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Big Mom Pirates

The Big Mom Pirates are a powerful pirate crew. The crew’s captain is one of the Yonko, Charlotte Linlin. They serve as one of the central antagonistic groups of the Pirate Alliance Saga and Yonko Saga. Their base of operations is Whole Cake Island.

Captained by one of the Yonko, it can be presumed that the Big Mom Pirates are incredibly strong. One of their members, Bobbin, was powerful enough to pillage an entire country with only a handful of men, and Pekoms, a member with a bounty of Beli330,000,000, single-handedly defeated Caribou, a Logia user and Super Rookie, on his own and with a single attack. It was said that if an island does not pay its tribute she will destroy it using her army of “monsters”.

Furthermore, Linlin has several islands under her control, and the citizens of Fishman Island, fearing her wrath, agreed to produce the ten tons of candy she orders every month. It is common knowledge to everyone in the New World that Big Mom’s “invitation” to her tea parties is in name only, and that it is a summon order that, if declined, would result the invitee to be choked with regret. Refusal would result in the invitee being sent a box containing the head of someone they personally know, even if that person is someone of notable strength or in another part of the sea beyond the Calm Belts and Red Line, demonstrating how far reaching the crew’s power is.

They also have multiple ships and allies, some of which were sunk by Eustass Kid. After Whitebeard died, the Sun Pirates apparently joined with them so Fishman Island would be under her protection, which increased the Big Mom Pirates’ power. Jinbe, however, is not really loyal to her and is thinking of leaving her. Also Capone Bege, a rookie pirate captain from The Worst Generation has aligned with the crew. A Single “Road Poneglyph” is currently within the possession of Charlotte Linlin and her crew.

Big Mom has also aligned herself with the Patriarch of the Vinsmoke Family and through him she has access to the Germa 66 who are said to be a an evil mythical army.

The Big Mom Pirates’ Jolly Roger is a skull with thick lips and wearing a pirate tricorne based on their captain’s appearance, on a fluffy background (which could represent Linlin’s hair in some fashion) with several candy canes crossed behind it (one on the right, three stacked together on the left), in place of normal crossbones. A tree is seen coming out of the cane on the bottom right.


    With the last panel of the 822nd chapter, Oda finally announced the Reverie arc (don’t go assuming Vivi is going to the Tea Party, we all know it’s not true).
    Just a detail, the Reverie arc won’t happen soon. I’m pretty sure we won’t have any news about the Reverie before the Wano Arc’s end.


    For the ones living under a rock (just kidding ;)), here is a brief definition.
    The Reverie (literally translated as “World Council”) is a council formed by the World Government which consists of the world’s greatest leaders of various kingdoms.
    Meetings are held every four years at Mariejois and kings or queens gather to discuss matters that could affect the world.

    Okay let’s begin.
    I will detail in this theory, how and why the Reverie will anounce the abolition of the Shichibukai system from a very logical way and from 3 different point of view. Stay with me guys, you will see that I’ve put a lot of work on it :D.

    Perspective 1 : the Kings of the different countries
    So first, who will be present at the Reverie ?
    There will be the representatives of the 20 countries and here are the ones we already know :
    Alabasta Kingdom : Nefertari Cobra and Vivi
    Ryugu Kingdom : King Neptune (and maybe his 3 sons)
    Dressrosa : King Riku
    Sakura Kingdom (formerly the Drum Kingdom) : King Dalton
    Ilusia Kingdom : Thalassa Lucas (he was the King at the reverie 8 years ago)

    I will add one more but this one is a just a speculation so I won’t talk more about it.
    Prodence Kingdom : King Elizabello II and Dagama

    Did you notice guys ? From the 5 country/kingdom I mentioned just above, 4 of them have already a conflict (more or less) with the Shichibukai system.
    Crocodile and Dofflamingo nearly destroy the whole country of Alabasta and Dressrosa.
    Blackbeard attacked the Drum Kingdom and left him without a King.
    Jinbei close friend of King Neptune, get imprisoned because he refused to fight Whitebeard as a Shichibukai.

    If King Ezabello II is here, he also has a grudge against Dofflamingo.

    What I’m really confident is that the representatives will talk about the situation of their respective country. And this is where the situation will become really tense. I mean the World Government, formed by the 20 most powerfull country, is supposed to protect those countries right ? So how is it possible that already 4 of them (maybe more) have suffered from the Shichibukai system which is supposed to be control by the same WG ?

    We can already see the reasons why the Shichibukai system can be abolished from the perspective of the different characters/country right ?

    Perspective 2 : the World Government
    So what about the World Government itself ? Why would they abolish the shichibukai system at the Reverie ?
    Well here is the current situation, only 5 shichibukai are remaining. So without going any further there are already 2 seats lacking.
    But for the rest here are my thought.

    Dracule Mihawk : we know that he doesn’t care about the WG, he does what he wants to do and he will probably end as a Shanks ally. So there is no reason for him to stay any longer as a shichibukai (maybe the main reason to become a shichibukai in the first place was to gather information).

    Boa Hancock : she already betrayed the WG sneaking Luffy into Impel Down and attacking Smoker and other marines during the MarineFord war. And we know it’s going to happen again in the future. All the reason to expel her from her title.

    Kuma : well either he remains a Shichibukai or not, he will stay under the WG controls for a long time again so doesn’t really matter in this case.

    Buggy : I don’t have a lot to say about this one honestly. I just imagine easily Buggy’s face after losing his Shichibukai title because of Luffy :lmao: !

    And here comes the most interesting one, Weevil :
    I said earlier that the Reverie will occur after the Tea Party and the Wano arc right ? Well guess what, Weevil will have a huge role to at least one or both of this events. First he is linked to Big Mom with his pseudo mother, Miss Bukkin, which there is a huge chance that she is one of Big Mom daughter.
    Second we also know that Marco will come back in Wano as well. It seems not far-fetched to think in that case Weeble might come to deal with him in Wano.
    Anyway, either it is one of those speculation, Weevil will be defeated or become a future ally at the end of the Tea Party/Wano arc. And this is why the WG after losing another of his Shishibukai, will have another good reason to abolish it !

    Perspective 3 : from Oda’s point of view
    If you think about it, if my theory is right, after the Reverie Kaido will be defeated, Big Mom will be out of the picture for a bit (i think she will become an ally cause I can’t see 2 Yonko being defeated/killed so quicklu), almost all the Supernova will be introduced (Kid/Apoo/Hawkins/Killer/ alliance it’s obvious that it goes with Kaido arc, Capone already in the picture, Drake and bonney will appear soon too imo). So after all that, ODA will have to put in front of the scene all the big Boss of One Piecés universe. I mean Shanks and Blackbeard, Dragon and the revolutionnaries and the Gorosei. So how can he do that ? Well imo the Reverie will be the trigger the story need.
    If you think about it, from the beginning of One Piece, Oda told us that the World’s balance was kept by the WG – Shichibukai – 4 Yonkos. We also get some information on the Reverie at the beginning of Grand Line (in Alabasta). It simply means that ODA planned from the very start to make the Reverie one of the most important event in One Piece. Is there a better way to make this event HUGE, than to abolish the shichibukai system and to break the balance of the world ? The big figure will have no other choice but to make their move and we will finally enter in the last part of One Piece.

    That’s it guys. I’ve put everything I had to be as clear as possible
    I hope you enjoyed reading it

    *Theory by Xdidzic

      Straw Hat Grand Fleet

      Formed from various powerful crews who managed to succeed in the New World, and the representatives and some other members have been prime contestants of the Corrida Colosseum, the crew is very powerful indeed. In sheer numbers, they have a grand total of 5640 people from various tribes and races, being quite versatile in strength and other attributes. Five of the seven leaders were powerful enough to defeat executives of the Donquixote Pirates.

      The Grand Fleet has the second highest total bounty of any currently known pirate group, behind the Straw Hat Pirates.

      Putting the combined known bounties of all of the “Straw Hats” together (both main crew and Grand Fleet) comes to a known total of Beli 2,800,000,100 which far surpasses the bounty of any other known crew.


        I have 3 probable suspects to join Strawhats apart from Jinbe coz Luffy asked him already and its matter of time when returns
        Two condtions on which Luffy decides a crewmate
        One is Luffy says ‘he’s a good guy / an interesting person.’ , etc.
        The other is that One needs to have specific skill to do a job whether it’s necessary for the pirates.

        So guys Do you have someone in mind fulfilling these 2 crietria?
        1.Trafalgar D. Water Law
        According to me he has fullied most of criteria of a Strawhat
        Here are some foreshadows which i think points Law to be next Nakama

        After time skip when Luffy appears on Sabody he is wearing a hood particular pattern on it which almost smilar to Law’s cap

        Now Nami also is shown in almost hat

        This one is from East Blue Saga

        Zoro is shown wearing patterned cap like Law except its blue and carrying one katana like Law

        Now the final piece

        Luffy has made his decision like Zoro, Sanji, Nami ;)
        Law also refuses
        but you know Luffy – I refuse your refusal :rofl::rofl:

        2.Jewelry Bonney
        There is one thing common between Nami and Robin both saved someone from Strawhat crew before joining as offical member
        -Nami saved Zoro and Usopp from getting killed in arlong park
        -Robin saved Luffy from dying in Alabasta

        Similarly Bonney saved Zoro about to attack a Celestial Dragon. While she kept Zoro from attacking Saint Charloss, Luffy later attacked him, so an admiral was sent to the island anyway :8D:
        Luffy’s actions during the Celestial Dragon incident have unintentionally garnered him Bonney’s fury, a fury that even extended to the rest of the Straw Hats
        However, when she was reading the newspaper about Doflamingo’s defeat, she praised Luffy and Law for it. Weird right :saikensmirk:


        Despite being arrested by Akainu, Bonney somehow managed to escape or was apparently released from custody through some unknown means during the two year time skip
        Although her crewmates are not seen with her i believe they were taken by Akainu

        Possible Foreshadows

        First time she was shown she was eating pizza turns out its her favorite:coolpink:
        And then

        Strawhats eating pizza ……<.<


        Same sunflower patterned designs on Luffy and Bonney……


        As u can see Usopp turned old which is one of the abilities of Bonney


        Even though he’s not been not for long he has grown on me quiet a bit as he completes two trios
        pervert trio-sanji, brook and kinemon
        swordsman trio-brook,kinemon and zoro

        Like some of Strawhats before joining he also bear hatred for pirate as shown by his constant refusal to accept help from Sanji

        Possible foreshadows
        His 1st appearance in color scheme


        Look at Kinemon’s appearance a typical samurai look with two katanas

        Now take a look at Luffy’s appearance here

        Top knot hair like Kinemon with 2 katanas and same samurai clothes and similar pose as shown by Kinemon in color spread

        That’s all

        Hope you like it

        *Theory by D kar


          Bandai Namco Games uploaded 4 new gameplay videos featuring Franky, Boa Hancock, Ivankov and Jimbei.

            Awesome Jinbe fanart *__*