There are three Colours of Haki: Armament, Observation and Conqueror. But what is Haki? You can literally translate it as Ambition or Willpower. I think Haki has a strong relation to character’s ambitions and dreams. Depending on those two, you can ‘personalize’ your Haki. Personalization of Colours would be known as Shades.

Rayleigh said that some people specialize in one or two Colours of Haki, and I think that would mean not just using the Colour but also mastering the Shade.

The stronger your will and dreams are, the stronger your Haki and Shades will be.

I will list possible Shades that were shown in the entire series:

Armament Haki
– Enhancement – the invisible Haki that’s used, for example, by Kuja pirates. It can be imbued inside weapons or your body. It was shown when Luffy punched Pacifista, Boo tried to attack Funk Brothers with his haki imbued axe and Zoro cutting Monet’s cheek.
– Hardening – advanced form of Enhancement, it’s basically a black ‘armor’ surrounding your body or weapon. It’s stronger than Enhancement and can be seen by people who posses Observation Haki. It’s been used multiple times in New World. Anybody could achieve this and Enhancement, but you can personalize Hardening (for example, Luffy having Haki tribal tattoo on his body in Gear Fourth, or swirly Haki outside Zoro’s swords)
– Elemental – the most advanced Armament Shade known so far, it allows you to create an element (which can be personalized) and use it in combat. Examples: Luffy’s Red Hawk, Sanji’s Diable Jambe post timeskip, Kin’emon cutting fire, Zoro igniting Ryuma, Vista’s flowers, McGuy’s electric swords

Observation Haki
– Presence – being able to sense other’s presence or auras. Also known as Mantra.
– Clairvoyance – being able to tell what is going to happen. For example, Luffy unconsciously used it in Marineford when fighting Mihawk. Maybe that’s how Madame Shyarly can tell the future?
– Voice – only three known people that can access it, that is: Luffy, Roger and… Coby. Luffy and Roger could hear Sea Kings, Roger could hear Poneglyph’s voice, Coby can’t do that stuff, he can hear human’s voices very well.

Conquerors Haki
– Intimidation – knocking out unconscious opponents [much] weaker than you and paralyzing them with fear
– Charisma – ability to affect matter and energy, for example, Shanks destroying WB’s ship by passing by, Ace, Roger and Luffy vs Doffy CoC clash extinguishing fire, Dragon controlling winds in Lougetown (this could be a DF but it could be haki too)

People with strong will and high ambitions have unlocked stronger Shades (e.g. Luffy and Roger dreaming of finding One Piece and being very confident about it have unlocked Voice) and their Haki would be stronger as well. It’s possible that there might be more Shades as well.

*Theory by Athashet

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  1. The little girl at skypea that can hear human’s voice like coby.

  2. hearing voices has no conection to haki whatsoever………

    • Are you retarded? It has everything to do with haki. It IS haki

    • Temple D. Angus

      Then why was coby able to hear every single persons voice at marineFort? He could feel their presence, yes, but he could HEAR them as well, he could hear their screams and cries as the battle raged on… hearing the voices of people IS part of Observation Haki

  3. that girl in sky island is using observation haki. but there might be something new. those techniwues are discovered by generations before. if luffy is gonna become a bigger guy… he should find something new that was not yet discovered.

  4. and that new thing should overcome the talents before. so he could stand above others

  5. Swagdudekool

    No no, the hearing of all things and the hearing voices of haki are two different things. The hearing of voices in haki is where you observe individuals and their minds using haki, so far i think we’ve seen Luffy, Coby, The girl from skypiea, Fujitora and Ussop use it. The hearing of all voices is only shown to be performed by two people, Luffy and Gol D. Roger. I think this is a particular trait that Oda will build on in the future explaining more of the actual One Piece

    • Swagdudekool

      It probably is a trait, only possessed by Pirate Kings or the ones who have inherited the will of the D

  6. LOL NO. Zoro didn’t ignite Ryuuma cuz of elemental haki. It was because of his cursed sword.


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