Successivo: Roger vs Garp: Who will win?

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  1. Nami vs Heavy Drinker and new nakama vs Doc Q? Or Doc Q vs Chopper and Jinbei vs San Juan Wolf? Jinbei vs the gigantic fishman in Fishman Island could be a possible foreshadow for this fight

  2. laffiti vs Jimbei? i guess..

  3. Raziel Kain

    I think you got right about Luffy, Robin, Usopp, Brook and Zoro…but in my opinion these are the other matches:

    -Chopper VS Doc Q (both doctors, one cures, the other causes diseases)
    -Sanji VS Avalo (much like in Enies Lobby vs Jabura, there is no way Franky can match the speed of Avalo if he really has an ancient Zoan fruit model sabertooth)
    -Franky VS Burgess ( brute strenth match, plus i don’t think Burgess will get Jozu diamond fruit. Blackbeard can take other fruits for himself but passing them on to others? I don’t think he can, plus it would be meaningless to Burgess to be in Dressrosa trying to take the mera mera fruit for himself.)
    -Jimbe VS Vasco Shot (water vs alcohol)
    -Nami VS San Juan (huge storm incoming, not so sure on this one though)

  4. don’t forget that luffy usually beat 2 guys of the ennemy, (ex: blueno and lucci)

  5. allways on top

    well Ceaser maybe “joint” the Crew

  6. Valkyrious

    I prefer chopper versus Doc Q because its a battle between good doctor and evil doctor and Nami versus heavy drinker since he and Nami are heavy drinker.

  7. One Piece Nakama

    I am not fully agree about this prediction

  8. this is why we can say oda is a genius, he made an extra crew on blackbeard pirate because of jinbe. so basically vasco shot gonna fight with jinbe, and i also think doc q gonna fight with chopper

  9. I prefer heavy drinker vs cola drinker, chop vs doc q, corrupted King vs soul King . .

  10. Neiser D Dias

    Jinbei Vs San Juan Wolf
    Chopper Vs Doc Q battle of Doctor
    Nami Vs Catarina Devon
    Momonosuké Vs Stronger
    Franky Vs Vasco Shot
    Sanji Vs Avalo pizzaro
    Law Vs Burguess
    Robin Vs Kuzan (maléfique)

    what do u think ?


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