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Zephyr Evolution


    Usopp’s garden

    SBS Volume 68 Usopp Pop Greens

    D: Oioioioioioi, good day to you. Usopp’s got those “pop greens” and all, but what would he do if they ever ran out? P.N. Girls with short hair are the best ♡


    O: Right. I’ve been getting this question a lot, for a while now. I thought about showing the answer in the actual comics, but I haven’t had that sort of chance. There’s actually a scene concerning this in the screenplay of the movie, “Film Z”, which comes out in December. Everyone was worried because what he shoots are seeds, right? But it’s alright. At the back of Sunny-Go, Usopp made a flower bed called “Usopp’s Garden” where he mass produces pop greens. There’s a scene in the movie where he’s spraying insecticide, so those of you who see it can confirm. I’d like to include something about it in the comic as well.