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Before I proceed with the actual speculation, I would like to clear the meaning of “World Government” for upcoming thoughts. As we know, the political organization is lead by the Gorosei, the “Five Elder Stars”:

They do not only hold the greatest power in the One Piece world commanding all the Admirals and Vice-Admirals, Kong, Magellan, the latest Pacifistas, groups like CP0 and – probably the guy with the most potential at all – Dr. Vegapunk. On top of that, since they are every non-pirate’s masterminds and even look like they would have serious fighting skills, they might be on a level with the very strongest – possibly on par with a Yonko’s strength each (- just imagine the upcoming war with four Yonkos and the Pirate King versus the five Elder Stars (alongside with all the other guys)).
According to this (and ignoring those marionettes called “Tenryuubito”) we might reduce the meaning of “World Government” to that geezer team without eyebrows. So to say, five guys with one aim.
Therefor, I want to discuss the question:

What does the World Goverment (= The Gorosei) really want?

The great pirate era started with Roger’s last words and was refreshed by Whitebeard as he confirmed the One Piece to be real:

So we could assume that along with the pirates the WG wants to find the One Piece. But I suspect it to be not the whole truth. The One Piece treasure will only be a means to an end. Actually, it could not be simpler:

They want to survive.

As obvious as it seems, since every living being (without Kaidou) wants to survive, it gets quite a different meaning if we consider how hard the WG already tried to do so. It is not only about defeating and imprisoning some pirates so concrete danger dissolves. The WG is in charge of possibilites “to become as immortal as possible”.
It probably started long time before Gol D. Roger and the following pirate era.
It is all about living forever – meaning they will not die by age, nor by any disease (or wound).

A. Regarding Jewelry Bonney and her Devil Fruit

We do not know how Jewelry Bonney is related to the World Government. But we do know that they are interested in her:

We also know that she is able to manipulate people’s age:

Thus, she is pretty useful to reach immortality at least in one aspect – those who benefit from her power continually would not have to die of aging. But even if the fruit’s effects worked permanently, it would not be a durable solution. The effect could be revoked as the devil fruit user becomes unconscious or dead. Or just resists the WG’s will to help.

B. Regarding Trafalgar Law and his Ope Ope No Mi

Law’s fruit was considered to be the ultimate fruit in the world:

Eventhough, we do not know how it works exactly. But we know that the user could give his life in order to make somebody “ageless”. Still, many discussions have been arisen what it could mean. Some speculate the benefitted individual does not age anymore, some even say he/ she/ it could only die by age, but not by wounds or diseases. (In the last case, Trafalgar Law’s and Bonney’s abilities combined could make the benefitted one truly immortal as long as “Bonney’s” effect does not get revoked (and after years renewed) – which made it imbalanced.)

C. Regarding Princess Mansherry and her Chiyu Chiyu No Mi

Princess Mansherry’s Devil Fruit makes her able to heal wounds:

Its true potential is still unknown, e. g. if it was useful for (deadly) diseases, too, or if it could even revive (!) at its potentials pinnecale. Nevertheless, it also only prevents from dying indirectly. With Law’s Fruit being considered as the most valuable DF, I am not so sure about if the WG knew about Mansherry or the Chiyu Chiyu No Mi. Sengoku seemed somewhat amazed – as if he did not know about the fruit before:

Who knows – maybe the fruit’s ability will be reported to the WG by a “bad Marine” (like Bastille or so) or the CP0 meaning that Mansherry could get captured during the upcoming Reverie.

D. Regarding Kaidou and his ability/ luck/ fate

Even lesser is known about Kaidou. It was stated that he could not die, yet:

The WG’s dream seems to be his curse. Until now, it is not known, why and how he survived so far. It might be related to his possible Devil fruit or – and that would be inaccessible by the WG – just fate and/ or luck. (In case preordained “fate” existed in the One Piece world, the WG’s efforts would be useless either way.)

E. Dr. Vegapunk’s Experiments on Giants

Ceasar Clown revealed that Dr. Vegapunk experimented to turn humans into giants:

We know from SBS Vol. 19 Ch. 168, p. 46 that giants are able to become way older than humans – up to 300 years:

Of course, obtaining a giants age would not lead to immortality, but it would buy some time if they could copy that effect of slow aging. Also, if the WG got to know why giants become that old, they might find a way to become even older.

F. The Curious Case of Dr. Kureha

As recently shown Dr. Kureha is quite vital at 141 years.

As we know, she always spoke of herself as a young woman. Now imagine if she would have found the secret to age like a giant. She would have been aged like a ~65 years old “normal OP-human”. She also will attend the Reverie. Maybe Wapol told information about Dr. Kureha to the WG in exchange which could lead to a capturing, too. Or maybe Dr. Kureha does already know Dr. Vegapunk. We will see – but it is for sure that her biological clock would be interesting to the WG.

G. Advanced Technology

Beyond the pirate theme of the 16th century from our real life, One Piece is influenced by futuristic science fiction aspects, too. Besides Dr. Vegapunk (and Franky), also Dr. Tsukimi seemed to work on “robotic” individuals.

G. I. Dr. Vegapunk’s Experiments on Pacifistas

In parallel to other experiments, Dr. Vegapunk created cyborgs. Cyborgs consist of biological individuals with mechanical parts:

At first glance, they just seem to be powerful military forces. But there could be a deeper meaning to their nature. If it was possible to replace every single (human) body part step by step, biologic individuals could be prevented from dying by age, diseases or wounds – as long as they are able to conservate the (human’s) conscious mind.
Until now, they seem to have failured in “recreating” a human being, since “Kuma” lost his personality:

But it could only be a matter of time, until Dr. Vegapunks finds out how “to replace a brain with its personality”. An important clue is that Dr. Vegapunk managed to transmit a Devil Fruit onto a lifeless object plus that Devil Fruits might transfer characteristics of the previous owner(s).

G. II. The Automatas’ Manner of Functioning

Not being a great military force, the automatas that Dr. Tsukimi build seem to have emotions:

Therefor Dr. Tsukimi seems to be the first one shown who created entirely artificial life:

Also, Enel just had to “breathe life into automatas” by electric energy “to (re)vive” them:

Using this very technology could mean that Dr. Tsukimi found a way to play God. Still we do not know where Dr. Tsukimi lived or to whom he could belong to. But maybe his residence was close to the Marines/ WG:

The question would be, why the WG did not use Dr. Tsukimi’s knowledge, yet. Probably, the Marines/ the WG did not know about him/ his knowledge/ what Automatas are. (But I guess Dr. Vegapunk most likely will or even does already know.)

H. Obtaining One Piece

Last but not least, I will link the WG’s goal to the big treasure One Piece which might be the only durable solution to survive.
Referring to my main theory

(- that OP’s loose template is based on “The Mysterious Cities of Gold” from 1982), the One Piece will be a device which bears the energy of the inner Sun (- besides countless (loose) parallels, Sun energy was once used peacefully by two kingdoms, but then a war broke out, Sun weapons were used and the kingdoms vanished). In TMCoG it was stated that it provides those who use it as a medicine that could cure any disease. Everybody could live eternally.
If that was the case, the WG would be highly interested in that device as well. But that is only speculation..~
(Also, the Gorosei could be aliens.)

Conclusion/ tl;dr

At this rate, it seems that the Gorosei (= masterminds of world politics) are looking for different ways to evade death due to age, diseases and/ or wounds (at least temporarily) – …

  • … either by Devil Fruits (of Law, Bonney, Mansherry(, Kaidou), …), …
  • … or by biology knowledge about giants and/ or Dr. Kureha, …
  • … or by advanced technology regarding cyborgs and automatas and the “One Piece”.

Nevertheless, nothing and no one seems to be invulnverable so nothing or nobody could become immortal, technically (- Kaidou was defeated before, still seems to have “luck”; Poneglyphs can be formed). But still, they try to survive eternally, thus becoming “as immortal as possible“.

*Theory by EddWarD.NewGate


    With the last panel of the 822nd chapter, Oda finally announced the Reverie arc (don’t go assuming Vivi is going to the Tea Party, we all know it’s not true).
    Just a detail, the Reverie arc won’t happen soon. I’m pretty sure we won’t have any news about the Reverie before the Wano Arc’s end.


    For the ones living under a rock (just kidding ;)), here is a brief definition.
    The Reverie (literally translated as “World Council”) is a council formed by the World Government which consists of the world’s greatest leaders of various kingdoms.
    Meetings are held every four years at Mariejois and kings or queens gather to discuss matters that could affect the world.

    Okay let’s begin.
    I will detail in this theory, how and why the Reverie will anounce the abolition of the Shichibukai system from a very logical way and from 3 different point of view. Stay with me guys, you will see that I’ve put a lot of work on it :D.

    Perspective 1 : the Kings of the different countries
    So first, who will be present at the Reverie ?
    There will be the representatives of the 20 countries and here are the ones we already know :
    Alabasta Kingdom : Nefertari Cobra and Vivi
    Ryugu Kingdom : King Neptune (and maybe his 3 sons)
    Dressrosa : King Riku
    Sakura Kingdom (formerly the Drum Kingdom) : King Dalton
    Ilusia Kingdom : Thalassa Lucas (he was the King at the reverie 8 years ago)

    I will add one more but this one is a just a speculation so I won’t talk more about it.
    Prodence Kingdom : King Elizabello II and Dagama

    Did you notice guys ? From the 5 country/kingdom I mentioned just above, 4 of them have already a conflict (more or less) with the Shichibukai system.
    Crocodile and Dofflamingo nearly destroy the whole country of Alabasta and Dressrosa.
    Blackbeard attacked the Drum Kingdom and left him without a King.
    Jinbei close friend of King Neptune, get imprisoned because he refused to fight Whitebeard as a Shichibukai.

    If King Ezabello II is here, he also has a grudge against Dofflamingo.

    What I’m really confident is that the representatives will talk about the situation of their respective country. And this is where the situation will become really tense. I mean the World Government, formed by the 20 most powerfull country, is supposed to protect those countries right ? So how is it possible that already 4 of them (maybe more) have suffered from the Shichibukai system which is supposed to be control by the same WG ?

    We can already see the reasons why the Shichibukai system can be abolished from the perspective of the different characters/country right ?

    Perspective 2 : the World Government
    So what about the World Government itself ? Why would they abolish the shichibukai system at the Reverie ?
    Well here is the current situation, only 5 shichibukai are remaining. So without going any further there are already 2 seats lacking.
    But for the rest here are my thought.

    Dracule Mihawk : we know that he doesn’t care about the WG, he does what he wants to do and he will probably end as a Shanks ally. So there is no reason for him to stay any longer as a shichibukai (maybe the main reason to become a shichibukai in the first place was to gather information).

    Boa Hancock : she already betrayed the WG sneaking Luffy into Impel Down and attacking Smoker and other marines during the MarineFord war. And we know it’s going to happen again in the future. All the reason to expel her from her title.

    Kuma : well either he remains a Shichibukai or not, he will stay under the WG controls for a long time again so doesn’t really matter in this case.

    Buggy : I don’t have a lot to say about this one honestly. I just imagine easily Buggy’s face after losing his Shichibukai title because of Luffy :lmao: !

    And here comes the most interesting one, Weevil :
    I said earlier that the Reverie will occur after the Tea Party and the Wano arc right ? Well guess what, Weevil will have a huge role to at least one or both of this events. First he is linked to Big Mom with his pseudo mother, Miss Bukkin, which there is a huge chance that she is one of Big Mom daughter.
    Second we also know that Marco will come back in Wano as well. It seems not far-fetched to think in that case Weeble might come to deal with him in Wano.
    Anyway, either it is one of those speculation, Weevil will be defeated or become a future ally at the end of the Tea Party/Wano arc. And this is why the WG after losing another of his Shishibukai, will have another good reason to abolish it !

    Perspective 3 : from Oda’s point of view
    If you think about it, if my theory is right, after the Reverie Kaido will be defeated, Big Mom will be out of the picture for a bit (i think she will become an ally cause I can’t see 2 Yonko being defeated/killed so quicklu), almost all the Supernova will be introduced (Kid/Apoo/Hawkins/Killer/ alliance it’s obvious that it goes with Kaido arc, Capone already in the picture, Drake and bonney will appear soon too imo). So after all that, ODA will have to put in front of the scene all the big Boss of One Piecés universe. I mean Shanks and Blackbeard, Dragon and the revolutionnaries and the Gorosei. So how can he do that ? Well imo the Reverie will be the trigger the story need.
    If you think about it, from the beginning of One Piece, Oda told us that the World’s balance was kept by the WG – Shichibukai – 4 Yonkos. We also get some information on the Reverie at the beginning of Grand Line (in Alabasta). It simply means that ODA planned from the very start to make the Reverie one of the most important event in One Piece. Is there a better way to make this event HUGE, than to abolish the shichibukai system and to break the balance of the world ? The big figure will have no other choice but to make their move and we will finally enter in the last part of One Piece.

    That’s it guys. I’ve put everything I had to be as clear as possible
    I hope you enjoyed reading it

    *Theory by Xdidzic

      Rayleigh and his Haki

      Rayleigh is able to utilize Haki the same way Shanks, Luffy and Whitebeard can. He is able to use all 3 types of Haki:Kenbunshoku Haki, Busoshoku Haki, and Haoshoku Haki. Rayleigh also shows great knowledge of Haki, and made use of all three types while teaching Luffy about them, and training him in the basics.

      Rayleigh has mastered Haoshoku Haki to the extent that he can render a specific target completely unconscious. He is able to do this without adversely affecting anybody else near the initial target. He disabled an entire hall room of hostiles with this power, save for the Kid Pirates and Heart Pirates. Rayleigh later commented that the pirates still standing were no ordinary rookies. Only very strong and determined individuals can resist from being knocked unconscious. One of Trafalgar Law’s crewmen was very close to being knocked out, and even Law and Eustass Kid were sweating slightly after enduring the blast.


      Busoshoku Haki allows Rayleigh to create a force similar to an invisible armor around himself. Rayleigh has the ability to bypass the powers of a Devil Fruit user, touching the “substantial body” beneath whatever protection the fruit provides as seen when he used Busoshoku Haki to kick and redirect an attack from Admiral Kizaru. He was also seen using it to deflect a giant elephant’s foot and also hurting Luffy with a Haki-imbued flick while teaching him the basics of Haki. As stated by Rayleigh just before initiating Luffy’s training, it is possible to make this Haki strong enough to be used offensively.

      This type of Haki can allow Rayleigh to sense the emotions and nature of others. It appears that it is also possible for the user of this Haki to sense the strength of others. This was shown when Rayleigh used this Haki to sense that there were five hundred creatures on Rusukaina who were stronger than Luffy at that time. Rayleigh also used Kenbunshoku Haki to dodge an elephant’s attack without directly seeing the elephant.

      The strength and mastery Rayleigh has over this kind of Haki is also shown by the fact that he can sense people all over the island he is currently on while most people can sense only in their immediate vicinity.

        Straw Hat Grand Fleet

        Formed from various powerful crews who managed to succeed in the New World, and the representatives and some other members have been prime contestants of the Corrida Colosseum, the crew is very powerful indeed. In sheer numbers, they have a grand total of 5640 people from various tribes and races, being quite versatile in strength and other attributes. Five of the seven leaders were powerful enough to defeat executives of the Donquixote Pirates.

        The Grand Fleet has the second highest total bounty of any currently known pirate group, behind the Straw Hat Pirates.

        Putting the combined known bounties of all of the “Straw Hats” together (both main crew and Grand Fleet) comes to a known total of Beli 2,800,000,100 which far surpasses the bounty of any other known crew.

          The Alliance temporarily splits in 4 teams!

          *Chapter 822 Spoilers

          The alliance has decided to split into 4 teams: Luffy (with Pekoms, Pedro, Nami, Brook and Chopper to Whole Cake Island), Nekomamushi (in search of Marco and the WB pirates), Inuarashi (to protect Zou from possible threats, along with Momo and Sicilian), Kinemon (with Law and his crew and Zoro and the rest of SHs to Wano)

          So Luffy team leaves Zou, we’re finally moving onto Sanji.

          But wait, Oda wouldn’t be Oda if he hasn’t teased us a bit, so he shows Vivi as a cliffhanger!

            10 Things You Should Know About The Dressrosa Arc


            • Dressrosa is the longest arc in the manga to date, surpassing the Skypiea Arc, with 102 chapters.
            • This is also the longest arc in the anime to date, surpassing the Fishman Island Arc, with 108 episodes.
            • Starting after Chapter 730, Sanji, Nami, Brook, Chopper, Caesar, and Momonosuke are absent from the manga all the way until Chapter 795, amounting to 620 days of publication time (1 year, 7 months, and 25 days).
            • This is the second arc in the series to take two years to finish and still be on the same island. The first arc to do this was the Alabasta Arc.
            • Many characters make their first appearances after the time skip. The characters (in the order they were reintroduced) are: Jewelry Bonney, Brannew, Sakazuki, Bellamy, Jesus Burgess, Bastille, Sabo, Koala, the Gorosei, Urouge, Capone Bege, X Drake, Sengoku, Tsuru, Rob Lucci, Spandam, and Hattori.
            • Usopp activates Kenbunshoku Haki for the first time during his second defeat of Sugar
            • Luffy activates a new technique called Gear Fourth. He created this technique during his training on Rusukaina. Doflamingo reveals that Devil Fruits can awaken to a higher level and the user can affect things around themselves in addition to their own bodies, which makes the type of their fruit seem no longer applicable.
            • More information about Haki is revealed during this arc. According to Law and Luffy, if Haki is overused, it will not be able to work for a certain period of time until it recharges. So far, Busoshoku Haki is the only one that can be overused.

            -A yet unexplained force is created when two users of Haoshoku Haki clash. This is demonstrated when Luffy clashes with both Don Chinjao and Donquixote Doflamingo. It appears to resemble black lightning crackling the air, and produces shockwaves strong enough to blast people away and/or incapacitate them.

            -Zoro reveals he can now coat his blades in Busoshoku Haki after receiving training from Dracule Mihawk, a skill that was inferred in the Punk Hazard Arc but not demonstrated until now.

            -Jesus Burgess is revealed to be a Haki user, and along with the other Blackbeard Pirates, is attempting to steal Devil Fruits by killing their users. Sabo has also learned how to use Haki from his time in the Revolutionary Army and engages Burgess several times, sparking a grudge when the former suffers devastating injuries after provoking the latter, prompting him to escape from Dressrosa as a stowaway

            • Luffy and Law’s bounties have now risen up to Beli500,000,000 for defeating Doflamingo. Law’s bounty increase indicates that he has officially been expelled from the Shichibukai
            • Dressrosa is possibly inspired by Spain, particularly the regions of Andalusia and Catalonia, as evidenced by the architecture, clothes, flamenco dancers, typical cuisine, and Spanish terminology. The passionate murders that are so common in Dressrosa is also commonly present in Spanish literature, particularly during the Romantic era in early 19th century.
              The fighting fish native to the island seem to resemble bulls, both in appearance and temperament. Bullfighting itself is a popular sport in Spain.
              It also has some hints of the country of Italy, as it features a large colosseum where gladiators would fight to the death for the amusements of the spectators.


              Hello once again everybody and welcome back to another theory for your entertainment. This time we shall dive into the origins of Monkey D. Dragon and the creation of the Revolutionary Army. This will talk about how Dragon meet Kuma, Ivankov and Dr. Vegapunk.

              Before I start, I would first like to say that Monkey D. Dragon was NEVER an admiral. If he was, why is Dragon so mysterious and unknown even among the marines? You could say that the Gorosei blacklisted him and erased his existence, but that still wouldn’t make sense becausepeople do not forget so easily. The existence of Avalo Pizzaro, Catarina Devon, Vasco Shot and San Juan Wolf were erased for years and what happened when they showed up in Marineford? Random fodder marines with one glance knew their names, epithets and the crimes they commited.

              Alright. Obviously Dragon is apart of the Monkey D family, but he seems so different from his son and grandfather(still think he is a “moron” though).

              All three of them are from Goa country, which consist of Goa kingdom, Foosha Village and the Grey Terminal mountains. Like Luffy, Garp was raised in the mountains.

              Dragon however, was raised in the Goa kingdom with the nobles. Garp was poor so he lived in the mountains, but since he was a marine, he had the funds to get a house in Goa kingdom where Dragon was born, to ensure that his son and wife would have a good life.

              Garp of course, regularly took Dragon to the mountains to train him to be a marine, and Dragon developed a sense of justice very early in life. Dragon periodically went to Grey Terminal trash heap, where he became friends with the commoners and learned the value of human life.

              Seeing the difference between the nobles and commoners made Dragon upset. He believed that everyone should be equal and was disgusted with how the nobles treat the commoners like trash and kills them off without batting an eye.

              Dragon wanted to change Goa kingdom, but he didn’t have the power to do so. He didn’t want to become a marine because his father was a famous Vice Admiral who had little pull with the WG. Monkey D. Dragon joined the World Government itself or more specifically, Cipher Pol.

              Dragon was “special” because he was the son of Garp and because was already very intelligent and strong(due to Garp’s training), he moved up the Cipher Pol’s like wildfire.

              Dragon has always been curious about his D lineage, as even Garp has no idea what it meant. Dragon got really curious and confused because of this:

              The rivalry between Gol D. Roger and Monkey D. Garp.
              Both men had ‘D’ in their name but according to Garp, they apparently come from different families and have no relation to each other.

              While a member of Cipher Pol however, Dragon meet two people: Jaguar D. Saul and Dr. Vegapunk, who is also a ‘D’. Like Dragon, Saul was curious about his D lineage but he didn’t think too much about it. Vegapunk however, was very curius like Dragon. They became friends and Dragon was shocked to learn of the terrible experiments the WG make Vegapunk do. Despite that, two secretly worked together to find out more about their lineage.

              Dragon always believed in moral justice, but his justice is very extreme just like Saul, who easily defected from the marines to do what he felt was right. Dragon time in Cipher Pol revealed quite a bit about the lies of the WG, but that is expected with a government system. Dragon’s disgust with the WG hit a boiling point when he was promoted to the same position as these guys:

              Cipher Pol Aegis 0.

              As a member of CP0, Dragon worked directly under the Tenryubitto and Gorosei. CP0 specializes in cover ups, blackmail, lies and murder and Dragon had a front row seat to the Gorosei and Tenryubitto’s corruption. He thought Goa kingdom was bad, but nothing compared to the Tenryubittos and they controlled the world. Dragon knew that freedom wouldn’t be realized as long as the current WG exist, but he still tried to change the WG from the inside.

              Dragon came to loguetown 24 years ago to witness the death of a follow D that he questioned whether he was good or bad. The WG obviously says he’s a bad guy but from Garp’s stories, Gol D. Roger was a good man.

              2 years after Roger was executed(22 years ago), Dragon was 100% convinced that he had no chance of changing the WG from the inside. The reason for that was because of the Ohara Massacre.

              In this massacre, he learned from Kuzan that his friend Jaguar D. Saul was killed and that innocent refuges were slaughtered.

              CP9 was tasked with making sure that the massacre was a success. If CP9 was informed, so was CP0 and….

              Dragon overheard Clover’s speech. He knew that the WG was hiding something and it had to be destroyed. As long as the WG exist, there will be no freedom. Dragon defected from the WG but for the WG, he simply disappeared.

              Dragon informed 2 people of his defection: Vegapunk and Kuzan. Vegapunk agreed with Dragon that a revolution was necessary and decided to remain in the WG as Dragon’s inside man, while Dragon carefully creates and expands his organization. Kuzan however, turned down the offer as he thought a revolution was too extreme and thought he could change the WG as a marine. Dragon never told his father because he’d knew Garp would try to stop him.

              Now then over the past 22 years, Dragon has created the most dangerous organization that the WG has ever seen.

              Vegapunk is a revolutionary spy in the WG.

              And Dragon’s left and right hand is Emperio Ivankov and Bartholomew Kuma.

              They were with Dragon 12 years ago at Grey Terminal.

              So in the timespan of 10 years, Dragon recruited Kuma and Ivankov. Lets into more detail with Kuma and Ivankov’s recruitment.

              Ivankov was Dragon’s first revolutionary recruit. Reason I say this is because Ivankov seems to be the revolutionary who knows Dragon the best.

              They even love watering snails together.

              Now the question is, why did Ivankov join the revolutionaries? Well we need to recap on some things about Ivankov first.

              Ivankov is the queen of Kamabakka Kingdom which translates to “Kingdom of Transvestites.”

              I really don’t think transvestites are treated equally in the OP world as many men reacted indifferently to them(much like in real life). In Impel Down, the guards shouted “Look at what they are wearing!”, “What the heck are they wearing!?” and “They are dressed to kill!”

              Kamabakka Kingdom is a place for freedom; where people can be what they want to be without being judged. Dragon meet Ivankov on Kamabakka island and treated him and everyone else on the island like an equal. Not only that, Dragon probably saved saved Kamabakka kingdom from WG agents who tried to destroy it. Kamabakka kingdom is just as well known as Amazon Lily, and they are famous for their body enchancing cuisine. Ivankov most likely turned down an offer to become allies with the WG, so the agents tried to back at them.

              Anyways that’s just pure speculation but bottomline is that Dragon promised Ivankov to bring a world where everyone is free and Ivankov followed behind.


              Here is where things get interesting. Unlike Ivankov, it wasn’t easy for Dragon to get Kuma to join.

              What Ivankov said in Marineford implies that he and Kuma had a SERIOUS fight before. Not only that, Kuma also had a serious fight with Monkey D. Dragon.

              Before I get into the fight between Kuma and Dragon, we must first understand Kuma. Obviously Kuma is a bear so lets look at what bears represent.

              Bear is spirit keeper of the West, the place of darkness, maturity and good harvest. From this place, Grandfather Bear gives strength, introspection and knowledge.

              Bears are active during the night and day. This symbolizes its connection with solar energy, that of strength and power, and lunar energy, that of intuition. It enhances and teaches those with this totem how to develop both within themselves.

              Grandfather Bear is a solitary dweller and master of his domain. This teaches us the importance of independent thinking and to seek peace in quite meditation.

              Bears are sensitive to Mother Nature’s cycles. They sleep long hours in the winter living on fat stored in their bodies. It teaches us how to go within and find the resources for survival and how to remain balanced amid change. This medicine is a reminder of the great circle of life and rebirth, renewal and fresh beginnings.

              Bear is the embodiment of strength and is fierce to a threat on its lair. It is not wise to come between the mother bear and her cubs, teaching us ways to always protect those we love.

              In Native American mythology, bears are known as the guardian spirits of the forest.

              Smokey the Bear anyone?

              Also, take a look at Kuma as a kid and that book he has. It says “Ninokin.”

              It refers to Ninomiya Sontoku.
              Ninomiya was a prominent agricultural leader, moralist and economist.

              Bartholomew Kuma HATED the WG.

              And that’s because the WG burned down Kuma’s village in the forest and it was no accident. Helping his people rebuild, Kuma was enraged and decided to become his people’s protector with his Paw Paw Fruit. Any trespasser would get blown away by Kuma.

              Of course, Dragon and Ivankov came to the burned down forest and Kuma attacked. Dragon, who wanted to help the poor villagers, thought Kuma was responsible so he ordered Ivankov to hold off Kuma while he tended to the people. Dragon learned the truth from the citizens but before he could go anything, Kuma once again attacked him but he was able of emerge victorious.

              Dragon told Kuma of his dream to destroy the WG and bring freedom to the world, but Kuma didn’t believe Dragon as he was a former WG agent. In order to be sure that Dragon was sincere, Kuma had a suggestion: when his village and forest was being burned down, Kuma repelled the pain of all the suffering villagers into a gigantic air bubble, and if Dragon can shoulder the pain of his people, Kuma will join the revolution.

              Ivankov of course thought it as outrageous, but Dragon went for it. Much to the shock of Kuma and Ivankov, Dragon survived. This is where Ivankov witnessed Dragon’s inhuman vitality.

              Dragon surviving that much pain was a miracle.

              With hope that true freedom can be achieved for his people, Kuma joined the revolutionaries and became Dragon’s most loyal friend.
              8 years ago, Dragon’s face became known to the world as revolutionary.

              It was 12 years ago that Dragon saved the commoners of Goa kingdom.

              12 years ago, the Revolutionary Army became active, targeting kingdoms to recruit suffering citizens who wanted freedom. However, during one of his expeditions, there was a big incident involving the marines.

              I’m speculating, but I say Dragon had a run-in with the marines(with Doberman and Akainu present) and showcased his Conqueror’s Haki to escape a kingdom with new revolutionaries in hand. Dragon’s unnatural CoC brought forth a storm and blew away a marine fleet.

              The Gorosei feared this man as they recognized his description. Monkey D. Dragon became the most wanted man in the world do to him knowing about the WG corruption from being CP0 agent, being Garp’s son, being a D, him looking for the poneglyhs and leading an organization that directly opposes the WG and it will continue to grow until the WG falls.

              *Theory by Vandenreich


                Ths is a theory on Zunisha, its inspiration and its relationship to Momonosuke

                Zunisha is an enormous elephant that wanders the New World and carries the island of Zou on its back

                Zunisha has a commensal relationship with the Mink Tribe and the island of Zou, because at least two times a day it showers itself with seawater. This helps the minks acquire fish for food, so it is considered a blessing. The Mink Tribe has built aqueduct systems to divert the flooding. When Jack and his fleet were attacking it, Zunisha expressed concern for the minks, worrying they would die if it were to fall into the sea. Zunisha begged Kozuki Momonosuke to allow it to fight before Jack could bring it down.


                Those who can speak to Zunisha can also see through its eyes, giving them a great range of detailed vision

                However, due to having lived for so long, it is not very durable, so its weak and aged skin can be heavily damaged by concentrated cannonfire


                Inspiration for Zunisha is Airavata king of all elephants

                Airavata is a mythological white elephant who carries the Hindu god Indra. It is also called ‘abhra-Matanga’, meaning “elephant of the clouds”; ‘Naga-malla’, meaning “the fighting elephant”; and ‘Arkasodara’, meaning “brother of the sun“

                One of his names means “the one who knits or binds the clouds” since myth has it that these elephants are capable of producing clouds. The connection of elephants with water and rain is emphasized in the mythology of Indra



                This mighty elephant reaches down his trunk into the watery underworld, sucks up its water, and then sprays it into the clouds, which Indra then causes to rain forth cool water, thereby linking the waters of the sky with those of the underworld.

                Ancient Kings and There Beasts
                In Ancient age per-dates void century Kings and queens had creatures who there partners these creatures were protectors of kingdom and worshiped as divine creatures

                1.Mermaid Princess and Sea Kings


                While merfolk can summon and communicate with normal fish and marine life via sonar waves, Shirahoshi has the uncanny ability to call sea kings via the same method, which according to Vander Decken IX, was the ability of a legendary Mermaid Princess. By screaming, she emits sonar waves that summon the sea kings to her. While she was unaware of her power during her childhood, Otohime thought that if she receives a huge shock, she might subconsciously send sea kings on a giant rampage

                While Luffy was destroying Noah to keep it from crashing into Fishman Island, Shirahoshi once again unknowingly summoned the Sea Kings to help save both the ship and the island. The Sea Kings stated that they were called by Shirahoshi’s desire to help Luffy. It appears that Shirahoshi can summon them through her will and feelings even though she wasn’t directly calling for them

                2.Shandora and Ancient Python(Kashigami)

                Shandians used to worship and offer sacrifice to Kashigami



                Now Nola is a giant snake that lives with the Shandia in Jaya before and after the island got knocked into the sky by the Knock Up Stream.

                Nola is the second oldest living creature in One Piece, being more than 400 years old. The longest living creature is Zunisha, the elephant carrying the island of Zou

                Kashigami was partner of Ancient kings of Shandia and regarded as divine protector of Shandia




                Her foreboding and fearsome stance has earned her the title of “Master of the Sky”

                As you can see by now most of allies of Anicent kingdom of D had these creatures associated with them

                Luffy as we know inspired from Sun Wukong king of beasts

                Luffy has already tamed beasts from Rusukaina and has ability to hear voice of all things in order to befriend other animals he has already tamed kraken


                Zunisha and Kouzuki clan

                Before void century Kozuki clan were rulers of Wano and Zunisha was originally a war elephant who served under king/shogun who must have a special haki(Voice of all things) to have control over it

                The reason Luffy asked Momo to converse with Zunisha is he understood those words were meant for rightful owner/master of Zunisha which was Momo

                Zunisha’s crime

                Now this part is pure speculation me taking a shot in dark so bear with me
                Zunisha was present and fought during void century war as Wano Kuni allied with Ancient kingdom of D
                After the battle Ancient kingdom anticipated their loss and retreated back
                Kozuki clan’s leader was targeted in war but shogun and leader of Kozuki clan didn’t want anymore blood shed in order to protect his master Zunisha attacked the army which was insubordination of its master’s order
                Master of Zunisha ordered him to not ever fight again unless it was a direct order under a rightful master

                Hope u like it

                *Theory by D kar

                  Amazing Artwork by Oda-sensei!

                  Chapter 821 Manga Cover. Mind-blowing!

                    KIDD AND KAIDO = LUFFY AND SHANKS

                    Everyone remembers this moment in the manga

                    The legendary introduction of the strongest creature alive KAIDO!!!!
                    And everyone’s first thoughts were “the Kidd alliance is about to get destroyed”
                    And later people thought “no, they will start an alliance to target Shanks”
                    hhmmmm, not bad conclusions,although I think it’s something different
                    I think that Kaido and kidd met each other way way before Kaido fell into the base
                    Basically my theory is: Kaido and Kidd = Shanks and Luffy
                    Now to convince you all to agree with me

                    1. Kidd, Law and Luffy
                    Now, since this epic moment of Kidd, Law and Luffy fighting side by side people wouldn’t argue that these three supernovas will be the leading force of the new generation
                    now I want to point out something Law and Luffy had similar in their flashbacks
                    powerful pirate influences and being given devil fruit by them
                    Luffy—> Shanks and got the gomu gomu no mi from him
                    Law—> Doflamingo/Corazon and got the ope ope ni mi from them
                    So both of them had powerful pirates to influence them and give them devil fruits….interesting
                    Also, I don’t think people will argue that Kidd and Luffy being heavily paralleled and Kidd usually being a step ahead of him
                    So if Kidd were to have a strong pirate influence that gave him a devil fruit wouldn’t it make sense for it to be a Yonko like Luffy had….but wait
                    Kidd attacked Big Mom’s ships so I doubt it could be her
                    Whitebeard, sadly, is dead
                    Blackbeard just became a Yonko
                    and Shanks had Luffy
                    so that’s right, Kaido seems to be the only one left
                    ……not convinced? Let’s continue

                    2. Why would Oda have Kaido fall into Kidd’s base?

                    to beat everyone in the alliance…….hhhmmmm, but why not do it like he did with Blackbeard and Bonney
                    he showed the blackbeard and Bonney situation after the Bonney was defeated, so couldn’t he have done that and make Kaido’s reveal 10x more awesome if that was his intention the whole time, so I doubt that is the answer

                    for Kaido to get beaten….this makes a little more sense, but wouldn’t this basically be a gaint fuck you to all the work Luffy and his crew has been trying to do especially with the recent chapters….I don’t think Oda would do this to his main characters so let’s try a different answer

                    for Kaido to ignore them and walk away……then why land in Kidd’s base….unless the hole he made will be an important plot point for later I doubt this is it

                    for an alliance…….this could happen but so far….Kidd’s and Kaido’s personalities don’t show this happening anytime soon especially since Kaido is a Yonko….unless something is missing from this answer… like

                    reuniting Kidd and Kaido and possibly having them work together……if Kidd and Kaido already know each other then working together wouldn’t be out of the question and it explains why Oda had him fall in front of Kidd…..so this does seem to make sense

                    3.Kidd post-timeskip
                    in case you haven’t noticed, Kidd has been in every arc since the timeskip
                    Fishman Island:
                    Mentioned to have destroyed some of Big Mom’s ships
                    Punk Hazard:
                    Shown to be involved in the underworld
                    later, shown making his own alliance
                    Shown to be targeting Shanks
                    later, the Kaido incident

                    So yeah, it seems that Oda is hyping Kidd up to do some big things, he’s even in a similar situation to Luffy (messing with Big Mom then targeting a different Yonko (by messing with Big Mom, I mean Luffy threatening her not the Sanji stuff)) so Oda would most likely continue with hype, but if wanted Kidd to defeat Kaido he wouldn’t do it off panel like how he showed Ace VS Blackbeard so how can he continue the Kidd hype….
                    by having Kidd and Kaido sitting together talking about future plans or even reminiscing about the past

                    4. So, if you are still not convinced I have one crucial piece of information to show
                    Do you remember this?

                    That’s right, Kidd randomly crucifying people
                    and what do we know about Kaido’s crew members?

                    They believe in crucify and chill:cool:
                    Epic Oda foreshadowing the relationship between Kidd and Kaido
                    5. Conclusion
                    What do I think happened after the fall?
                    hhmmm, maybe something like this

                    (a yelling match between Kidd and Kaido)
                    Kidd: GO SUICIDE SOMEWHERE ELSE
                    Kaido: NO, GO MOVE YOUR BASE SOMEWHERE ELSE

                    Apoo and Hawkins: …….uuuummmm
                    (then Killer explains the relationship of Kidd and Kaido)
                    Then they work together on something whether it defeating Shanks or something to do With Wano

                    That’s the end of my theory so

                    *Theory by PlatinumRoger