’s crew, which is all but confirmed last chapter with the same marriage focus, I think these two characters reflect the way Big Mam herself operates and what their crew truly represents.

                    Would Big Mam really be okay with Capone almost murdering one of her crew, regardless of whether he appeared to be disobeying her orders? I mean we don’t know much about Big Mam, but what you usually expect in situations with pirates is that any punishment for insubordination by members of the crew is handled by the Captain. Other crew members aren’t given the authority to exact their own idea of how the other should be punished.

                    I think Big Mam would side with Pekoms in this case. If she truly does value family, then she would understand why Pekoms did it. After all, it was his home and it was destroyed by one of her biggest Rival’s man, Jack. I’m just guessing but I think I know where Oda is heading here.

                    LUFFY = BIG MAM

                    This characteristic in Big Mam also creates a parallel with Luffy, that the two of them aren’t really that different. They love to eat but when it comes down to it, their nakama come first. In her conversation with Luffy, they showed that share a lot of common views on the way Pirates are supposed to act when what they want is challenged.

                    Also, Luffy didn’t even think destroying a country over meat was that ridiculous a suggestion. Basically indicating that Luffy’s mentality is very similar to Big Mam’s.

                    I think because of these similar traits and the history with Lola, it is quite possible that both these crew could actually find common ground on issues and see eye to eye. Not become allied for the long term, but at least be willing to stay out of each other’s way because of mutual understanding.

                    CAPONE’S MISCALCULATION:

                    I believe Capone has made a big error, by being so hasty to “kill” Pekoms. Well it may not even be a miscalculation, as he may already be making his move against her, but even then, taking out Pekoms was a really rash move. Considering Tamago is down there as well and he didn’t even consult Big Mam.

                    I think Capone being the new member of the crew is the most likely candidate for someone who doesn’t see eye to eye with the agenda of the Big Mam Pirates. As he said this chapter, letting one’s emotions get the better of them is not what a real pirate does.

                    But as we know, that’s exactly the kind of person Big Mam is. She doesn’t consider making decisions with your emotions contradictory to the way a pirate should be. On the flipside, she considers what a Pirate most desires, the thing he should be most willing to fight for. A very “Roger-like” ideology if I ever heard on. I think this Tea Party is heading towards a showdown between Capone and Big Mam and a very likely falling out, instigated by Sanji.

                    Notice, Capone captured all the Strawhats, but he released Nami, Brooke and Chopper, indicating his plan was only for Sanji and Caesar.

                    THE TEA PARTY

                    Now who will attend this event. I’ll just list who I think are all the possible attendees but also highlight who I think will actually be there and who is most relevant to the current story.

                    • Sanji and Caesar
                    • Capone
                    • Baron Tamago
                    • More Big Mam’s forces (formal introductions to her daughters AND Bobbin etc)
                    • Jinbe
                    • Sun Pirates

                    Now to prevent this from getting overly long, I’m just going to spell out what I expect to happen at this event. I believe Capone wants to betray Big Mam in such a way that he can keep control of Caesar. Capone and his ideology just doesn’t seem like a good fit for Big Mam’s crew and I get this feeling he has no interest in upholding her brand of piracy at all. Mainly because as he said, making decisions on emotion just makes you a fool and I don’t think he would ever garner any emotional connections to Big Mam that he would truly be loyal to her.

                    I think he wants to kill Big Mam at her party somehow and take over her organization. The best way to kill a Younkou is to kill them without anyone knowing you have. The only way I can think of is exploiting Big Mam’s greatest indulgence as a weakness. Food. She eats it incessantly and likely doesn’t pay much attention to what she is actually eating. Let me draw attention to an article about the real life Al Capone.

                    If I was gonna kill Big Mam, the easiest way to me would be to poison her food. Luckily for Capone he has two assets capable of combining their talents to do just that.


                    And this where Capone really miscalculated because this plan offers Sanji a unique opportunity to turn the Strawhat’s relations with Big Mam completely around. Sanji would NEVER poison his food or allow it to be poisoned. It’s a disgrace as a cook. By refusing to poison her meal, as I’m sure he never would, Sanji can out Capone before Big Mam as a traitor, saving her from being poisoned.

                    Couple that with the fact that he could make for her a very tasty delicious meal that she never had before, Sanji is probably the number one Strawhat who has a chance to appeal to her better nature. We already know he’s thinking of ways to subdue Big Mam’s wrath against the crew and create better relations. What better way than to stamp out an attempted coup and cook her the best damn food she’s ever had.

                    Capone will try to kill Big Mam and use Caesar and Sanji as scapegoats to be the culprit. This will fail as Sanji will save Big Mam, making her entire crew thankful to the Strawhats.

                    Big Mam will then offer some manner of military assistance to counter Kaidou. She has resources that Law and Luffy don’t have. And knowledge about Kaidou and his forces they likely don’t have either. I’m sure Kaidou bolstering his forces so drastically has made her worry.

                    Now we see why this is called the year of Sanji. Sanji will not be a damsel in distress who needs saving, he will prove himself as a force in the New World, by negotiating something monumental, which is making two Younkous indirectly get into a war.

                    ANTAGONISTS FOR THE FUTURE

                    But what about Capone? Does he get killed? No. But what he does get is a grudge against the Strawhats and a reason to be a direct antagonist in the future. I’d be willing to also double down that he will at least get away with Caesar in this whole incident, but lose his cushy protected New World position and gain a true hatred for the Strawhats.

                    I’ll make a separate theory on who I think Capone will end up working with to bring down the Strawhats. (Hint:Former villain who also likes cigars).

                    But out of all of this, does this mean the drama with Big Mam is over? Are the crews back on good terms forever? Yes and No. This is where Jinbe and the Tamatebako comes back into play.


                    Don’t forget this box has in a bomb and is rigged to blow. As much as Big Mam would be pleased by these events, there is still something that could throw her back over the edge. The Fishman people trying to kill her. There is no way imo that that bomb is NOT gonna go off near Big Mam and she will end up waging war on FI. Plus, Jinbe leaving her services would also piss her off.

                    WhatI see reigniting the fight between the Strawhats and Big Mam is if her attention is turned back on to Fishman Island and I believe that’s exactly where Oda wants it by creating a mistaken bomb being delivered to her on accident as a plot device. If there is anything that’s gonna bring us back into the conflict with FI and the Fishman people and the prophecy around Luffy, it would be someone threatening the safety of the Fishman People.

                    But I don’t think it’s the right time to really develop the story in that direction. As that is its own separate plot and we have too many plots already going on.

                    So another bold statement. I do not believe Jinbe will make it to Big Mam’s in time for THIS particular Tea Party, if he hasn’t already been there. I feel like the Fishman crisis is too much of a main stay storyline to be used atm.


                    So to summarize, these are the events I expect to happen leading up to and during Big Mam’s Tea Party.

                    • Capone lies about his involvement in the injuries of Pekoms
                    • He reveals his goal is to kill Big Mam and he wants Sanji and Caesar’s assistance
                    • Sanji will refuse to and save Big Mam and be responsible for fixing internal relations between the crews
                    • He will not get married, but Big Mam and her crew will be thankful for his intervention
                    • In return, Sanji will ask for Big Mam’s assistance in the Alliance’s goal to take on Kaidou
                    • Sanji will return to Zou triumphant with a huge army loaned from Big Mam to him in response to Kaidou’s endless minions.
                    • They are going to defeat Jack largely due to the forces Big Mam gives Sanji.
                    • The Year of Sanji will give Sanji time to really shine and be the first Strawhat on his own to instigate meaningful and far reaching events in the NW.
                    I think these events work much better than Sanji just being captured and having to be rescued. This way, we solve the Big Mam issue for the moment, and keep the story’s momentum going where it has been.
                    *Theory by TheConqueror