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Interview with Eiichiro Oda: “One Piece Retrospective” (Open to read more)

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    Enel roots and his connection to the the Ancient Kingdom, Noah and the Strawhats

    *Theory by VIole D.Grace

    First of all, Enel was born and raised in Birka, one of the three ancient races that used to live on the moon. However once the resources ran out, all the three of them came to earth and once they came to earth, they started using earth resources instead and built a huge kingdom known as “The Great Kingdom“. After a while, certain group of humans decided to form an organization in order to fend these “Alien” race off earth, these certain group of humans are known today as the “World Nobles“. This Ancient Alliance was formed by the kings of Twenty Kingdoms. They threatened most of the other small countries to also join them. The alliance included the Donquixote Family and the Nefertari Family. During the Void Century, they fought against the Great Kingdom and successfully overthrew it, this alliance now is known as The World Government.

    But before they overthrew it, another alliance was made between the ancient king (of the 3 ancient races), the Pirate King and Joy Boy (of the Fishman Island), each of them created a special weapon that would help them win their fight with the powerful alliance of the twenty kingdoms, the 3 ancient races made the ancient weapon Uranus, the fishmen had their Poseidon along with Noah (which was made as a transportation method for the fishermen race), and the pirates created Pluton.


    However, after they came to realize that the weapons are too lethal and thus may cause millions of deaths and possibly the destruction of the whole world, they chose to give up. All these events eventually led to the fall of the Great Kingdom. The Twenty Kingdoms alliance wasn’t satisfied with this, they wanted the complete annihilation of this kingdom, so they would be the only rulers of the world, so instead of creating peace, they pretended they wanted to create peace with them, but when the right time came, they slaughtered all of them, which is what they’re trying to hide until now, the “Void Century”

    However, they failed to kill all of them. Those who survived created the Poneglyphs, so that their Descendants can walk up in their foot steps and do what they themselves couldn’t do, do their Will , which explains that the “Will of D” is the Will of the Descendants of the Ancient Kingdom.

    When Enel eventually knows about what the World Government did to his race and once he learns about the ancient weapons, he will want to avenge his race, not because he really cares about them, as he himself destroyed the village he was raised in, but because of his pride as someone who considers himself above all.

    What makes Enel suitable as a strawhats pirate?

    1-) The strawhats don’t include an individual from the ancient race, and with Jinbe possibly joining them soon, they could recreate each of the old alliance figures against the world government.

    2-) He possess a logia devil fruit which was so good compared to how he was introduced in a short arc, am i right? Oda wouldn’t have planned to waste it on a character that he would erased after 1 arc.

    3-) Luffy is the only pirate that Enel got to know, if he want to land on earth, then he will certainly need a guide or a “Nakama” as he would have zero knowledge about the nature of the blue sea.

    4-) Oda said himself in one of the interviews that a former enemy will join the strawhats crew.

    5-) He had a unique personality and character design, hate it or love it, it doesn’t matter 😛

    In the topic regarding whether Enel will come back from the moon or not , here is what i think:

    There is a big connection between the Automations (the small robots on the moon) and the Great Ship Noah, as we can see them riding it while Poseidon is pulling its chains, they might have helped on building the great ship or they might be essential for it to function right..

    These Automations can only be controlled by the Ancient king of the 3 races which was the barrier of the Goro Goro no Mi at that time, as we can see here:


    The one that’s holding The Nonosama Bo (Enel’s current weapon) was the king of that time. At each generation the king was crowned and given 2 things, the goro goro no mi and the golden staff, the goro goro no mi was very important, as without it, they wouldn’t have been able to reach their level of civilization..

    The whole race possessed a vast knowledge of mechanics and technology, and with the help of the devil fruit, they were able to build weapons and mechanics that would have been impossible without it, such as the Automations and the flying ark Maxim…

    With Enel having the Goro Goro no Mi now, he was able to awaken the Automations again, and i believe they will play a huge part in the upcoming arcs, most likely when the time comes for Noah to start moving again.

    What will most likely happen is that Enel will join the Strawhats crew before the arc comes when Fishman Island becomes the strawhats territory, because as i said, the Automations will play a big part in it..


    Enel wouldn’t go to the Fishman Island and help them unless he was part of the strawhats crew or at least was in an alliance with them..

    What do you guys think?

    (you can send your theory about  everything related to OnePiece via email at [email protected])

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