Since the beginning of Zou’s arc, i noticed that Zoro apparitions were really in small panels and that it’s 90% of the time after a discussion about Sanji or Jack.

Zoro’s talking about Sanji’s strenght[​IMG]

Zoro is the first one realizing that something’s wrong with Sanji.

First introduction of Jack :
I think you will agree with me that this panel could be taking out of this scan it wouldnt change anything right ? But still Oda places Zoro reaction the first time that we see Jack, a future ennemy to fight.

Another of Zoro’s reaction after hearing how Jack can be strong.

I think that Zoro and Sanji relation will have a huge development in the incoming arc and I’m sure that Zoro will be the one to defeat Jack

I am convinced that the Straw Hat crew will separate after Zou’s arc. The SHs can’t put aside everything related to Kaido (Kinemon’s group have to go to Wano, Law alliance’s goal is to take down Kaido, Jack’s looking for Raizo and destroyed Mink’s country) just to go save Sanji right ? The same goes for the opposite. They can’t just leave Sanji on his own and to go all in Wano, specially after Oda declaration : “2016 will be Sanji’s year”. So my point was that the Shs will form two teams, one leaded by Luffy to rescue Sanji the other one leaded by Zoro aiming to Wano.



In those two pages, Zoro speech clearly remember me the one he said in Water 7 about Usopp’s leaving the crew. This is why Zoro is a great first-mate because he realize the dangerousness of the situation and is not afraid to say the truth : if the straw hat go rescue Sanji, they will be in the sight of another Yonko so it would be safer to let Sanji on his own. I mean, here Zoro clearly say that Sanji is responsible of putting the crew in danger. And watch this :


Chopper asks Robin what if they never get to see Sanji again. And then Zoro answering something like “so be it”. It’s not some joke or anything, Zoro is ready to let Sanji leaving the crew. So I’m pretty sure that when Sanji will be back in the crew, all those words won’t be for nothing. I’m expecting a huge explanation even maybe a fight between this two. But I’ll talk about it later. I just showed you that the theory I made 3 months from now, about Zoro and Sanji relationship still makes a lot of sense :).

I talked just above how Zoro’s speech remembered me the one on Water 7 right ? But I noticed something really different though.


You see here that after a small argument between Nami and Zoro about Usopp joining back or not the crew, at the end everybody finally agree (even Sanji) with Zoro point. Luffy end the discussion by “are we clear ?” to be sure if everyone is okay with this ?
But this time Nami and Zoro (yea again;)) can’t find an agreement. It’s Luffy who has to stop everything and declare “let’s just go and ask Sanji himself”. It’s really different.
After that they’ll stop the conversation here and go to see Pekoms. There, Luffy decides to go by himself rescue Sanji while Zoro is waiting outside the room.


And this is why I think this page is really odd. I mean the simple way to do this, would be to put Zoro in the room from the beginning and just to make him say “I told you to leave that idiot alone” right ?
So why Oda would take the time to show the interaction between Luffy and his first-mate like this ? It’s definetly to show that Zoro disagree with Luffy’s decision. So this time I’m definetly convinced that they’ll go separate way (temporarily of course) after Zou’s arc.

Okay now that I’ve prepared everything. Here is how I see the future.
I’ll say this right now. I’m sure that Luffy won’t go solo to Big Mom’s Tea Party. The main reason why Luffy wants to go alone is because he expects to “sneak” into the Tea Party. Considering Luffy it’s obvious it won’t work at all, so I’m sure some of the Straw Hats will go with him while the rest go to Wano.

Team 1 :
– Luffy : he said he wants to save Sanji
– Nami : she’s the one who argued with Zoro and there are so many potential gag/emotional moments about Sanji’s wedding. Oh and she’s the one who got Lola vivre card.
– Franky : Franky never leave the Sunny and Pekom doesn’t have a ship anymore (Bege left with it)
– Usopp : no particular reason so far
– Pekom + some Minks : we already saw Carrot interest in the Tea Party


Plus the minks have good relationship with Pekom so I’m sure they’ll want to give a hand.

Once Luffy & Co will join the Tea Party, who will be there ? I can easily say that there will be :
– Big Mom and her crew
– The Vinsmoke family + Germa 66
– Capone Bege
– Some of another famous pirate

So here is how I see things. Luffy’s team will arrive during the wedding at the moment where the priest say :
“If there be anyone here who knows not why this union should be made, let him speak now or forever hold his peace.” And here comes Luffy screaming “ME !!!!” lol I’m not sure about this part but it would be epic :rofl:! Anyway my point is Luffy will find a way to interrupt the wedding and to angry Big Mom. At this moment, Luffy’s group will find a way to apologize and to cancel the wedding. Probably something related to Lola who is one of Big Mom’s daughter, Pekom trying to defend them for saving the Mink tribe and maybe with Sanji’s cook. Finally Big Mom, will agree to cancel the wedding but the Vinsmoke family will opposite (remember that this is a political marriage) so the Vinsmoke family need it for some reason. And here is where Sanji will have to fight one of his brother who will be present at the wedding. It will end as a provocation to the whole family and specially a dishonor to his father (there is a theory about one of the Gorosei being Sanji’s father, it would mean that the World Government has deep connection in the underworld). So it will be another ennemy to face, but not in this arc.
Pekom will also have to setlle things with Capone Bege. And here is the tricky part. Capone is a really intelligent character and I can’t think that he tryed to kill one of Big Mom’s first mate without thinking of a backing plan. I’m confident that he is working for the Vinsmoke family. Think about it, Capone is related to the mafia universe (we all know that) and the Vinsmoke family is a group of assassins. Why would Capone put down Pekom ? Because Pekom wanted to let Sanji escape and that Sanji is really important for the Vinsmoke. So Capone desperetly need Sanji at this wedding even if he has to kill one of Big Mom underling. So I’m sure that Capone will betray Big Mom in favor of the Vinsmoke
Anyway once everything here settle down, they’ll leave the Tea Party to join Wano with more or less a neutral status with Big Mom.

Okay now about the other group.
Team 2 :
– Zoro : he has to lead the other group and he has obviously a lot to do in Wano
– Brook : as a swordman he also have a lot to do in Wano
– Chopper : he is a Zoan so I guess he’ll have some development vs Kaido’s crew
– Robin : Wano is a really old country so I guess there will be some historical
– Law and his crew : he wants to take down Kaido and he wants to live Zou to not endanger the Minks.
– Kinemon, Kanjurou and Momonosuke (+Raizo ?)
– Nekomamushi : he clearly said that he will never forgive Jack so I think he will fight with him

We will learn more about the true reason to go to Wano with Kinemon explanation but I think we can already say that the Wano kingdom is under the dictature of Kaido. There is a theory about Wano being an island composed by 5 or 6 villages, each one representative of one element (that’s why we have Shiliew of the Rain, Kinemon Foxfire, Thunder Lord McGuy) I like this idea actually. Indeed Zoro’s group will arrive at one of this village and will discover Wano’s story and culture. We’ll learn some new tricks about sword element and the first ennemy will arrive. Jack and his sbires will be the first threat and it will linked eitheir Raizo or Momonosuke. My bet is : Raizo will be captured and so Jack will kill him without the intervention of Zoro’s group, or maybe Jack will discover that Momonosuke is back in Wano). This fight will be on a new whole level, we will discover Jack true power and some information about the artificial Zoan as well. Brook, Chopper, Robin, Law’s crew and Kinemon will fight Jack’s underling. Zoro will fight Jack with the help of Nekomamushi, but Zoro will do 90% of the job I guess. I don’t really what role will have Law at this moment, but I made a whole theory about Zoro fighting Jack so I don’t think Law will help here. I’m sure he’ll take down another Calimity though. Once the fight is over, Zoro will totally be wrecked and will need some days to sleep and recover (as he always did after a huge fight). After that they’ll wait for Luffy’s group to join them and engage with the 2 others Calamity and Kaido. During that time maybe they’ll learn some new techniques. Once all the Straw Hats reunited, a clash between Zoro and Sanji will happen and I’m sure it will settle down with a huge fight from Sanji. I don’t know maybe Zoro and Sanji will have to tag alond during a fight or maybe Sanji will have to defeat an ennemy to save all the Straw Hat. Something really big that will win back Zoro’s respect.

Wow that’s it guys. It was really much longer that I thought it would be. Well thanks for reading it guys, I’ve put a lot of work on this long final theory so feel free to share your thought on it.

*Theory by Xdidzic

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