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Sanji’s Elder Brothers Theory

In the last chapter we met Yonji which means 4th and Reiju which means zero. This explains the title of the chapter “0 and 4”.
Yonji has a number 4 right on his cape.

Now take a look at these 2 men seen in the last chapter fighting Sora

As you can see they have a 1 and 2 on their capes. Seems like they would be the other 2 Sanji’s brothers.

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    Zoro & Robin :-)


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        In chapter 818 we received a lot of information about Raftel or rather how to get there.
        One of the most important panels though is this one where Inuarashi subtly confirms what many people have thought that the Ancient Kingdom is in fact Raftel.

        He doesn’t say a specific number but only “for centuries”. However we actually know when was the last time someone was there.

        It was 8 centuries ago. Yes, 800 years ago when the World Government came to existence.

        Before his death professor Clover was just about to say the name of the Ancient Kingdom and we believe the name was ”Raftel”. But since this happened 3 years after Gol D. Roger’s execution, during the Great Age of Pirates, Gorosei didn’t want any more information to be revealed and they ordered to shoot him quickly before he could have done any more harm.

        Also when we were shown the image of the Ancient Kingdom it looked like the eastern side could actually be the image of Raftel Crocus and later on Inuarashi “showed” us.

        However how come that World Government themselves didn’t destroy Raftel and didn’t claim One Piece after Gol D. Roger’s execution to stop the Great Age of Pirates? Since they knew where Raftel was 800 years ago. Did they lost the information about Raftel’s position? We don’t think so. Since Gorosei know about the history it’s hard to believe they wouldn’t know where Raftel was.

        The reason why World Government couldn’t do it is because Raftel is not where it once was.

        And the reason for it lies in its name “Raftel”.

        Raftel is formed by using two words: Raft meaning something used as a boat or floating platform and El which is a nickname for elevated railway system.

        We believe that Raftel, once prosperous and enormous kingdom had such an advanced technology that they were able to relocate their island to another, safer place where enemies couldn’t reach them.

        And that place was, as we learned from Inurarashi, between 4 islands.

        However since it’s supposed to be an enormous kingdom how come someone just can’t be lucky and get there by using Log Pose? Well we know from Law that Punk Hazard can not be located by using one so this can be somehow avoided but most importantly since Raftel is able to float on the water it’s impossible for it to have magnetic field.

        We think that this ancient civilization didn’t choose this spot between 4 islands randomly.

        And this is when Nami and her knowledge comes to play. They chose this spot because those 4 islands were 4 different types of islands. Meaning they all had different weather.


        It was: Summer Island, Fall Island, Winter Island and finally Spring Island.

        We know that each island in Grand Line has its own climate and we believe that this is also one of the reasons Raftel can not be found even by a mistake.

        In every picture that Raftel has been shown so far we can see it being sorrounded by fog, mist and haze. This is probably the result of moving Raftel with it’s own climate to the spot between other 4 islands.

        Raftel disrupted those hot, windy, humid and cold climates which created its natural protection.

        It’s even possible those extreme weather conditions created mirage or an illusion rather that there is no island even though there is supposed to be one. Similar to the Mirage Tempo technique which Nami uses to project an image which isn’t real

        or she can even make her image completly disappear and make herself invisible.

        However Nami will be able to figure this out since she is familiar with this phenomenon and will realize what’s happening.

        So thanks to her the Straw Hat pirates will finally be able to get to Raftel

        where awaits the legendary treasure ONE PIECE!

        If you would rather watch the video version of this theory then here it is:

        *Theory by Manga Detectives

          The Fiancee of Gildo Tesoro is/was a Slave of Celestial Dragons


          I think this girl is/was a slave of celestial dragons and the (dead ?) fiancee/wife of Tesoro :

          Something is missing… A wedding ring ?

          Indeed, the theme of celestial dragons seems to return often in the movie :

          Does the straw hats know the truth ?!

          I think Tesoro wanted to bring back his fiancee/wife with his wealth, so he asked for the help of Doflamingo in exchange for a great deal of money :


          Here, Doflamingo is clearly shown in a upper position, he probably served as an intermediate between the celestial dragons and Tesoro. However, it seems that the negotiations failed…

          Does his evil comes from this story of his past ?!

          I also think that his henchmen are former slaves on which Tesoro has replaced the seal of celestial dragons by its own seal : a star (as the fishmen with their sun symbol)


          Money can’t buy happiness. It would seems that it is the theme of the next movie One Piece.

          *Theory by Tear


              LUFFY’S AWAKENING

              First Lets learn a bit about Paramecia types :

              Paramecia is one of the three Devil Fruit types. These fruits give the users a power that can affect their body, manipulate the environment, or produce substances.

              Paramecia types are also distinguishable in the manner in which their powers manifest.

              • They can either alter the user’s current physical state (Luffy and Bon Kurei),
              • directly affect their immediate environment and/or living things within proximity (Eustass Kid, Blueno or Whitebeard),
              • or affect both of these conditions (Jewelry Bonney, Trafalgar Law, Doffy and Emporio Ivankov).

              Like all Devil Fruit abilities, Paramecia types can also be “awakened”, attaining the ability to use their Devil Fruits in different manners than they originally could. Doflamingo, when awakening the Ito Ito no Mi, can extend his string-creating ability from his own body to affect the environment, transmuting inorganic material, such as the ground and buildings, into vast quantities of strings that he can manipulate without even the need to touch them

              Now According to me Awakening can be defined as Max potential of Any Devil fruit
              Now that doesn’t mean one changes to logia or something with awakening

              for example -Doffy was always able to create strings through his body But with awakening he can change the environment into it strings also

              Awakening may vary from user to user as per as their Devil Fruits like Whitebeard was able create earthquakes by sending vibrations into the environment

              Luffy’s awakening:cool: :
              Now lets jump by to Luffy like i said
              Luffy belongs to 1st category of Paramecia: who can alter the user’s current physical state

              there greatest feature of Gomu Gomu no Mi is its elasticity

              What is elasticity?
              The ability of an object or material to resume its normal shape after being stretched or compressed, stretchiness.

              Depending on that Luffy will be able to produce elastic wave

              What are elastic waves?
              Elastic wave, motion in a medium in which, when particles are displaced, a force proportional to the displacement acts on the particles to restore them to their original position. If a material has the property of elasticity and the particles in a certain region are set in vibratory motion, an elastic wave will be propagated. For example, a gas is an elastic medium (if it iscompressed and the pressure is then released, it will regain its former volume), and sound is transmitted through a gas as an elastic wave.

              These elastic waves will enable Luffy to produce Shockwaves

              Again what are shock waves?
              Shock wave, strong pressure wave in any elastic medium such as air, water, or a solid substance, produced by supersonic aircraft, explosions, lightning, or other phenomena that create violent changes in pressure. Shock waves dier from soundwaves in that the wave front, in which compression takes place, is a region of sudden and violent change in stress, density, and temperature. Because of this, shock waves propagate in a manner dierent from that of ordinary acoustic waves. In particular, shock waves travel faster than sound, and their speed increases as the amplitude is raised; but the intensity of a shock wave also decreases faster than does that of a sound wave, because some of the energy of the shock wave is expended to heat the medium in which it travels

              Shock waves are not as uncommon as u may think in One Piece

              like Sengoku used in Marineford :
              he launched an explosive shock wave with a palm thrust, enough to send a majority of the Blackbeard Pirates flying a fair distance.

              #this could be foreshadow for Luffy using shockwaves to fight Blackbeard

              same with Kuma :
              Kuma’s nikyu nikyu no mi allows him to create shock waves

              Now Luffy as fought alot of opponents using shockwaves as their technique

              1.Luffy vs Satori (one of priests of Enel)

              2.Luffy vs Usopp


              now both of them used impact dial the stored energy is released in form of shockwave , usually causing internal injuries to a living body, while not leaving any visible external damage. This blunt force is enough to wound even Luffy, who is usually immune to blunt force due to the Gomu Gomu no Mi.

              3. Luffy vs Jinbei

              as Jinbei explains that fishman karate uses elasticity of air and water to create a shockwave

              4.Luffy vs Don Chinjao


              Chinjao as master of Hasshoken :
              fighting style allows the user to control vibrations around their limbs to generate shock waves . This shockwave is powerful enough to destroy a metal shield or defeat a strong man easily. Sai also claimed that these attacks are unblockable and reverberating, causing defenses to shatter

              5.Now finally my favorite: Luffy vs Rob Lucci
              In the fight Lucci used his fishing move ,The Rokuogan is the secret and ultimate attack of the Rokushiki style. Rob Lucci states that only those who have absolute mastery of the other six skills can have access to this seventh skill.
              The user places both his/her fists right in front of the target and launches a devastating shock wave in a forward direction. The burst is a reminiscence to that released by an Impact or Reject Dial, capable of bypassing the defenses of a rubber human such as Monkey D. Luffy, who is immune to blunt strikes under normal circumstances, and causes massive internal injuries.


              In the Viz Manga, this is called Ultimate Radius: Six King Pistol, while in the FUNimation dub, this technique is called Ultimate Radius: Six King Gun.

              #maybe foreshadow to Luffy’s future pistol and Gatling gun techniques

              As u can see Luffy is pretty much weak to shockwave opponents thats why i think he will be using it in is awakening form i believe Rayleigh may have already taught him how to use shock wave by using haki

              as he displayed it also

              CoA normally used to defend or attack as it acts as a coating but Rayleigh repelled the elephant with some kinda shock

              I believe Luffy will eventually master all 6 techniques of Rokushiki will lead to him master the 7th technique like Rob Lucci which is -Rokuogan

              • gear 2-soru
              • gear 3-tekkai
              • gear 4 -geppo
              • shigan similar to haki induces Gatling
              • kami-e well he has CoO similar to that
              • believe gear 4th alternate version may have Rankyaku
              • this completes the 6 forms of Rokushik
              • 7th form Rokuogan -shockwave

              In this form Luffy will be able to manipulate any elastic medium such as air, water, or a solid substance,
              and create strong pressure waves /shock wave :cigar:
              this form will reduce the haki usage and provide Luffy with a long term fighting solution without taking 10 mins breaks like in G4 :cool:

              Hope u like it

              *Theory by D kar

                Here are the Biggest Unsolved Mysteries in One Piece

                #15-Who is “Joy Boy”?

                “Joy Boy” was a man from the surface world who played an important role in the history of Fishman Island. He was first mentioned on the Ryugu Poneglyph read by Nico Robin while at the Sea Forest

                #14-How powerful are the Gorosei?

                The Gorosei (literally meaning “Five Elder Stars”) are the heads of the World Government, and as such, they essentially rule the entire world. They are the five men who rule above the Marines, Cipher Pol, and the ones who made a pact with the Shichibukai. So far, none of their names have been revealed.

                #13-How did Blackbeard acquire multiple devil powers?

                #12-Who are Sanji’s parents and two older brothers of the Vinsmoke family?

                #11-How do Devil Fruits work? Where do they come from?

                #10-What is The Revolutionary Army’s goal?

                #9-Florian Triangle

                The Florian Triangle, (literally translated as Zone of Demonic Triangle) is a stretch of sea that one has to cross over when heading from Water 7 to Fishman Island. It is covered in a fog so thick that it blocks out all sunlight. According to Kokoro, many pirate and commercial ships mysteriously go missing every year and, sometimes, a ship will be found sailing without any people aboard. It has also been said that there are many haunted ships with dead bodies sailing across the sea

                #8-What’s Dragon’s Ability?

                He is the infamous Revolutionary leader who has been attempting to overthrow the World Government. He is the World Government’s greatest enemy and is the most dangerous and most wanted man in the world.

                #7-All Blue

                The All Blue is a mystical sea of legend, rumored to be the only place in the world where the North, South, East, and West seas meet. In this legendary ocean, it is said that there are fish from each of the four seas, and to have such a resource at one’s disposal is the ultimate dream of every chef. Sanji strives to find this ocean of dreams. It is said that All Blue is found in the Grand Line.

                #6-Who’s Luffy’s mom and is she alive?

                #5-Where and what is Uranus? Where are the parts of Pluton? What is Pluton? What do the Ancient Weapons look like and what do they do? What is the connection between the Ancient Weapons and the Void Century?

                #4-What Happened during the Void Century?

                The Void Century is a century-long gap in recorded and archaeological history, the study of which is forbidden by the World Government. These events occurred 800 to 900 years before the current storyline. It was hinted at during the Skypiea arc; the dates were seen in Robin’s flashback.

                #3-Voice of all Things

                The voice of all things is mysterious and still unspecified phenomenon in the world of One Piece. It was first mentioned by Silvers Rayleigh when he revealed that Gol D. Roger had the ability to hear it.

                #2-What does “The Will of D” means?

                In the series, a number of characters have the middle initial “D.”. This mysterious middle initial has been called the “Will of D” or “D’s will” by several characters in One Piece.

                #1-ONE PIECE

                One Piece is a legendary treasure said to be of unimaginable value.

                It is said that it was hidden somewhere deep in the Grand Line, presumably in the last island, Raftel, by its deceased owner, the Pirate King Gol D. Roger.

                So what is “One Piece”?

                What do you think about all these mysteries? Share your Thoughts!


                  Hello once again everyone and welcome to yet another theory for your entertainment. This time I shall be discussing the past of Crocodile who in my opinion, is the most difficult to goddamn track down!!!


                  Many OP characters are based off real people and Crocodile is no different. Crocodile, along with Nico Robin are based off these two:

                  John Travolta & Uma Thurman’s characters from Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction.

                  In the movie, Travolta(along with Samuel L.Jackson) played a hitman trying to retrieve a briefcase for his gangster boss.

                  The movie had a scene where two of the stars were being raped by men in gimp suits(a link to Iva and Croc? Hell no….)

                  The movie is also broken into narrative sequences. One of them is called “The Bonnie Situation.” In this narrative, Travolta and Jackson’s characters accidentally shot a hostage in the head. had to dispose of the body before the wife of one of their friends returned and her name was Bonnie.

                  A link between Crocodile and Jewelry Bonney?

                  One of the more famous scenes in Pulp Fiction was the dance between Travolta & Thurman.


                  Along with Travolta & Thurman smoking herion and cocaine in the movie, this could be a reference to Dance Powder that Croc & Robin used in Alabasta.


                  A prominent aspect of Croc’s personality is is inability to trust anyone.

                  Of course its safe to assume that he was betrayed in the past.

                  Another movie that I believe inspired Crocodile’s lack of trust is Quentin Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs.


                  The is about 6 men, their boss & underboss performing a diamond heist gone wrong. The six men’s codenames were:

                  Mr. White
                  Mr. Orange
                  Mr. Blue
                  Mr. Pink
                  Mr. Brown
                  Mr. Yellow

                  This is what inspired the “Mr. & Miss” codenames of Barouge Works.

                  In the movie, a diamond heist went wrong and the criminals suspected that someone among them was an informant giving info to the cops. This caused the once friendly criminals to panic and died off one by one. The climax came when the boss & underboss suspected Mr. Orange of being the informant but Mr. White defending him resulting in a standoff that ended with everyone but Mr. White dying.

                  Before he died, Mr. Orange revealed to Mr. White that he was the informant all along. Since Mr. White & Mr. Orange bonded at the beginning of the film. Mr. White was blinded by friendship and refused to believe the Mr. Orange was the rat.

                  Trust is what caused the group’s destruction and something similar happened to Crocodile.

                  The only person to survive the ordeal was Mr. Pink who made it off with the diamonds. This reminds me of a certain panel.

                  Doflamingo’s dialogue suggests that he tried to work with Crocodile in the past.

                  Crocodile said that if he was more reasonable, he wouldn’t be here. Why was Crocodile in Marineford? To kill WB and I’ll get more into this later.

                  CROCODILE AND GERMA 66

                  First of all, lets get Crocodile’s obvious mafia overtones out of the way.

                  Similar attire to Capone even down to the green in Impel Down/Marineford.


                  As kids, both have a bright colored shirt, dark pants and a gun.


                  Crocodile owned a casino which is typical for the mafia.

                  Majority of the mafia are American-Italian mobsters and Crocodile happens to be Italian as well.

                  Crocodile was born in West Blue as a member of Germa. Here, Croc learned proper manners, intelligence, cunning planning etc.. However, there was a problem….

                  The Vinsmokes can do and say whatever they want, whenever they want. In Chapter 825, Gotti, one of Capone’s men, wanted to shoot Sanji for being rude to Vito. Okami stopped him saying that if he so much as poke Sanji, the Vinsmokes will ice them all.

                  The Vinsmokes are treated as gods and it can make some people hostile like Crocodile, which could explain Croc’s arrogance and habit of looking down on others.

                  Also, Germa seems to like poison. Brooke’s crew murdered via poison arrows(think Yorki was a Vinsmoke). Crocodile seems to like poison as well.

                  CROCODILE AND IVANKOV

                  As a rookie, Crocodile wanted to become Pirate King.

                  (Off Topic but Daz Bones wanted to be a superhero. That is probably why he took up bounty hunting.)

                  Crocodile was known for his cunning nature even during his pirate days(which was from his early to mid 20s).

                  Croc was 22 years old when he became a pirate following Roger’s execution and while a rookie, meet Ivankov.

                  Here you can see Crocodile acting rather hostile towards Ivankov. Why? Croc was so nonchalant towards Luffy, the one who crushed his plans but why is bro so mad towards the Newkama King?

                  Because Ivankov knows a person that Crocodile cherishes: a woman that Iva turned into a man and is still alive today. The only person Croc ever loved and Iva screwed up everything. Crocodile wouldn’t want anyone to know who that person is…or was…


                  Crocodile obviously draws inspiration from Captain Hook. Hook had his hand cut off by Peter Pan and it was fed to a crocodile. After getting a taste of Hook, the crocodile pursues him relentlessly, but the ticking clock it has swallowed warns Hook of its presence.

                  Captain Hook was inspired by the tale of Captain Ahab and Moby Dick. Hook was also a subordinate of Blackbeard(probably a reference to BB replacing Crocodile as a shichibukai).

                  Crocodile held a grudge against WB but it doesn’t make any sense. At least not entirely….

                  As I said earlier, Crocodile was defeated by Luffy and his plans were completely crushed but he is so nonchalant about it. But when it comes to WB:

                  Taking his loss from the Worlds Strongest Man a bit too hard right? Well, it could be justified if alot more happened aside from the loss. It was this loss that changed Crocodile’s outlook on life forever.

                  After Crocodile became a Shichibukai in his mid twenties(25-27), who challenged WB and this is where Croc lost his hand and was betrayed by his allies.

                  The grudge…the humiliating defeat……him telling Luffy to forget about a troublesome friend…..Crocodile had a friend and it was that friend that led to his crushing defeat at the hands of WB.

                  Or you could say that Croc worked with Doffy in the past and Croc’s friend caused everything to go to shit.

                  Its very difficult to pinpoint what exactly happened, but I’m betting on Croc having a lover and/or a troublesome friend that turned on him and caused many of his short comings.



                  What did the WG do to Croc? Nothing.

                  Crocodile went to Marineford with the goal of MURDERING WB.

                  Crocodile was constantly telling people to stay out of his way and got made when Doffy helped him. It wasn’t until the WG tricked Squadro into attacking WB that Croc did this:

                  Croc wanted to deal with WB all by himself and the WG was getting in his way. What did he say after the WG killed Ace & WB?

                  CROCODILE AND PLUTON

                  Now for the biggest question…

                  How did Crocodile find out about the Pluton? Someone told him. Who?


                  Silvers Rayleigh. The first time Roger meet Rayleigh, Rayleigh was resting in a ship.

                  What is Rayleigh’s current occupation? A ship coater.

                  Rayleigh’s nickname is the “Dark King/Lord of the Underworld” and its the same nickname of the Greek God Hades. Hades is known for rarely leaving the underworld and it relates to how its rare to meet Rayleigh on Sabody despite him living there.

                  Also, Pluton is another name for Hades.

                  Remember Croc’s similarities to Pulp Fiction?


                  Shakki owns a bar and has a spider theme. Know who else owns a bar? Paulie aka Miss Doublefinger who runs the Spider Cafe and she worked for Crocodile.

                  As for Alabasta, Crocodile Utopia plan was only 4-5 years old and he likely overheard Cobra talking about the ancient records.

                  Croc assumed the ancient records was a poneglyph and that it lead to the Pluton so he sought out Nico Robin.

                  Crocodile fell for this girl and couldn’t let her go due to his trust. She betrayed Croc which led to his downfall. That is why Croc doesn’t trust anyone and argued with Luffy to let one of his friends go and to not to go so far for a friend.

                  I almost forgot about Senor Pink(or Mr Pink from Reservoir Dogs). Like Croc, he is 46 years old and fell for a woman. Pink isn’t a cross-dresser, but he does dresses like a baby. Toss in Pink’s mafia theme, we got ourselves a possible foreshadowing.

                  *Theory by Vandenreich

                    Like Father Like Son!