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Nakama, What is your Zodiac Sign?


    Which is the best fight of Monkey D. Luffy?

    What is the best fight scene of Monkey D. Luffy

      Too much epicness in one picture! How many One Piece characters can You recognize?



        Hi guys, this one will be short and it will focus on CP-0 and its creation as well as the purpose of the organization.

        The basis of Cipher Pol is that there are 8 squads, from numbers 1-8 that are of public knowledge and are used in a similar way to Secret Intelligence services such as the CIA or MI6. However, Cipher Pol 9 is a secret organization of rumoured although unconfirmed existence in the view of the public. CP9, as we know, has the privileges of licenses to kill. This is as a result of being of the World Governments ‘elite’, arduously trained to maintain absolute secrecy.

        After the timeskip, we now know of another group, Cipher Pol 0 -AEGIS. Now, CP0 is absurd and doesn’t quite fit the patterns defined in the other 9 squads. Firstly, all the while being a far greater group than CP9, secrecy is not a priority, nor is it even considered. CP0 have appeared in the public eye a few times, and even go to the extent at which they exercise authority over Doflamingo, a Shichibukai, this is especially strange as the other Cipher Pols are independent and lack any authority over other bodies such as the Marines, however, CP0 has shown influence over the Marine Fleet Admiral as well as a former Tenryuubito and Shichibukai. Examples, or rather, proof of this is seen below:


        Public Appearance


        [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]

        What caught my attention was ‘AEGIS’ at the end of the groups name. This stood out profoundly to me as I’m very knowledgeable of Ancient European mythology. For clarity before I go on to explain the significance of this phrase: Aegis was a mythological concept for the Greeks, Carthaginians, Persians and Romans in which, although lacking finite form, was generally seen as a form of clothing or armour that only a God could wear. These Gods as a result of Aegis could receive absolutely no damage or harm of any kind. The ability of the ‘Aegis’ concept is profoundly important to CP0’s purpose

        Gods who have used Aegis in mythology have used it during a time of upheaval, when destiny and fate is threatened to be unfulfilled and revolutionized or overturned. Such examples are when Athena used Aegis in the Trojan War and temporarily gifted it’s abilities to Achilles to help give the Greeks an advantage when the Trojans were pushing them on the back foot, breaching their defences. Another example is the use of Aegis by Zeus/Jupiter when fighting Typhon on their second occasion. Aegis was made by the Blacksmith and Fire God, Hephaestus/Vulcan

        As the Tenryuubito are often seen to be ‘God’

        Above Humans


        D is their enemy

        and the fact that CPO seem to have similar levels of authority, they seem to be intrinsically linked. In fact, due to the title ‘AEGIS’, they are strongly linked. CP0 is the elite group that protects the Tenryuubito and Gorosei from Revolutionaries and conflict. They also use their power to protect their interests, such as world order, which is why they often get involved in global affairs such as the news broadcast surrounding Doflamingo’s resignation from the Shichibukai. In fact it seems to be CP0 that monitor and censor the global news themselves in order to maintain the stability and power the government holds, therefore denying Revolutionary influence


        It is also therefore not a coincidence that CP0 have appeared when the Revolutionary Army did, in Dressrosa all the while having interests in similar issues such as the Dressrosa weapon trade. This only strengthens my point


        Cipher Pol:
        [​IMG] Revolutionaries:

        Only appeared where Revolutionaries are

        Concluding, the CP0 was founded for protecting the Gorosei and Tenryuubito, and serves the purpose of two things: investigating and weakening the Revolutionary Army, therefore strengthening the Government, and secondly to protect the ‘Gods’ of One Piece from attack. This is why they need or require public image rather than secrecy, and why they have greater superiority and authority than even Sengoku/Sakazuki in the World Government hierarchy

        *Theory by L o g i a

          Which one of these fights do you like the most?


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              The ages of the members of CP9

              D: Question for Oda-sensei! Tell us the ages of the members of CP9. Please, Shigan! (I’m sorry! Don’t dodge, Sensei!) P.N. No. 1


              O: Yow! … whew, that was close. Good thing I dodged, wahaha!! You can’t touch this!!

              • Lucci: 28
              • Kaku: 23
              • Jabra: 35
              • Blueno: 30
              • Kumadori: 34
              • Fukuro: 29
              • Kalifa: 25
              • Spandam: 39

                Which one is the most epic fight? :-)

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