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    Since the beginning of Zou’s arc, i noticed that Zoro apparitions were really in small panels and that it’s 90% of the time after a discussion about Sanji or Jack.

    Zoro’s talking about Sanji’s strenght[​IMG]

    Zoro is the first one realizing that something’s wrong with Sanji.

    First introduction of Jack :
    I think you will agree with me that this panel could be taking out of this scan it wouldnt change anything right ? But still Oda places Zoro reaction the first time that we see Jack, a future ennemy to fight.

    Another of Zoro’s reaction after hearing how Jack can be strong.

    I think that Zoro and Sanji relation will have a huge development in the incoming arc and I’m sure that Zoro will be the one to defeat Jack

    I am convinced that the Straw Hat crew will separate after Zou’s arc. The SHs can’t put aside everything related to Kaido (Kinemon’s group have to go to Wano, Law alliance’s goal is to take down Kaido, Jack’s looking for Raizo and destroyed Mink’s country) just to go save Sanji right ? The same goes for the opposite. They can’t just leave Sanji on his own and to go all in Wano, specially after Oda declaration : “2016 will be Sanji’s year”. So my point was that the Shs will form two teams, one leaded by Luffy to rescue Sanji the other one leaded by Zoro aiming to Wano.



    In those two pages, Zoro speech clearly remember me the one he said in Water 7 about Usopp’s leaving the crew. This is why Zoro is a great first-mate because he realize the dangerousness of the situation and is not afraid to say the truth : if the straw hat go rescue Sanji, they will be in the sight of another Yonko so it would be safer to let Sanji on his own. I mean, here Zoro clearly say that Sanji is responsible of putting the crew in danger. And watch this :


    Chopper asks Robin what if they never get to see Sanji again. And then Zoro answering something like “so be it”. It’s not some joke or anything, Zoro is ready to let Sanji leaving the crew. So I’m pretty sure that when Sanji will be back in the crew, all those words won’t be for nothing. I’m expecting a huge explanation even maybe a fight between this two. But I’ll talk about it later. I just showed you that the theory I made 3 months from now, about Zoro and Sanji relationship still makes a lot of sense :).

    I talked just above how Zoro’s speech remembered me the one on Water 7 right ? But I noticed something really different though.


    You see here that after a small argument between Nami and Zoro about Usopp joining back or not the crew, at the end everybody finally agree (even Sanji) with Zoro point. Luffy end the discussion by “are we clear ?” to be sure if everyone is okay with this ?
    But this time Nami and Zoro (yea again;)) can’t find an agreement. It’s Luffy who has to stop everything and declare “let’s just go and ask Sanji himself”. It’s really different.
    After that they’ll stop the conversation here and go to see Pekoms. There, Luffy decides to go by himself rescue Sanji while Zoro is waiting outside the room.


    And this is why I think this page is really odd. I mean the simple way to do this, would be to put Zoro in the room from the beginning and just to make him say “I told you to leave that idiot alone” right ?
    So why Oda would take the time to show the interaction between Luffy and his first-mate like this ? It’s definetly to show that Zoro disagree with Luffy’s decision. So this time I’m definetly convinced that they’ll go separate way (temporarily of course) after Zou’s arc.

    Okay now that I’ve prepared everything. Here is how I see the future.
    I’ll say this right now. I’m sure that Luffy won’t go solo to Big Mom’s Tea Party. The main reason why Luffy wants to go alone is because he expects to “sneak” into the Tea Party. Considering Luffy it’s obvious it won’t work at all, so I’m sure some of the Straw Hats will go with him while the rest go to Wano.

    Team 1 :
    – Luffy : he said he wants to save Sanji
    – Nami : she’s the one who argued with Zoro and there are so many potential gag/emotional moments about Sanji’s wedding. Oh and she’s the one who got Lola vivre card.
    – Franky : Franky never leave the Sunny and Pekom doesn’t have a ship anymore (Bege left with it)
    – Usopp : no particular reason so far
    – Pekom + some Minks : we already saw Carrot interest in the Tea Party


    Plus the minks have good relationship with Pekom so I’m sure they’ll want to give a hand.

    Once Luffy & Co will join the Tea Party, who will be there ? I can easily say that there will be :
    – Big Mom and her crew
    – The Vinsmoke family + Germa 66
    – Capone Bege
    – Some of another famous pirate

    So here is how I see things. Luffy’s team will arrive during the wedding at the moment where the priest say :
    “If there be anyone here who knows not why this union should be made, let him speak now or forever hold his peace.” And here comes Luffy screaming “ME !!!!” lol I’m not sure about this part but it would be epic :rofl:! Anyway my point is Luffy will find a way to interrupt the wedding and to angry Big Mom. At this moment, Luffy’s group will find a way to apologize and to cancel the wedding. Probably something related to Lola who is one of Big Mom’s daughter, Pekom trying to defend them for saving the Mink tribe and maybe with Sanji’s cook. Finally Big Mom, will agree to cancel the wedding but the Vinsmoke family will opposite (remember that this is a political marriage) so the Vinsmoke family need it for some reason. And here is where Sanji will have to fight one of his brother who will be present at the wedding. It will end as a provocation to the whole family and specially a dishonor to his father (there is a theory about one of the Gorosei being Sanji’s father, it would mean that the World Government has deep connection in the underworld). So it will be another ennemy to face, but not in this arc.
    Pekom will also have to setlle things with Capone Bege. And here is the tricky part. Capone is a really intelligent character and I can’t think that he tryed to kill one of Big Mom’s first mate without thinking of a backing plan. I’m confident that he is working for the Vinsmoke family. Think about it, Capone is related to the mafia universe (we all know that) and the Vinsmoke family is a group of assassins. Why would Capone put down Pekom ? Because Pekom wanted to let Sanji escape and that Sanji is really important for the Vinsmoke. So Capone desperetly need Sanji at this wedding even if he has to kill one of Big Mom underling. So I’m sure that Capone will betray Big Mom in favor of the Vinsmoke
    Anyway once everything here settle down, they’ll leave the Tea Party to join Wano with more or less a neutral status with Big Mom.

    Okay now about the other group.
    Team 2 :
    – Zoro : he has to lead the other group and he has obviously a lot to do in Wano
    – Brook : as a swordman he also have a lot to do in Wano
    – Chopper : he is a Zoan so I guess he’ll have some development vs Kaido’s crew
    – Robin : Wano is a really old country so I guess there will be some historical
    – Law and his crew : he wants to take down Kaido and he wants to live Zou to not endanger the Minks.
    – Kinemon, Kanjurou and Momonosuke (+Raizo ?)
    – Nekomamushi : he clearly said that he will never forgive Jack so I think he will fight with him

    We will learn more about the true reason to go to Wano with Kinemon explanation but I think we can already say that the Wano kingdom is under the dictature of Kaido. There is a theory about Wano being an island composed by 5 or 6 villages, each one representative of one element (that’s why we have Shiliew of the Rain, Kinemon Foxfire, Thunder Lord McGuy) I like this idea actually. Indeed Zoro’s group will arrive at one of this village and will discover Wano’s story and culture. We’ll learn some new tricks about sword element and the first ennemy will arrive. Jack and his sbires will be the first threat and it will linked eitheir Raizo or Momonosuke. My bet is : Raizo will be captured and so Jack will kill him without the intervention of Zoro’s group, or maybe Jack will discover that Momonosuke is back in Wano). This fight will be on a new whole level, we will discover Jack true power and some information about the artificial Zoan as well. Brook, Chopper, Robin, Law’s crew and Kinemon will fight Jack’s underling. Zoro will fight Jack with the help of Nekomamushi, but Zoro will do 90% of the job I guess. I don’t really what role will have Law at this moment, but I made a whole theory about Zoro fighting Jack so I don’t think Law will help here. I’m sure he’ll take down another Calimity though. Once the fight is over, Zoro will totally be wrecked and will need some days to sleep and recover (as he always did after a huge fight). After that they’ll wait for Luffy’s group to join them and engage with the 2 others Calamity and Kaido. During that time maybe they’ll learn some new techniques. Once all the Straw Hats reunited, a clash between Zoro and Sanji will happen and I’m sure it will settle down with a huge fight from Sanji. I don’t know maybe Zoro and Sanji will have to tag alond during a fight or maybe Sanji will have to defeat an ennemy to save all the Straw Hat. Something really big that will win back Zoro’s respect.

    Wow that’s it guys. It was really much longer that I thought it would be. Well thanks for reading it guys, I’ve put a lot of work on this long final theory so feel free to share your thought on it.

    *Theory by Xdidzic

      Did you notice this?

      Did you notice this

        7 Things You Should Know About Caesar Clown

        Caesar seems to have the double theme of clown and king, as:

        • Caesar was the title for the Roman emperors, derived from the cognomen of Julius Caesar.
        • Clown can be romanized both as Clown and Crown.
        • He is the self-proclaimed King of Shinokuni (Land of Death).
        • In his Shinokuni form, he obtains a crown.


        Like Magellan, Caesar’s sinister face, wild hair and horns make him resemble a stereotypical image of a demon; particularly Baphomet, a pagan deity-turned-devil most commonly depicted as a humanoid goat.

        In his first appearances his coat did not show “GAS” written twice on the front as it does from Chapter 666 on.

        He is, so far, the only Devil Fruit user who seems to keep his Logia Devil Fruit active all the time (while not bound by Seastone), giving him his gaseous appearance.

        Him being captured by Law and Luffy mirrors what happened to the real-life Julius Caesar, as they both were held for ransom and the pirates’ negotiations did not go as planned.

        Caesar is the first antagonist to have his own signature soundtrack, called “Master’s Laughter” (Mの冷笑).

        In the 5th fan poll, Caesar ranked 37th.



          I would first like to state that there are a few things that make the StrawHat Grand Fleet different then most fleets we’ve seen so far

          1- They don’t stay together the entire time, each division of Luffy’s fleet travels the New World on their own adventures which will help them develop in different ways.

          2- They all joined Luffy not out of fear but out of respect

          3- A lot of the individual captains/commanders have their own goals/dreams, they might not be as big or important as the straw hats but they are dreams

          1 Cavendish wants to be a star and a great pirate known all over the world
          2 Bartholomeo wants to be of use to Luffy and help him and the crew in every way
          3 Sai wants to raise the happo navy to greatness
          4 Ideo wants to be a great fighter kinda like Ussop wants to be brave warrior
          5 Hajrudin wants to rebuild the giant pirate crew
          6 Leo and co want to help Ussop and Luffy as much as Bartolomeo
          7 Orlumbus seems to love adventure like Luffy

          Now their potential growth is the main point of this theory

          But first i want to bring up one of my theories on kings haki and haki in general. Now i believe the reason why we have not seen a Marine or any strong member of a Yonko’s crew with king haki is because they serve under someone, kings do not serve others. Also ranking systems are in almost every crew or organization in One Piece except the Straw Hats. In this way the Straw Hats are all on equal ground with Luffy, they do not shy from making their opinion known like in most crews, Luffy has been shown to take their advice when making important decisions like with Ussop on Water 7 and Sanji here on Zou.
          With this freedom i believe that the Straw Hats and fleet members are not limited in how strong their haki can be trained and developed. I believe that the fear to constantly please and obey Yonkos like Big Mom and Kadio limits the overall power of someones haki because haki is a form of willpower and fear weakens willpower. In saying that I do not believe Yonko crew members are weak just not as strong as there maximum potential. The Straw Hats and fleet do not serve Luffy like most fleets serve there captains, they assist Luffy in his quest to become pirate king, this change in mind set can cause many of the main fighters to develop new attacks and unlock higher levels of haki like with Ussop when unlocked his coO haki.

          Sai could improve his dragon drill tech adding the power to his staff gain kings haki like Chinjao.
          What if Hakuba is Cavendish’s personal haki demon like the Zoro has and he learned to control him?
          Barto could learn to crate more then one barrier and shape them into weapons animals or other shapes..
          Others could develop spiritual power up like Sanji’s fire, Brook’s ice, Fishman Karate and unknown tech

          Please let me know what you think below

          *Theory by alwaysrollinup


            There have been alot of good theories about Big Mom’s devil fruit being either related to Witch-Craft or Acid but i wanted to go a litle bit deeper and share my ideas.

            I agree with the idea that Big Mom’s power is witch-craft related but there are a couple of things i havent seen anyone talk about. I would like to start off with Big Mom’s ship.

            The singing head looks like a cookie in my opinion. And its something Oda has hinted at before. Take a look at this Panel from Fishman Island.

            Now if we talk about living cookies then ofcourse we have to link that to the Gingerbread man.

            This picture from Shrek was the best i could find.

            I believe Big Mom’s ability lets her turn Sweets, Cookies and Candies into living objects. This is similar to how Brook’s devil fruit works.

            His soul emits a powerful “substance”-like energy which allows him to live. I believe Big Mom can also emit a substance-like energy which is her drool.

            With this she can turn candies alive (if it enters the candy for example) which would explain her eating her crew (which were basicly candies or cookies). If we look at the panel where she eats them we have the crunching sounds (her eating cookies) and we see small parts falling down.

            This substance, lets say her magic drool for now, comes from her stomach, which could be a witch’s cauldron.

            Since Big Mom’s is most likely a paramecia this would fit in nicely.

            Now this magic drool can also function without entering something and i believe Oda drew it next to the three-eyed girl.

            (just a small note on the side: If the three-eyed girl is pudding it might be she is a adopted daughter and gets married against her will. It would be something a evil witch would do in my opinion, kidnapping kids, forcefully adopt them and them marry them off to increase her own influence. Which would basicly make pudding a hostage and Sanji the prince on white horse which goes to save her but thats a different topic).

            Now if we take it the Blob thing (Magic Drool) is Big Mom’s power then we could also bring Ceasar into the mix. As we know Ceasar was asked to do research for Big Mom but he blew the funds somewhere else.

            On Punk Hazard he had multiple things going on. First the SAD which is used to make Smiley Devil Fruits. Secondly the kids who he tried to turn into giants. And at last he had the gas weapon. Now the Sad was for Doflamingo, which later went to Kaido. The kids were basicly a old research project from Vegapunk for the World Government, which Ceasar made his own to proof he was better. And we know Jack bought his gas weapon in the past. Now Ceasar said he blew the funds somewhere else which means he didnt do the research Big Mom asked him to do. So what did she want him to research? I believe Big Mom was interested in the old version of the gas weapon. Ceasar used this version to destroy Punk Hazard four years ago.

            Smiley was also made out of Blobs (really dont have a better word for it sorry).

            Now what if Big Mom wanted Ceasar to give her power extra functions like for example the exploding when in contact with fire. We know Big Mom’s crew watched the experiment.

            And when Ceasar was defeated they called Big Mom. But it could also have been because they figured he had not worked on her research orders but instead improved the weapon to turn into gas. This would explain them coming after Ceasar in Dressrosa.

            These are just my thoughts on how Big Mom’s fruit might work. There are alot of things that can be linked to witch-craft but if Big Mom is a paramecia then it should still have something to do with her body. Her being able to food into living things might explain also why she wants candy so much. She can turn them into her own litle army just how Kaido is making a Zoan army. We know Blackbeard is out there hunting devil fruits and to make up the balance i believe Shanks is recruiting powerful Haki users like for example Rocksta who we saw with Whitebeard.

            Hope you enjoyed the read!

            *Theory by FrankyG

              8 Things You Should Know About Monkey D. Garp


              In the anime, Garp said he has eaten 842 donuts without sleeping or taking a break because he was trying to beat a world record.

              Aside from Luffy himself, Garp is the only Romance Dawn V.2 character to actually appear in the storyline.

              Garp’s laughter style is that he adds either “Bwa” or “Wa” before the haha part. This is somewhat unique as most characters only stick with one laughter style (the other being Dracule Mihawk).

              Garp appears to have a dog animal-theme, as shown by his mask and his ship.

              In an SBS question on Volume 59, a fan pointed out the fact that despite Garp’s few appearances, his trademark scar has disappeared 25 times if counted up to Volume 58. In response to the statement above, Oda responded by saying that “if an enemy he hates is around, his scar tingles, and it will float up”. He speaks of how Garp’s “true form” may be the scar-less one, but he also points out that this is not proved anywhere. This is obviously a joke answer, as Oda is fond of them.

              As a kid, Garp had a very similar appearance to Luffy and Ace, despite not being blood-related to the latter.

              Due to his grudge against him, Chinjao wants Garp to suffer the pain of losing someone close to him. Ironically, Garp already underwent that pain upon losing Ace.

              In the 5th fan poll, Garp ranked 74th.

                The possibility of Nami being Luffy’s future wife?

                Wait what Nami’s Luffy Wife in the Future?? How about BOA?? How about Margaret?? How about Rebecca??

                I know there’s a lot of pairing come in our minds.. and also we have this dream pairing for Luffy.. Because honestly my Dream Pair for Luffy is Boa :hearteyes:

                Let’s examine everything on a logical way

                Think of it the late Pirate King Gol D. Roger has a wife and son Portgas D. Rouge (wife) and Portgas D. Ace (son). This is not just a random things that Oda would happen to do so.. It can be foreshadowing Luffy in the Future having a Wife and a Son who will carry his bloodline.. We know that Luffy lack intelligence but he is indeed wise in someway without noticing it.. The reason he kept rejecting Boa’s Hancock wedding proposal is not just by a whim and his stupidity it has something to do with it, like why his not attracted and also to other women he met before but he considered them all as a friend..

                Here things will become more interesting.. Nami hate Pirates at the beginning of the Series and yet Luffy managed to take Nami along as Navigator.. I know you think this way “because Nami is partnered with Luffy and Nami is using Luffy along the way” it is somehow true but the thing I’m trying to point out if you are in the position of Nami who really despised Pirate and also a Pirate Shot Dead your Mother would you be friends with them ?? Would you be partnered with them ?? I guess the answer is No.. But on that episode where Luffy is locked down on a cage and a Buggy Cannon will shoot Luffy, Nami didn’t think twice and stopped the ignition with her bare hands.. Though Nami claimed that if she didn’t stopped the cannon she’s no difference with a Pirate.. But I see of it as a sign of Nami’s Changed Heart [:3] and also the reason why Nami left Luffy with the Going Merry along her on Baratie because she doesn’t want them to be involved in his problems.. LikeRobin she doesn’t want his considered as Friends/Nakama to be hurt or to be in trouble.. Just like I said we’re going to think logically so let’s not just get carried away by what Oda wants us to think of.. I am studying detective though It’s baseless to assumed that this random theory is accurate or would happen.. Ok back to the read, on Arlongs Park Arc where Luffy is going to rescue Nami he lends his precious treasure theStrawhat.. and after beating Arlong, Nami made a decision to go on journey with them having a dream “to Draw a Map of the World”and noting that Nami also claimed that wherever Luffy wants to go she’ll take him there..

                Sorry for this please bear with me a little longer.. and here some example clips though it is not mine but I am constructing some more accurate clip and I’ll just replaced it afterwards..

                The reason why I show those clips is because, Luffy is somewhat happened not just only saved Nami once after Arlongs Park it happens to some of the episodes and movies along the way.. Nami always got involved of been taken away by the enemies not because she is weak, she is indeed beautiful and also she has this superb navigation skills.. In One Piece Movie 2 the Clockwork Island Adventure where Nami was taken away by the Trumph Siblings Pirate Crew and Bear King wants Nami as his wife :rage: where also Luffy lend his hat again to Namiwhose wearing a Bride Outfit :eek: is this a foreshadowing too ?? who knows.. where talking on Oda anyway his very good at foreshadowing and making people minds blow.. Moving forward it only not happen once, twice it happens many times.. So I won’t state it here because I am guessing you can picture out what I’m trying to imply right..

                And I happen to see this..

                (Oda’s wife)

                [​IMG] [​IMG]

                We all know Oda based a lot of things in real life events.. And Nami’s character creation is not just also happen to be random.. And I happen to read also a theory about Nami’s Bloodline is an Angel isn’t it fitting for a King of Pirates having a wife an Angel.. If this is so to happen he can even surpass the Late Pirate King Gol D. Roger.. And Luffy’s reaction everytime Nami’s in trouble, there chemistry shows that Namiis a fitting wife for Luffy the Pirate King.. And also if that’s so to happen when Luffy has this titled Pirate King and sailing free in the Ocean isn’t it for a wife’s obligation to be with him [:3] Nami said that wherever Luffy wants to go I’ll take him there :hearteyes: :hearteyes: :hearteyes:

                THANK YOU FOR READING

                *Theory by Gol D. Jason


                  This theory will explain to us everything about the Will of D  and hopefully tell us what the ONE PIECE is!

                  Eiircho Oda was inspired from this Tribe Called “Tuatha Dé Danann” that existed in real life and in Irish mythology .

                  I will Point out the MIND BLOWING similarities between this tribe and the current events in One Piece.

                  So let’s first state that this tribe is called “Tuatha Dé Danann”.

                  The first part “Tuatha Dé”

                  Tuatha means “tribe of the” .. and Dé is the name of the tribe!
                  Translates to “Tribe of the Dé”

                  The second part “Dannan” means “those” it was an extra part made by the monks of Ireland because Irish monks began using to the term “Tuatha De” to refer to Israelites.

                  So they called it “Tuatha de Dannan” to refer to this Ancient Tribe.

                  So I’m going to show you the legends of this tribe as how it’s so similar to One Piece.

                  In the Irish mythology, this Tribe was the one of the first advanced tribes to settle on earth, they were explained as gods or fallen angels who were neither good nor evil, they were also known for having super natural powers, and they came to settle on the earth.

                  Already so far we have Two similarties!

                  1- Fallen angels or gods who are not from earth?

                  Doesn’t this seem like the sky island people of birka who had advanced technology and came to earth to settle down?

                  2- Super natural powers? Does this resemble devil fruits in One Piece?


                  Look at this picture, this was the tribe’s symbol.
                  Doesn’t it look so similar to the ones on the devil fruits?!

                  This Tribe Dé had a lot of rivals one of them was the Fomorians.
                  Take a look at how they looked like.

                  This one resembles a One Piece Fishman!

                  The second thing in the picture i notice a dog-human thing.
                  I believe it’s the Minkmen tribe.
                  The white horse in the back … is Doc Q from Blackbeard’s crew! The resemblance is so similar!

                  The Tribe of Dé Ruled the world and they shared with the other tribes who existed on earth their advanced technology.

                  Hmmm , do you remember the Ancient Kingdom of Raftel , it was also said it was an advanced kingdom.

                  But why did the kingdom of Raftel disappear? Well, let’s continue with this story.

                  And what’s surprising about this tribe is everything about their history is written down , from the name of their scientists and rulers …. Until at one point of time , nothing at all is mentioned. And their kingdom is erased from history as if they no longer exists.

                  There are many legends and myths about how this Kingdom suddenly vanished, however there is no evidence on how it suddenly vanished.

                  Some historians said that this tribe vanished because an Army from the Spanish government attacked Ireland and attacked this tribe , and after that they did everything to try to Destroy their kingdom and erase their history.

                  This is the same thing that the World Government did, and its still doing it to everyone who tries to learn the ancient language of the Ponyglyphs and they get erased from history.

                  The tribe, Tuatha De Danann had Four Legendary treasures. Which can ONLY be used if you are a descendant of the tribe De , or carry their blood.

                  So here are the four treasures.

                  The first one is “the Spear of Lugh” which is a very destructive Spear with very high accuracy, that can hit the target no matter how far it is.

                  Sounds like something Ussop would use , and that will complete his dream of becoming the brave warrior of the sea.

                  The Second treasure is “the Dagda’s Cauldron” which is a golden Bowl that never runs out of material or food.

                  I believe Sanji is the perfect one to use this since he is the straw hat’s cook.

                  The Third treasure is “The Sword Of Light of Nuada”.

                  This is known as the greatest sword in the world.

                  And what’s amazing, lets look at Mihawk’s sword its called Yoru , which means sword of the night.
                  And this completes Zoro’s dream of being the greatest swordsman in the world.

                  The last treasure is “The Stone of Fal”

                  This is what I believe the One Piece is.

                  This stone is a magical stone that Selects the next King of the Tribe of the De.
                  The way it selects the king is by talking to him , and only the King of the De can hear the stone.

                  Does this remind you of how Gol D Roger could hear the voice of all things , and it even said by Silver Rayleigh that they didn’t have the tools or knowledge Ohara did. However Roger could talk to these stones. Which are the Ponyglyphs.

                  And once Luffy talks to that last stone which is known as the One Piece he will gain the status of the King and the knowledge the stone holds.

                  Do you remember the first intro of One Piece?

                  Wealth… Fame… power…

                  The golden cauldron resembles Wealth.
                  The spear and the sword resembles Power.
                  The Stone resembles Fame.

                  *Theory by Pirate king buggy

                    Donquixote Family members in their childhood age

                    R: I have a request for you, Odacchi. PLease draw the Donquixote family members in their childhood age!

                    Oda: Yes, it’s fine. But I won’t draw the characters who already appeared in their childhood age.