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        Smoker will become an Admiral

        Many people view Smoker a ‘Garp’ figure and the one who will hunt Luffy just like Garp was hunting Roger, but many see Coby as the same. There are many varying opinions. But, I believe thet Smoker is more of a Garp figure than Coby, since Coby is still just learning and is nowhere near Luffy’s strength. But he may become like Garp in the future.

        Therefore, I believe that Smoker will be an Admiral in the future and that his nickname would be “White Dragon” similar to the one he has now, “White Hunter”. But why White Dragon or Shiroryuu?


        Admirals and their designs are formed of two lines of Mythology: the Japanese story of Momotaro and Chinese Mythology. Amazingly, both stories contain the same animals. In Momotaro, the protagonist comes across a Pheasant (Aokiji), Dog (Akainu) and Monkey (Kizaru) in the exact same order as the Admirals’ introduction. Furthermore, he also comes across a Tiger (Fujitora), a Bull (Ryokugyu) and a Crab (Orenjikani – Coby perhaps?), also in the exact same order the Admirals will be introduced. The only one we seem to be missing is Shiroryuu, or rather, The White Dragon.


        The Chinese believed that China was the center of the earth and was surrounded by four seas. Each with their own guardian spirit. The Yellow Monkey, Red Dog, White Dragon and Blue Pheasant.

        Coincidentally, all three Admirals hailed from different seas. Now, the Chinese believed that the North Sea was home of the Yellow Monkey, the West sea was home of the Red Dog, the South sea was home of the Blue Pheasant and the East sea was home of the White Dragon (Smoker comes from the East Blue).

        It’s not a coincidence that each Admiral, with their attributes based upon their given colors hails from the sea which most accurately reflects their moral code and the style of justice they follow. Akainu follows absolute justice, as reflected in his red colour. He is a relentless beast, kinda like a vicious dog. Aokiji follows lazy/selective justice, again this is seen in his blue color, acting like a pheasant. Kizaru follows complacent and selfish justice. He does things according to his own interests, like a monkey. Fujitora follows blind justice, as seen in his color and blindness. He acts on instinct like a tiger.

        Smoker on the other hand follows pure justice. White is seen as the shade/color of absolutism and purity. The White Dragon he represents was also considered a symbolism of purity. He acts based on what he sees is right, even when Luffy – his bitter enemy, was discredited for defeating Crocodile, he thought it morally wrong and objected to promotion. He allowed the Strawhats to escape when Luffy saved him, again, this is an act of pure just.

        I’m sure this is no surprise to you now, but the original Admirals had their colours and Devil Fruits inextricably related. As the Hie Hie no Mi (Ice) was blue, the Magu Magu no Mi (Magma) was Red and the Pika Pika no Mi (Light) was Yellow. It’s also important to note that these three were all Logias, whereas the Admirals not hailing from these four seas probably won’t be, given most Ryokugyu theories result in Paramecia or Zoans and Fujitora is a confirmed Paramecia. The one from the last remaining sea, Smoker, is also a Logia with the Moku Moku no Mi being White. This is just one more pattern that Smoker fits into perfectly.


        As a further note, the Moku Moku no Mi has endless potential which Smoker is not using to the fullest extent. Given that awakening has now come to the forefronts of many One Piece discussions and has become a prominent topic. It’s raised the issue of new Awakenings. Smokers awakening will likely make the fruit as overpowered as the other Logias.

        • Smoke can form from any temperature from zero Kelvin to the highest temperatures ever recorded. Smoke can always be made in reactions. Perhaps Smoker will learn to control the temperature of his smoke to either freeze, freeze burn or burn opponents
        • Smoke can also be made poisonous. Smoker’s encounters with Caesar could be alluding to Smoker later being able to produce poisonous smoke that can choke or consume opponents

        Clearly, Smoker has a lot of untapped potential which can later be accessed to bring him up to the Admiral level. Smoker fits a lot of patterns within the Admirals so far, whereas no other characters even come close.

        Also, every time he is involved in something with the Strawhats, he ends up getting all the credit for it, just like with the Alabasta arc and Punk Hazard arc.

        *All rights go to the maker of this theory

          Pirate, Fishman, Marine or Revolutionary?


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                Hello once again everyone and welcome back to yet another theory for your entertainment. This time I shall be discussing pretty much everything about the Ancient Kingdom and the D clan.

                Geological Location.

                Oda said that in the real world, Luffy would be Brazilian. Its safe to assume that Garp and Dragon are Brazilian as well and since Roger is so similar to Luffy, he is Brazilian also. I think its safe to say that East Blue represents Brazil.

                East Blue is based off South America
                . In fact, the Ancient Kingdom itself is based off a kingdom in South America. Before that however…..


                Obviously its a map of the world and South America is in the western hemisphere, but guess what? For Japan, they use the pacific world map.


                This places South America in the East.

                Also, did any of you know that the Americas(North and South America) was referred to as the ‘New World‘ by the Europeans(Europe, Africa and Asia was known as the old world)?


                And finally, lets uses a OP world map and compare it to the pacific world map.


                Everything seems to align right?
                -Europe, Asia and Africa is more so the “New World” of One Piece.
                -The New World of OP lines up with the western hemisphere where the New World is located in real life.
                -North Blue usually have people who are wealthy and European and it just so happens to line up with Europe.

                Wait…….East Blue lines up with North America and not South America….
                Well that is true but it doesn’t make much of a difference since its called the Americas….ok that is pretty vague but there is more to it and I’ll get to it later so lets return our focus to the maps.

                For the OP map, you see where Raftel is located?


                Overlap it with the pacific world map, Raftel would be located somewhere near Indonesia. This is a huge coincidence because there was a kingdom in Indonesia called Jayabaya, which had a prosperous king named ‘Joyoboyo’.


                Remember Joy Boy? The name is obvious but Joyoboyo was known as a just and prosperous ruler who not only was believed to the reincarnation of the Hindu god Vishnu, but sought to restore justice, social order and harmony to the world.

                Its too big to be a coincidence…..the Ancient Kingdom draws alot of inspiration from Jayabaya and its in the New World and at the very least, near Raftel.

                Also, Jayabaya was a Hindu kingdom and the Ancient weapons has alot of similarities to Hindu gods.

                The Ancient Kingdom is pretty much located in the center of the world.


                Now then, South America was called the ‘New World’ and was speculated to have lots of mythical creatures and civilizations. The Spanish Inquisition(Marijoies) of South America(Ancient Kingdom) was the central point of the Age of Discovery. Cities of gold, to giants, to valleys of cinnamon and to the Andes mines filled with Gold, Sliver and Copper.

                The Ancient Kingdom draws inspiration from the Inca Empire in South America

                The Symbol of the Inca Empire.


                The symbol of the sun?

                The Flag of the Sun Pirates(Fisher Tiger and Jinbe) who sought equality.

                The Inca Empire was also a kingdom of natives.

                Monkey D. Dragon strongly resembles a native with his tattoo and widow’s peak.

                Bartholomew Kuma draws reference from Ninomiya Sontoku and Bishop Bartholome de las Casas, the latter being known as the “Defender of the Indians“.


                You could say that Monkey D. Dragon is the new Sapa Inca trying to get back his land.

                The king of the Inca Empire, the Sapa Inca, was killed by Fransisco Pizarro, a Spanish Conquistador. Pizarro?

                The Pizarro family(the Europeans in general) lead many expeditions throughout South America in search of wealth and conquering Peru, that was in the hands of the Inca Empire. Hold it…aren’t the BB pirates on their way to Baltigo? Coincidence?



                Now that we have the AK location established, I think its time to say that the ‘D’ clan are NOT blood related…..well mostly at least…..

                Its called the Ancient KINGDOM. A kingdom is usually a gathering of different families and societies to make up one huge nation. The Ancient Kingdom are like the SH pirates; one big, happy family without blood relation. Anyone who joins the kingdom is a beloved nakama and inherited the name ‘D’ as proof. Luffy and Law may both be ‘Ds’, but they probably share no blood relation whatsoever.

                However, this kept bothering me.


                The Tenryubitto know about ‘D’ so its not like that middle initial is some sort of secret codename. Even more strange…..WHY HASN’T THE TENRYUBITTO INITIATE SOME KIND OF ‘D’ GENOCIDE!!!?? GO FRIEZA ON THEM!!

                If ‘D’ is that dangerous, why aren’t they taking any special precautions against them in today’s age?

                “That name has become too exposed…”

                “I’m not supposed to tell anyone my full name….”

                It seems that for centuries, the name ‘D’ has been under the radar. When the AK were defeated by the 20 Kingdoms, they were wiped out to near extinction and the survivors scattered throughout the world. Its pretty safe to assume that for at least a while after the war, those with ‘D’ in their name were captured and/or slaughtered so survivors kept their whole names hidden while others discarded the name all together for safety.

                So….either a member ‘D’ stops talking about the name or discard the name all together and eventually, the meaning of ‘D’ would be lost in history. The Tenryubitto and the WG could not go on a killing spree because if they did, the people would grow suspicious and would try to learn the meaning of ‘D’, putting the their rule in grave danger. It is best to keep the name as hidden and low key as possible.

                Eventually, someone who bore the name ‘D’ would prove to be almost unstoppable and pose a huge threat to the rule of the Tenryubitto:

                And the reason Gol D. Roger became such a threat is because of this:

                The Voice of All Thing is a form of haki that allows the user to understand every living creature. The meaning of ‘D’ may be unknown now but the answers lie in the Poneglyphs and in the creatures that existed during the Void Century.

                The first user of this ability was Joyboy using the Ancient Weapon Uranus. Not only that, it is because of Uranus that haki and DFs exist. Don’t you find it strange that haki can be embedded over DFs and a form of haki(CoA) can counter logias? Some DFs can counter haki like Absalom’s Clear Clear Fruit(The Kidd Alliance nor Doflamingo noticed Absa while he using his fruit.)

                Those with the Conqueror’s Haki has a lineage that traces back to a family in the Ancient Kingdom, but only a DIRECT descendant of Joyboy can hear the voice of all things.

                Since Luffy can hear the voice of all things, shouldn’t one of his parents have it too?

                Either Dragon or his wife could/can hear the Voice of All Things as well.

                *Theory by Vandenreich

                  MEANING OF THE “D”/IT’S NOT THE DEVIL

                  We all have been reading so much theories surrounding the letter D in names of important characters in OP. And mostly they say it stands for DEVIL, the ones who oppose Gods or should we say now Royalties. What i think is a bit different. The letter D stand for Death. The reason behind this is that so far we’ve got to know 9 different characters who have letter D the in their names.
                  You can see in the picture that i uploaded, 4 of 9 characters are already dead. So my theory is that the D or should i say curse brings violent death to them or to people whom they love if they don’t sacrifice themselves instead. Maybe that’s what Roger knew (hearing the poneglyphs) and that is the reason why Gol D. Roger surrendered himself to Marines, because he didn’t want that curse to affect his kid – Portgas D. Ace. Perhaps they are destined to die while protecting others and there is no other way to escape death and that’s why Roger died by the hands of Marines, to protect his son. And the reason why he entrusted Ace to Garp because he Roger knew the secret behind the name and was sure that the Garp was the best choice to protect Ace considering D in his name and what it stands for. Maybe the D has a double meaning – Death and Defending (the ones you love). Garp eventually didn’t sacrifice himself to protect Ace, and Ace died – and we all now how important and loved Ace and Luffy were by Garp, even if he didn’t show it. Perhaps in future Luffy will be in mortal danger and Garp or Dragon will  die to protect him.
                  Now if we look upon other characters who also died in OP, we can see that they died while protecting others. So Roger and Portgas D. Rogue died protecting their son, Jaguar D. Saul died protecting Nico Robin and finally Ace died while protecting Luffy. Trafalgar D. Law was a kid and couldn’t save the ones he loved. that is the curse considering D or should i say Death of the name bearers.
                  *Theory by Irbas Škrinjarić

                    Which of these is the strongest?