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As it is indicated in the end of the chapter, the revolutionnaries’s headquarters had been destroyed, Sabo and Dragon’s faces are shown in the newspaper. It is highly unlikely that the Revo were utterly defeated, and their base totally annihilated, otherwise all of Dragon and the revo’s hype would be gone to waste.Here is my speculation: Dragon noticed Jesus’s presence, because if he’s really a Wind/Air logia, he would be able to detect the small fluctuation of air in Baltigo, the same as Enel when he can hear voices using electromagnetical waves, or Crocodile who can detect underground rivers with his DF. I think that Dragon successfully summoned all of the revo leaders and came up with a plan to crush the WG , the Reverie is a good opportunity, as well as Doflamingo’s defeat, and left Baltigo to start their offensive, because it’s high time the revo shine, as they have (especially Dragon) done nothing since the beginning of the manga. Oda wanted One Piece to last 5 years so if he introduced Dragon so early in the series, it’s definitively because he had something to do.

My perfect scenario is that the Revo vanished entirely from Baltigo, taking with them Burgress as an hostage. BB arrive and realize there is nothing left, by rage he destroy the island using Black Hole, which is his only island-level destruction technique. Much later, during the Reverie, the kings discuss affairs when suddenly Dragon appear just in front of them, using his Wind powers, and unleash a large scale battle in Mariejoie. It would be the perfect opportunity to present the revo as a real organization, alongside with the Marines and the Yonkou, and hype Dragon.

*Theory by Endomorphisme


    There may be a slight chance that Marco will join with the Red Hair pirates for the time being. He has lost both Ace and Whitebeard and might want revenge, but he alone isn’t strong enough.

    Blackbeard is probably searching for him too, to steal even his Devil Fruit powers.

    Who would be the best person to be with while both hiding and waiting for the right time for a revenge? Shanks!


    It may sound stupid, but I believe that, after they were on Ace’s and Whiteberad’s grave, they have joined and are now waiting for Luffy to arrive, so that they can change the system and the world together.

    So what do you guys think?

    *by Sanzen

      What Blackbeard has originally supposed to be

      In One Piece green databook it is written that Blackbeard was originally supposed to be so strong that he was even unbeatable by the three admirals.

      The truth is, this statement is actually a misinterpretation.
      In the original setting for BB’s power, Oda did make him very strong. In his early design, BB was unable to feel hot, cold, pain or even numbness. His only weakness was being unable to swim..

      Taking this information into consideration, the editor who wrote the databook just assumed that maybe he could even take out the three admirals with his powers..

      Furthermore, Marshall D Teach was originally named as Everything D Teach. There were crewmates such as King Joker, Lape Jesus, Basurero Shot, Van Faggot, Kitsune (it means Fox in Japanese) and Last Lion.


        Dragon in Chapter 803

        At the Revolutionary Army’s headquarters in Baltigo, Dragon is told that rebel armies across the world are winning their fights. Dragon notes the impact Doflamingo’s defeat has had on these countries, being surprised that so many countries were using illegal weapons. However, he tells the reporter that the rebels should not lose their will to fight, and they should be mindful of CP-0, which is growing stronger.Koala then reports to Dragon that the weapons they stole from Dressrosa contained traces of a special mineral, which Dragon reveals is Liquor Iron Ore.

        Koala is surprised, since only a few countries mine it, and knows they could use this information to get close to the manufacturers of these weapons. Koala thanks Dragon for helping them find Luffy and their lost comrades on Dressrosa, and Dragon asks about Robin. Koala reveals that the rumors about her capture on Sabaody were false, and asks Dragon if he will ask about Luffy, but Dragon dodges it by saying Sabo already told him.