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If Sanji and Zoro were marines


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          Sanji can’t kick a woman

          D: Here’s my question: on p. 80 of Volume 42, Sanji says “I was raised to never kick a woman.” Would that have been a lesson from Zeff the Chef? Would that mean Zeff is very soft on women, as well? Tell me. from Ariga-san


          O: Oops, this one’s from the same person as the last one. This is a good question though, so I’ll answer it. When I drew Sanji vs Kalifa (Chapter 403), some people lauded Sanji’s stance, and some people felt sorry for him. The truth is, I didn’t really want to write those lines. Sanji doesn’t have a “policy” of not kicking women; the truth is that he actually CAN’T kick them. He is a very proud man. I think he was really frustrated at that. I think Nami recognized that, and chose to praise him for once. It’s a scene that I hope will resonate with male readers, but everyone’s free to take it as they wish. Also, Zeff is just a man among men.