As of the end of chapter 822 Oda has started building towards the Reverie, and as such there are now going to be sufficient hints to make predictions about that part of the story (where I don’t believe there were before)

So first off, I believe that by the end of it, Vivi will join the ranks of the Revolutionary Army. But if I don’t say why and how it’s not a theory so moving on

We all know that Vivi will in fact be in attendance at the Reverie (we’ve all assumed as much for a long time though of course). First of all, talks are going to rapidly break down due to the high number of people who are friends with the Straw Hat Pirates present, including several newly placed rulers after the overthrowing of dictators (King Riku, Dalton, etc). Of course none of this will sit well with the more loyal members of the Government

Many people believe that the Revolutionaries are going to wage all out war on the WG but I consider it far too early in the story for that. Their defeat will have no impact without the true history being revealed and it seems quite pointless to send the revos in just to have them lose. Their main forces will be occupied dealing with the Blackbeard Pirates. But they will send a small covert operation in for a stealth mission

Now, introducing the leader of this mission


Not only does Kohza have a history of revolutionary behaviour but he also now holds a high position in Alabasta’s government as the environmental minister, making him a perfect candidate for Revolutionary Army recruitment

During his covert operation I believe he will encounter Vivi and this time successfully convert her to his cause. The Nefertari family have always been somewhat of an outlier in the ranks of the World Government anyway, and Vivi has no qualms about allying herself with outlaws. Seeing the despicable behaviour of world leaders at the Reverie, coupled with her talk with Kohza and the knowledge that they’re led by Luffy’s father, will inevitably push Vivi to becoming a member of the Revolutionary Army.

*Theory by Go D. Usopp