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Nami and Usopp


*Also Nico Robin has worn Luffy’s straw hat but she stole it!



    I think the next arc will resemble the Skypiea Arc. The reasoning for this is that all the Post-TimeSkip arcs so far have been similar to the beginning arcs of One Piece. Now they might be different in Content. But in their core narrative, conception, execution and underlying themes they are rather similar.

    -Various Early Arcs/Return to Sabaody: The similarities are somewhat obvious, Introducing/ Reintroducing the main crew. As well as showing the Powers/New abilities they have/gained. Now that is there for a fairly obvious reason but there is another underlying current. The presentation of pirates contrary to One Piece, or at least Luffy’s, beliefs of what a pirate should be. Buggy, Don Krieg and probably(arguably) most notably Captain Kuro. Where as After The TimeSkip it would be the Fake Straw Hats. Although Luffy is obviously more affected by the earlier portrayals then the Fake Straw Hats. Now also there is the the portrayal of the Weakness of the marines, with the ease of defeating Captain Morgan as well as the Pacifistas.

    -Arlong Park & Loguetown Arcs/ Fishman Island Arc: Now the most paramount similarity are the Fishman… Not sure I need to explain that any further. Now the most prevalent underlying theme is obviously the racism and it’s littered throughout. Also possibly misguided loyalty or trust, most noticeably With Nami’s trust in Arlong to Hold Up his end of the Deal. Then in Fishman Island there was the Trust in Madam Shyarly, not to mention within Hody’s Crew. Another parallel would be the theft of freedom with Nami subservient to Arlong in the first and Princess Shirahoshi locked away for years second, And maybe to a lesser extent Arlong could be related to Caribou for stealing people. Now maybe the most striking similarity is the death of a mother witnessed by her daughter. The massive battle of The Small number vs The Big number, Zoro and Sanji against the Buggy Pirates and the Marines. Then the battle between the Straw Hats and New Fishman Pirates. The end with the pirates escaping into a New Ocean, Grand Line then The New World.

    -Not sure where to put this: Introduction of great new threat or obstacles. The Shichibukai with Hawk-Eyes Mihawk, then introduction of Yonko with the Big Mom Pirates. Needs a new way to navigate. Smoker and Tashigi and all the things that come with that…

    -Reverse Mountain – Drum Island Arcs/ Punk Hazard Arc: The most resolute is Clearly that these are a lead up to a the real threat, namely Crocodile and Donquixote Doflamingo. The desire to help someone that might be disreputable begins this arc, Miss Wednesday (Vivi) and The Distress call from Punk Hazard. The whole begining is to show how powerful the crew is in relation to the threat they face Whisky Peak, The Centaurs, escaping from captivity. They must bring along a surroget crew member, Vivi, Kin’emon then Momonosuke. The straw Hats apparent betrayal, The Giant’s exploding alcohol, as well as the Keeping of the Candy from the children. The defeat of a a man that uses his power over people for evil, Wapol then Caesar… this is longer and harder then anticipated… Here are some other things I noticed a flying animal type thing tells the boss about the straw hats, Mr. 13 and Miss Friday later Monet. Meeting of Giant mythical Beasts, Giants, Dragons. They beat someone, supposedly, really strong. Zoro + Luffy vs Mr 5 + Miss Valentine, Zoro Vs Monet. Mr 3 tricks the giants, Ceaser tricks Brownbeard. Wrongly enraged Giants, Wrongly enraged Children. Mr 3 power and Caesar’s Gas.

    -CrossOvers: The Cage the Straw Hats and Smoker are in by the hands of Crocodile and the cage The Straw Hats, Law, Smoker, and Tashigi are in from Caesar

    -Alabasta Arc/Dressrosa Arc: As the Dressrosa Arc isn’t complete there may be more in the future. Never the less The biggest similarity has to be a person masquerading as good while they subvertly commit atrocities, I don’t think you need reminding but Crocodile and Donquixote Doflamingo. Then theres the corruption of a good person in power Nefertari Cobra and King Riku. Death of a father figure, that didn’t really die, Igaram, Pell and Kyros. The apparent death, or grave injury of a main character. Luffy at the hands of Crocodile… Law at the hands of Donquixote Doflamingo. A weird pervert that might become far more important later… Bon Clay and Sinor Pink. A seemingly insurmountable for for Zoro Mr. 1 (sword fruit) Pica (In stone). Slightly suicidal person Pell and Baby 5 (maybe not). A rebel force wanting to destroy the ruler the revolutionary army, the dwarfs.

    Now I may have missed something… But for the most part I think the similarities are rather interesting…

    But maybe The next arc will in some way be the second Skypiea Arc…

    *Theory made by ConspirOC

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        Zoro, Zabuza & Inuyasha

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        zabuza zoro inuyasha -swordmen

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