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Hi guys, this is my first theory/speculation, so please bear with me!

As we all know that Luffy because his devil fruit powers can withstand large amount of distress and pain caused to his body and his internal organs – Second Gear and so on…

Who else in the past have we seen withstanding very critical pain and doing stuff not possible for a normal human being even in One Piece?

The answer would be Portgas D. Rouge, yes lover of the Pirate King and mother of our late beloved Ace!

She held Ace inside her for nearly 20 months, which a normal woman’s body cannot withstand, but because of the powers of the Gomu Gomu no Mi she could withstand the presence of her baby inside her for nearly 2 years!

But eventually even with the Gomu Gomu no Mi ‘s power the 20 months was little out its capabilities and she lost her life!

And to see many theories relating Shanks and Rouge which lead to Shanks being apprentice of the Roger pirates ship, it would seem possible for Shanks having fight for the Gomu Gomu no Mi from an enemy!

Thanks for reading it! All of your thoughts are welcomed!

*Theory by Atul D Mittal

    Luffy’s G4/G5

    Luffy sure amazed us and looked so “hardo boildo” when he showed the G2 for the first time, it was a new power-up and it was the first time he showed how useful his Devil Fruit actually is. Right after that he exceeded all out expectations by showing G3. It was the best fight ever! Half giant Luffy and with the side affect (the side affect is that Luffy becomes small after it’s use) was going way over the top.

    Now on the current Dressrosa arc, we have seen the new power-up – G4(still only in manga version). It kinda looks like Nightmare Luffy.

    Luffy coats his arm in Busoshoku Haki before biting into his forearm. Similar to how he activates Gear Third, he blows an incredible amount of air into his body, but this time he inflates his muscular structure before distributing the air throughout his body, with emphasis on his upper half. Luffy’s proportions become warped and his body becomes much larger in size, with his arms, upper torso, and legs coated in Busoshoku Haki. The coating across his torso resemble the wispy ends made from flames, giving it the appearance of tattoos, and he also gains shading around the inner and outer edges of his eyes. He also physically grows taller, standing around 4 meters tall.

    Now will there even be a Gear 5? What could G5 be? Could it perhaps have something to do with Smoker? Jokes aside, I can’t wait to see that one day.



      Luffy developed the best way to use his devil fruit power. We were able to see some devil fruit users who could only use the basic attacks, and they were laughing his rubber ability out, but when you combine it with haki it looks invincible.

      The rubber allows him to widen his skin and to create balloon like muscles, that he covers in haki and than everyone is watching him in amazement. Gear 2. was taking away his lifespan, but he got even that under control. He still can’t make full armament haki like Vergo but I bet we will see that too in several years.


        Gomu Gomu no Gigant Pistol! :-D


          Luffy – Gear Fourth theory

          Gear second was blood, gear third was bone, my idea is gear fourth is muscle/flesh.

          I thought it’d be interesting if he took full control of the elasticity of his body. In my idea of Gear Fourth, he retains the same shape, but gets slightly darker, like a lighter version of armament haki.
          He’d fight in this way without stretching, as we’re used to with the rest of his gears. When he fights in Gear Fourth, he takes any blow, or counters it with one of his own, has his body internally vibrate, strengthening the attack, and returning the attack with his own power PLUS the force he was hit with almost immediately.
          Say someone punches him, and Luffy counters his punch by punching the dude in the fist (because that’s how he fights) the dude’s strength shockwave travels through Luffy’s body into his attack on the other side of his body. When Luffy swings and hits the dude with his next punch, the force of that punch is Luffy’s PLUS the force the dude hit him with at first.

          Now, he could chain these attacks, as each successive attack could be considered stronger than the last (force waves bouncing back and forth inside of Luffy’s body, allowing Luffy to strike at the right times to build them up and make them stronger).
          Another idea I thought of is Luffy could go Gear Fourth, and start punching into his hand as he usually does before battle, and he just keeps punching harder and harder, faster and faster, building up the force, and then smashes the big bad in the face. That’d be an interesting introduction, we just see Luffy one shotting a big bad he’s had trouble fighting previously with Gear Second and Third.
          The downside, because every awesome bonus must have a downside is two fold:
          One, if he doesn’t connect with a hit after building up sucessive hits, the force just propagates uncontrollably throughout his body and he goes back to regular Luffy, with his limbs/body flailing everywhere as the forces he’s been bouncing back and forth in his body are unleashed. Doesn’t nessecarily cause bodily harm, but it makes Luffy temporarily lose control, for longer and stronger amounts of time based on how much force he’s accumulated.
          Two, and the real issue, if Luffy continues to attack like this and doesn’t win in time, the forces inside of his body could build up enough to literally tear him apart. With this, if he gets to a certain point where he hasn’t won yet, he’d have to force himself to miss and hope that the guy he’s attacking doesn’t take advantage of the fact that he’ll be vulnerable when he loses control of the forces inside his body.
          Maybe after some training he can learn to ground himself before building up too much power.

          *All rights go to Pharsical

            Which is your favorite Luffy out of these pictures?

            Which is your favorite Luffy out of these pictures