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I think that Blackbeard is NOT going to fight Dragon, a lot of people have said that Blackbeard will attack Dragon’s base. When Burgess found Baltigo, he only contacted Shiliew, one of the strongest members (who could rescue Burgess) and Lafitte. Since Lafitte is the navigator he will chart the island and place it on a map, thus recording Baltigo’s location. This is very important.
Even if they wanted to attack Baltigo Blackbeard won’t allow it.
People seem to forget that Blackbeard is a smart character. Marineford was caused by Blackbeard and then he came out of it with Whitebeard’s devil fruit and a lot of strong crew mates. It’s all one complex plan. He captured Ace so that Whitebeard would fight the Marines (which gave him a window of opportunity to get the Gura Gura no Mi). He used the Shichibukai position to get more members from Impel Down while the war is going on (when there’s less security at the prison).

So here’s my theory: Blackbeard will ask Lafitte to sneak in Mariejois and offer them Baltigo’s location for something in return. I think it’s also possible Teach might want information on Kuzan (Aokiji) from the Marines because they don’t trust Aokiji either, so that’s one more likely possibility, although it probably won’t be everything Blackbeard wants.

Lafitte will successfully sneak in Mariejois like he did back at the Shichibukai meeting during the Jaya Arc


After he tells them about how they got Baltigo’s location and the location itself the World Government will accept the deal and they will give Blackbeard what he wants in exchange for Baltigo’s location.

Now some of you may say “why would they accept the deal after Blackbeard have betrayed them?”,
the number one enemy to the World Government is the Revolutionary Army and Monkey D. Dragon. They even talked about how he was a threat to them in the world council. The knowledge of Baltigo’s location will benefit them immensely. Perhaps they can track the Army’s ships, trade deals etc. or even embargo and blockade ships from reaching Baltigo. These are all just possibilities, however: most significantly it could lead to Marine espionage, infiltration or even a Marine invasion in the future, perhaps during the final war arc

Also this won’t be the first time Blackbeard made a deal with the World Government, remember when he offered them Jewelry Bonney because he wanted some ships? So it’s not far fetched to say that he’s going to make another deal with the World Government for something that he wants.


So Blackbeard vs Dragon won’t happen, the Revolutionary Army vs The World Government is far more likely. It’s been foreshadowed for a while and when the World Government discovers the location of the Revolutionary Army HQ their fight seems far more likely

-Lafitte draws a map to Baltigo
-He sneaks in Mariejois and tell them the offer
-World Government accepts
-World Government vs Revolutionary Army could happen on Baltigo

*Theory by Jack The Drought

    Dragon in Chapter 803

    At the Revolutionary Army’s headquarters in Baltigo, Dragon is told that rebel armies across the world are winning their fights. Dragon notes the impact Doflamingo’s defeat has had on these countries, being surprised that so many countries were using illegal weapons. However, he tells the reporter that the rebels should not lose their will to fight, and they should be mindful of CP-0, which is growing stronger.Koala then reports to Dragon that the weapons they stole from Dressrosa contained traces of a special mineral, which Dragon reveals is Liquor Iron Ore.

    Koala is surprised, since only a few countries mine it, and knows they could use this information to get close to the manufacturers of these weapons. Koala thanks Dragon for helping them find Luffy and their lost comrades on Dressrosa, and Dragon asks about Robin. Koala reveals that the rumors about her capture on Sabaody were false, and asks Dragon if he will ask about Luffy, but Dragon dodges it by saying Sabo already told him.


      Hello once again everyone and welcome back to yet another theory for your entertainment. This time I shall diving into the plans and ironic lives of Blackbeard and his crew.

      This may sound generic, but Blackbeard’s plan is to take the world for himself as its most powerful being. It becomes more complex when you realize that the world of OP rightfully belongs to the Marshall D. family.
      -Its because of the Marshall D. family that the Tenryubittos are in control
      -Its because of the Marshall D. family that the D clan almost went extinct.
      -Its because of the Marshall D. family that Devil Fruits exist
      -The Yami Yami no mi was the first DF to exist and it is the treasure of the Marshall D. family
      -Instead of being rewarded for their assistance, the Marshall D. family was betrayed by the 2o kingdoms.
      -Marshall D. Teach is simply taking his world back

      Oda seemingly loves the number 3; from BB having 3 skulls one his jolly roger, to 3 winged races, to 3 ancient weapons and to 3 trees.

      Pluton is linked to Treasure Tree ADAM. It is the power to take lives. It also represents men and the wood form the Adam tree is used to make strong and durable ships.

      Poseidon is linked to Sunlight Tree EVE. It is the only living ancient weapon and power to control life while the tree linked to it sustains life. It represents women. Also, noticed how Poseidon can seemingly only be women?

      Uranus is linked to the DEVIL fruit tree. It is the power to give life and the power of god(it where haki and DFs came from). The fruit of the DF tree gives those who eat it god-like power. Know what else is power? Knowledge. This is obviously a reference to the Tree of Knowledge in Christianity that was created by God. Who fooled Adam and Eve into eating the fruit of the tree? The Devil. Remember when I said that the Yami Yami no mi was the first fruit to exist? The first fruit was the spawn of the devil.

      For the Marshall Ds, D means Devil.

      Now DFs and Haki came from the same source, which is why haki can be embedded over DF abilities and once again, the yami fruit was the fruit DF to exist so naturally, wouldn’t it have superiority over that DFs that came after it?

      The Yami Yami no mi is a black hole and it is the power of gravitation.

      The Yami fruit also has the power to suck in EVERYTHING including devil fruit powers.

      Guess what? The Yami fruit can only suck in haki and also because of the Yami fruit, Blackbeard himself cannot use haki. I’ll get more into this later.

      Blackbeard’s plans are entirely luck based and went through many changes as time went on. His original plan was a follows:
      1-Join WB’s crew as it gave him the best chances of finding the Yami fruit. BB joined WB at age 13.

      2. Find strong and capable crew members and have them wait until its time to rise to the top
      3. Poison WB to make him weak so it’ll be easy to replace him.

      Blackbeard collaborated with Doflamingo in taking out Blackbeard. Dont you find it weird that Doflamingo was so certain that a new era was approaching(this was in Mock Town before Ace was even captured)? Its a little reference to Greek mythology. Heaven(Doffy) and the Abyss(Teach) worked together to take out Gaia the Earth(WB).

      Notice the familiar looking women and Doffy’s jolly roger on the IV to the left.

      4. After obtaining the Yami fruit, he would join the shichibukai to gain access to Impel Down and recruit more strong people into his crew.
      5. Kill off a weakened WB and replace him as a yonko

      Of course, not everything goes according to plan or what BB likes to call it, fate. Thatch found the Yami fruit first so BB had to kill him and flee and BB called it a twist of fate.

      Of course, Ace tracked down BB and thy had a duel. It was during this fight that BB realized that because of the Yami fruit, he could not uses haki. Every time we saw Teach, he got hit over n’ over n’ over again. He was just a punching bag.

      Blackbeard was f*cked.

      The Yami fruit removes his intangibility and increases the amount of pain he feels. Without haki, BB would be no match for the big dogs of the New World. Ace was laying unconscious by his feet and at that moment, BB thought of a new plan that depended entirely on luck/fate; stealing WB’s devil fruit. Taking WB’s fruit was a last minute decision.

      BB tried to make Ace his nakama tell the very end; a clear indication that BB thinks of things on the fly.

      Due to the nature of his own DF, Teach believed it stealing WB’s fruit possible but as I said before, it was gamble. However, we all know how lucky BB was.

      With this, Blackbeard knew how to steal DFs and his and his crew engaged in DF hunts over the timeskip. Speaking of his crew…

      The BB pirates parallels with the SH pirates. All of BB’s recruits ran into a wall and BB helped build a tunnel for them. Luffy’s recruits were doing fine and pursuing their dreams, only getting into trouble when Luffy showed up.

      All of the BB pirates are heavy believers in fate.

      1st ship captain

      Burgess means “a person with municipal authority or privileges or an inhabitant of a town or borough with full rights of citizenship.” It also means castle or fort.

      Past: Burgess has a championship belt and there are underground fighting arenas. Burgess loves to prove his strength but because his habit of getting the audience involved in his matches, Burgess was banned from the underground arenas. Such an unfortunate fate. Fortunately, Burgess meet Blackbeard who offered him a chance to show his strength off to the entire world as his subordinate.

      Irony: Burgess is a champion who gets his ass kicked…a lot…..he looks like a wrestler but goes the audience killed during his matches as seen in Dressrosa.

      3rd ship captain

      ‘Auger’ is a tool used for boring holes in wood/in the ground(shooting holes in people with his gun)
      ‘Van’ means a winnowing fan, a bird’s wing(he shot down a bird in Mock Town) and forefront.

      Past: Van Auger was a sniper assassin. He was called “supersonic” due to his foot speed and ability to hid his presence. However, he was different from your normal/typical assassin.

      Auger shot at Ace and SMILED because Ace LIVED.

      Irony: Being a sniper assassin means he’ll kill his targets quickly with no hassle, but Auger loves the thrill of the hunt and hates when his hunts are boring. Seriously this guy’s skills is all about ending things quickly before it escalates….what did he expect…..such an unfortunate fate. Fortunately, Auger meet Blackbeard who offered Auger lots off fun hunts as his subordinate.

      4th ship captain

      Doesn’t Doc Q look like Dr. Hiliuk?


      Past: Doc Q is from Drum Kingdom and he had some form of relationship with Dr. Hiliuk. Because of Doc’s DF ability that deals with death, Doc is always sick so he became a doctor to relieve his pain and became interested in testing the vitality and luck of others hence his apples rigged with explosives. Always being sick despite being a doctor is such an unfortunate fate. Fortunately, Fortunately, Doc Q meet Blackbeard who offered him a chance to test the true fate and luck of the world and relive himself of his pain as BB’s subordinate.

      Irony: He is a doctor who is always sick…..his nickname is the grim reaper when he should be more of an angel being a doctor n’ all…..

      Blackbeard Pirate’s Navigator
      “Demon Sheriff” Lafitte
      5th ship captain

      ‘Lafitte’ means “a dweller at a boundary point or marker.”

      Lafitte is a mythical Siren zoan.


      A Siren can uses many different types of songs which includes hypnosis and removing sound. It also explains Lafitte’s giant wings in Impel Down and using hypnosis on its guards.

      Past: Lafitte was a former police officer in West Blue who was exiled for torturing criminals which gave him the epithet “Demon Sheriff.” Why was Lafitte torturing criminals? Because he is a criminal thief who hates those who disgraced the way of the thief.

      Lafitte was exiled from his kingdom and lost his motivation to pull of heists. Such an unfortunate fate. Fortunately, Lafitte meet Blackbeard who offered him a chance to perform the ultimate theft as his subordinate; stealing the world itself.

      Irony: He was a criminal who had a job as an officer, who tortured criminals for being bad criminals and was exiled for punishing criminals……damn….

      2nd ship captain

      ‘Shiryu’ means “Death Dragon”

      Past: Shiryu was a samurai from Wano who got his hands on a cursed sword and only wanted to spill blood.

      Irony: Shiryu was imprisoned for killing low-life prisoners on death row by someone with the authority to kill off any prisoner whenever he wants….such an unfortunate fate. Fortunately, Shiryu meet Blackbeard who gave him the opuurtinity to slaughter anyone he wants with no consequences.

      BB Pirate’s Shipwright
      “Corrupt King” Avalo Pizarro
      6th ship captain

      Avalo is short for avalon(means apple in Welsh) and it means 2 things:
      1-(in Arthurian legend) the place to which Arthur was conveyed after death.
      2-the Chinese Azure Dragon of the East

      Past: Avalo was a king with an ambition of cybernizing his people.

      Irony: Avalo was a king who lost his prestige and was ent to prison as dog, but lived like a king anyways.

      “Crescent Moon Hunter” Catarina Devon
      7th ship captain

      Catarina means Pure
      Devon is a breed of red beef cattle
      The Crescent moon is a holy symbol and it is believed to be where monsters and witches are at their weakest.

      Past: Catarina was a holy hunter punishing sinners. So brutality was so great that she was deemed the most evil woman in piracy.

      Irony: She killed in the name of all that is holy but was imprisoned for being an evil sinner……

      “Heavy Drinker” Vasco Shot
      8th ship captain

      Vasco is name taken from Vasco de Gama
      Shot refers to a gun(which Vasco used against WB) and to take a shot(alcohol).
      Trivia: Vasco da Gama(Vasco Shot) married Catarina de Ataíde(Catarina Devon), daughter of Álvaro de Ataíde(Avalo Pizzaro)

      Past: Vasco is a fishman who only cared about drinking. Without his booze, he would go on murder sprees(withdrawal symptoms) and the murders he commited were so gruesome that his existence was erased when imprisoned.

      Irony: Vasco can only function properly and ne rational when he is drunk. When he is sober, he is very irrational and violent.

      “Great Battleship” San Juan Wolf
      9 ship captain(he probably IS a ship….)

      Oda said Wolf is the same kind of giant like other giants we’ve seen but just abnormally large.

      Juan is a Spanish/manx version of John, means the lord is gracious and means beautiful and graceful in chinese.
      San is an honorific and also means three, sun, to cut down, acid, the last one and direction.

      Honor? Elbaf giants believe in honor. The last one? Saul is probably the last of his kind. To cut down? Elbaf giants are warriors. Lord? Elbaf giants believe in a god that watches over Elbaf.

      Past: Many have speculated that Wolf is an Elbaf giant who was defeated by the leader of Elbaf with the shrink shrink fruit.

      Irony: Wolf was the largest creature where seemingly no cage could was big enough for him, yet he was actually shrunk and put n a cage…..maybe…..probably….I dont know…..

      The Blackbeard Pirates are relying on DFs to be big dogs and are the very opposite of the Red Hair Pirates who are all non-DF users. Each BB pirate will represent “the strongest.”
      BB- strongest man
      Shiryu- strongest swordsman
      Burgess- strongest hand to hand fighter
      Van Auger- strongest sniper
      Doc Q- strongest doctor
      Lafitte- strongest navigator
      Avalo- strongest king/royalty
      Catarina- strongest woman
      Vasco- strongest fishman
      Wolf- strongest giant

      Who will be their opponents?

      *Theory by Vandenreich

        CHAPTER 803 REVIEW

        This chapter was full of information about everything in the One Piece World.

        We finally got to see the Sunny again, but with nobody aboard…But it was kinda obvious. And it seems we won’t have Barto into this It was a good opportunity for him to meet with the other half (and to gain the last four autographs…as that’s what counts the most :D)

        We get to see Dragon again!! Luffy’s dad finally makes an appearance, long anticipated by everyone, I guess. So, Vertigo is where the revolutionary HQ is located, huh? It’s a place that’s worth to be remembered for now. The revolutionary affairs themselves revolve around the exposure of arms trading, and granted to the Dressrosa incident, they where able to go a step further. When Koala told Dragon about Luffy, the latter was kinda disinterested again…really, what’s with him? What’s his problem with Luffy? O_o He rather wants to know about Robin of course. Really, I don’t really care for Luffy meeting Dragon now, that scene today was rather anticlimactic, if you ask me. But well, Dragon is planning something and lets gather all higher-ups within that organization…let’s see.

        The scene changes and voilá, Blackbeard’s pirates are there. Lafitte and Shiliew, who are trying to contact Burgess, finally succeed in doing so. Burgess is in a kinda bad condition, but he somehow managed to sneak into a ship of the revolutionaries and got where their HQ is located, Vertigo. That’s interesting here. So what is Blackbeard planning? We should keep an eye on it.

        Besides it seems that Sabo is training his DF!


        And wow!! Buggy is back, crazier than ever! 😀

        One Piece 803 - Page 11

        And last, but not least: NINJAS! Zoro, Luffy, and Law’s reactions are priceless!

        Hype is real waiting for the upcoming chapters!!

        *All rights go to the maker of this review



          “A wandering vagabond or a man standing firm by his convictions? Its easy to tell the two apart.”


          Kuzan is a man who is standing firm by his convictions and he is executing his lazy justice as we speak. Before I say anything else, please know that Kuzan is NOT a revolutionary….yet. If he was then how do you explain this?


          Why tell Smoker to warn Sakazuki about Doflamingo? Kuzan has no reason to do that if he was a revolutionary, as that would make Sakazuki and the WG his enemy.

          Kuzan is quite the mysterious man and after his defeat by Akainu for the position of Fleet Admiral, he resigned from the marines and disappeared. Its quite obvious however, that he is still perusing his own justice.


          That justice has apparently made him an acquaintance of Blackbeard.


          Simply put, Kuzan is a member of the Blackbeard Pirates.

          In order to even find Blackbeard however, Kuzan had to get involved in the underground to find out his alias.


          But as you know, Kuzan isn’t exactly unknown. Everyone knows that he is a former admiral so no one would dare reveal any infortation to him, fearing for their own safety so how did Kuzan get the info exactly?

          He forced the info out of people with pain and fear and completed dirty tasks for others.


          It isn’t unlike Kuzan to resort to such dark tactics and deeds. When he first meet the SH pirates, he tried to kill Nico Robin. He would’ve done it too if it weren’t for Luffy. He also tried to kill Luffy in Marineford.

          Now then, we know that Kuzan is a member of the BB pirates by why did he show up on Punk Hazard in the first place?


          Kuzan was on a mission to capture Caesar Clown for Blackbeard. Blackbeard wants control of the SMILE production program.

          Do you really think Blackbeard would let a former admiral just waltz into his crew without some proof of loyalty? In order to make sure that Kuzan is serious, Blackbeard ordered Kuzan to capture Caesar for him, but Caesar was already gone and on his way to Dressrosa.

          Kuzan informed Blackbeard of the current situation but Blackbeard was still confident, as word in the underground said that Doflamingo is hosting a tournament and the winner gets the Mera Mera no mi. With this, Kuzan was teamed with Jesus Burgess. Kuzan’s mission was to once again capture Caesar and Burgess’ mission was to get the Mera and steal all of the SMILES in Dressrosa.

          Burgess is halfway done with his mission.


          In that bag are all the SMILES Burgess stole from the factory.

          Kuzan however will once again fail in his mission but this time, it will be intentionally. The Sunny Team is currently being chased by the Big Mam pirates and Kuzan will secretly help them escape by freezing the waters and stopping Big Mam’s ship in its tracks. For Kuzan, Caesar being in the hands of the SHs is better than Big Mam or Blackbeard.

          After that is done, Kuzan will save Jeusu Burgess and they will make their way back


          Kuzan may or may not have a confrontation with Sabo.

          The big question is why is Kuzan getting involved with Blackbeard in the first place? Kuzan wants to investigate the secret of Blackbeard eating two devil fruits and how he is executing his devil fruit hunt.

          Kuzan’s questions will be answered in the Kaidou arc when Blackbeard kills Kaidou and transfers his devil fruit to Stronger(Doc Q’s horse). It will also be in this arc where Kuzan learns that the WG were trading weapons with Kaidou and Kuzan will lose all motivation to help the WG in any way.

          After the Kaidou arc, Kuzan will once again disappear, resurfacing during the World Government Takeover.

          Kuzan was asked by Dragon years ago to joined the revolutionaries but he declined, believing the a rebellion was too extreme and thought he could change the WG from the inside. However, not only does Kuzan no longer have any pull with the WG, he believes a takeover is going to far and that justice will never be realized if the current WG exist. He will join the revolutionaries and the info he has gained about Blackbeard will be quite helpful.


          In the center of the WG takeover will be the SH pirates and Kuzan will save them from Akainu’s meteor volcano by freezing mid air. He will reveal himself as a new revolutionary with other revs backing him, holding off Akainu’s fleet while the SHs make it to Dragon.

          *Theory by Vandenreich


            (you can send your theory about  everything related to OnePiece via email at [email protected])


            There’s a possibility that Burgess is still on the island and he probably didn’t have enough time to leave before DD put the birdcage on. We haven’t seen him since the conclusion of the fights in the Colosseum, and while reading the discussions it seems that many people think that he could go after the factory and that he could be interested in smiles.
            Now I really doubt he or BB would be interested in the artificial fruits to eat them, mostly because of how BB seems to be only after the more rare fruits like the Mera Mera no mi.Seeing how Burgess wasn’t able to retrieve the fruit, it’s more logical that he would seek another fruit of that caliber. Maybe not as powerful as the Mera Mera, but maybe another logia type.So I really doubt that artificial Zoan type of fruits would do the trick for him. So which fruit should he look for? I was thinking about…the Yuki Yuki no mi.
            While not being as powerful as the Mera Mera no mi, it’s still has some pretty interesting abilities. Now in order for this theory to work, obviously Monet needs to be dead which I think she is, and DD must have been able to retrieve it from Punk Hazard. But we saw that it’s filled with the poisonous gas, so he shouldn’t be able to get it himself…but he could send a clone made of strings to retrieve it. The clones work like Robin’s hands, they’re just made of strings so they shouldn’t need to breath.
            What do you guys think? Could Burgess be interested in the Yuki Yuki no mi, If not will there be other fruits he can be interested in? Someone could mention the Ope Ope, but we pretty much know it’s going to be useless on someone who doesn’t have medical knowledge.

            *All rights go to ladylola