How Zeff really lost his leg…

D: When I watched the One Piece anime, at the same part of Volume 7, Chapter 57, “Dreams Have a Reason” it says the reason Zeff lost his leg got torn off in the shipwreck… did they change that in consideration of the young children watching the show?

O: Yes. Hearing “eat your own leg” in that episode would be too much of a shock for young children. When you consider that a medium such as television has tens of millions of viewers, to neglect such a consideration would be a terrible mistake. It’s amazing that all those animators can continue to create such wonderful shows while still thinking about these things all the time!! If you can feel the love when you watch the show, everyone please send fan letters to Toei Animation. It’ll cheer everyone up there.

zeff leg 1

zeff leg 2

How Zeff really lost his leg

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