Let’s start with Shirahoshi probably travelling along to the Reverie.

As soon as I read this in the latest chapter I thought it was a big mistake. Shirahoshi is the ancient weapon Poseidon because she can communicate with Seakings. This ability however is useless on land where there are no Seakings to control. This also affects the fighting power of the Fishman army which will travel together with the royal family to the Reverie (since Fishman loose their advantage on land).

The WG as of yet has no reason to capture Shirahoshi because they don’t know she is the ancient weapon Poseidon. This however might change because of the involvement of Kano country, the country of flowers.

Its likely that Kano country, just like Wano country, has a connection to Kaido.

This is because Sai, his brother and Chinjao all have numbers on their body. This is similar to Scotch who also was working for Kaido.

And if were talking about Scotch we also have to talk about Drake and Caribou.

Caribou was fighting Scotch and was later captured by Drake (who is also working for Kaido).

And Caribou learned about Shirahoshi being the ancient weapon Poseidon.

That brings me to my conclusion: The possibility exists that Kano Country will reveal the fact that Shirahoshi is the Ancient Weapon Poseidon at the Reverie resulting in the capture of Shirahoshi.

Do you think this could happen or would Kaido try to capture her himself?

*Theory by FrankyG

A BIG MISTAKE? caribou kano country princess vivi scotch SHIRAHOSHI TO THE REVERIE shiraoshi poseidon ancient weapon

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