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Oda has been asked about the story ending! Here is what he says about it!

“The story’s end hasn’t changed once since the beginning. The problem is that I haven’t been able to really digest all the things that are happening along the way toward the end.” Inoue Takehiko Pia(2009)

Question: …Exactly how far ahead do you plan One Piece, and what is your story-planning technique?
Oda: I only have the ending of One Piece in my mind, and nothing else. But knowing the end point, I weave the story and make story arcs that build up to it. English Shonen Jump

“I just can’t help but draw a lot. The weekly format is set at 19 pages, but from the creator perspective I want to move the story along faster. I end up jamming as much as I can in there. There is also wanting to finish faster so I can relax.” Inoue Takehiko Pia (2009)

“The thing I want to do most in my comics is really not stories, it’s character models. I think like, “Is this style of person possible?” The time I spend doing all kinds of different designs is fun.”

    WHITEBEARD’S GURA PUNCH & GARP’S PUNCH: Which is more destructive?


      Luffy VS Blackbeard


        Straw Hats’ Adventure, so much Epicness!


          Ace’s last words

          D: Right before Ace died, he couldn’t speak very loudly, so he asked for his final words to be told to everyone, afterwards. Did Luffy ever end up passing on the message “Thank you for loving me” to everyone? P.N. Otohimememe


          O: I see. He really did promise that, yeah. But as events unfolded, it doesn’t seem like Luffy was able to meet with the Whitebeard Pirates’ crew members. But, that’s alright. Those crew members loved Ace and went to war as a result of that love, so not a single one of them would resent not directly receiving any words of thanks. At that time, Ace had a different wish. The thing that he made Luffy promise to “tell everyone afterwards” was what, exactly? To survive. So I think that those last few words that he managed to utter reached more people at that time than we could have ever imagined.

            ONE PIECE AMV: Shirohige-Indestructible

              What’s Your Favorite One Piece Arc?

              Dressrosa is finally over. So far One Piece has had 28 story arcs (and counting). Some so very long spanning across a year and others so short that it’s barely few months.

              By length:

              1. Dressrosa Arc: 101 chapters
              2. Skypiea Arc: 66 chapters
              3. Alabasta Arc: 63 chapters
              4. Enies Lobby Arc: 56 chapters
              5. Water 7 Arc: 53 chapters
              6. Fishman Island Arc: 51 chapters
              7. Thriller Bark Arc: 48 chapters
              8. Punk Hazard Arc: 46 chapters
              9. Marineford Arc: 31 chapters
              10. Arlong Park Arc: 27 chapters
              11. Baratie Arc: 27 chapters
              12. Drum Island Arc: 25 chapters
              13. Impel Down Arc: 25 chapters
              14. Sabaody Archipelago Arc: 24 chapters
              15. Syrup Village Arc: 20 chapters
              16.Davy Back Fight Arc: 19 chapters
              17. Jaya Arc: 19 chapters
              18. Post-War Arc: 17 chapters
              19. Little Garden Arc: 15 chapters
              20. Buggy the Clown Arc: 14 chapters
              21. Amazon Lily Arc: 11 chapters
              22. Post-Enies Lobby Arc: 11 chapters
              23. Whiskey Peak Arc: 9 chapters
              24. Romance Dawn Arc: 7 chapters
              25. Laboon Arc: 5 chapters
              26. Logue Town Arc: 5 chapters
              27. Return to Sabaody Arc: 5 chapters

              Then, Wich is your favorite Story Arc?


                Ace : Anime and Manga differences

                Alabasta Arc

                When Ace first meets Luffy’s crew, he tosses them a piece of paper and leaves. However, in the anime, his time with the Straw Hats was extended and he journeys with them for a while. During the journey though, Ace’s bead necklace kept appearing and disappearing in-between scene changes, most likely due to mistakes from the animators.

                Mera Mera no Mi

                In the manga, it is unknown if Ace can light things on fire from a distance without spouting flames that make direct contact. However, in the anime, he is shown lighting a cigarette for Sanji simply by pointing his finger.


                During his meeting with Shanks in the anime, Ace stated that he would become the Pirate King. At no point in the manga did Ace show this ambition, but rather he aims to make Whitebeard the Pirate King. Also in the anime, Ace stated that he wanted to show the world his power by taking Whitebeard’s head. Ace’s reason for going after Whitebeard’s head was never explained in the manga.

                Marineford Arc

                In the anime, the Ace’s and Luffy’s fight against the Marines (after Luffy unlocked his handcuffs) was expanded and Ace showed more of his attacks.

                In the anime, when Ace was struck through by Akainu, his beaded necklace broke apart and fell all over the ground, and one bead ended up rolling to Whitebeard’s foot, who picked it up tearfully; in the manga, the necklace remained intact. Ace also was covered in less blood than in the manga, and the smoke coming from his wound was absent. Other oddities include most of the artwork being largely uninspired by the manga.

                Ace’s chin covered blood in the manga.

                Ace’s chin showing only thin streaks of blood in the anime version.

                Ace’s death in the manga, which shows more blood and his wound still smoldering.

                Ace’s death in the anime that hardly shows any blood at all.

                The following episode, however, increases the amount of blood.

                In the anime, Ace’s beaded necklace was destroyed moments before his death.

                In the manga and the special episode3D2Y, his necklace is still intact.

                  Epic War!

                  This War is Ours!