So the 7th Shichibukai has been revealed and it wasn’t any character that we have known, it’s a new character revealed to be the son of Edward Newgate. Weeble is a strange character that doesn’t seem anything like his dad, Whitebeard, and is a lot more comedic and less epic than him. It would seem strange for Oda to leave a successor to Whitebeard who was so inadequate but I think the interesting thing here is that Weeble was not a member of Whitebeard’s crew. Whitebeard always talked about how all he ever wanted was to have a family so if he had a son of his own flesh and blood why wouldn’t he let him join his crew and be a part of his family?

One explanation is that Weeble is too evil and Whitebeard would not accept him as his son due to his lack of morals since we know Whitebeard is a very principled man due to how he reacted to Blackbeard’s treachery. This seems plausible since Weeble is violent and seems like he is going to be a villain as he casually pillages towns and oppose the remaining Whitebeard pirates.

The other possibility which I think most people would agree with is that he is simply not Whitebeard’s son and that Whitebeard didn’t accept him because he didn’t know about him. While Weeble does have some physical resemblance to Whitebeard in size and facial hair his personality is nothing like him. So why does Weeble think he is Whitebeard’s son? Because his mother is tricking him. His mom, Miss Bucking, already seems like a shady character and since Weeble is most likely a simpleton (mentally handicapped) it would be easy to lie to him about his heritage. There is an important clue that Weeble and Bucking are not actually related to Whitebeard as Oda chooses to introduce them as “self proclaimed” family instead of simply stating that they are his son and lover.

But what is the whole goal of this besides simply gaining power for her and her son? Now this is where I get into my theory which right now I’m still waiting on some more hard evidence. That Weeble’s mom is connected to the Yonko, Big Mom. When they are leaving the island Miss Bucking mentions that she needs to hear what their next assignment is. Centre right panel


Thus thats a strong indicator that Miss Bucking isn’t just manipulating her son for her own gain but is in fact taking orders or at least directions from someone else who tells her where/who Weeble should attack next and I believe that person to be Big Mom.

There are some immediate strange similarities between Weeble’s mom and the Big Mom Pirates as she is a weird looking woman who wears heavy lipstick just like Big Mom herself and Lola who is likely to be apart of the crew as well. Weeble’s mom also seems similar in character to Big Mom as she is looked up to and relied upon as a mother and she is greedy and interested in material things like money just like how Big Mom wants candy when most other characters in the series just want power in terms of control and strength.
The more important distinction however are her sunglasses, now plenty of characters wear sunglasses but her glasses specifically look like the same ones worn by Big Mom’s subordinates Pekoms and Baron Tamago.

Besides some coincidental similarities in appearance my next clue is that Weeble’s actions directly seem to benefit Big Mom. Weeble hates Blackbeard since he killed his “dad” so he would be willing to fight Blackbeard who as one of the other Yonko is one of Big Mom’s biggest enemy. The more important thing that Weeble is doing though is fighting the Whitebeard pirates, because he is jealous of them, which has resulteded in destroyed towns. But what towns would the Whitebeard Pirates be fighting at? Most likely they would be trying to defend Whitebeard’s former territories to continue his legacy. Now what islands do we know that used to Whitebeard’s former territories? Fishman Island which we now see after the TS is not being defended by the Whitebeard Pirates but is now coincidentally owned and extorted by Big Mom. Weeble’s Mom also seems to specifically want her son to take out the Whitebeard Pirates because they gain money from it. I don’t see why fighting the Whitebeard Pirates would provide more money then taking down any random group of strong pirates so it seems Bucking and her constituents are interested in the systematic destruction of the Whitebeard Pirates. If this theory is true it would be because Whitebeard’s territories are a great opportunity for Big Mom’s schemes and she will pay Weeble’s mom for Weeble clearing them.

Edward Weeble may not be Whitebeard’s actual son and his mom is an associate of Big Mom who is tricking him into unintentionally fighting Big Mom’s enemies namely the Whitebeard Pirates so Big Mom can sweep into his former territories and “give them protection”/run a racketeering scheme.

*Theory by Nicobade


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  1. Why would big mom order to destroy the isles, if it was WB territory it would be more important to take it more than destroy it


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