Lucci was one of the best opponents!

Lucci vs Luffy was one of the most epic fights in One Piece. There was a lot of emotion behind this fight in regards to Robin and her rescue. There was also the fact that Lucci had already been shown as completely and utterly dominant. But it was also the first in-depth look into Gear Second and the introduction to Gear Third which are awesome techniques. The venue of the fight changed places, as well did the actual form of Lucci. It felt like there were separate fights all rolled into one. Usopp screaming at Luffy was powerful and the final move where Luffy staggers and finally unleashes Jet Gatling is just breath taking. Really just an amazing fight!


Lucci vs Luffy was one of the most epic fights in One Piece Lucci was one of the best opponents

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  1. Dr_Nikiforos

    This fight is the most emotional of all imo. I would like to see more like this before blackbeard vs luffy fight.

  2. Shinjojin

    I definitely agree with you there! I find it to be the best fights in the entire series so far! I love it so much that I even go as far as it being one of the best fights in history of anime/manga not only because of how action packed it was, but also because of all the tension behind it and how emotional it was, which both made the fight all the more dynamic.


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