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Which was the hardest battle of Luffy?

    Of all the Fights in Dressrosa, which one was your favorite!?


      One Piece 「AMV」► Luffy Vs. Doflamingo “HERE I AM”

        One Piece AMV – The One Who Laughs Last

          Can’t wait to see Luffy kicks Doflamingo’s ass!

          Can't wait to see Luffy kicks Mingo's ass in the anime!


            The story of Sanji begins in a small North Blue town of…..Notice. Why this town you might ask? I’ve heard all the theories in regards to Livneel etc etc, but personally something about the name of this town struck me. Why would Oda name it “Notice”? Seems like an odd name for a town, UNLESS Oda is trying to draw our attention to this particular town in North Blue. To take note, if you will, of Notice.

            We first heard about this town in Chapter 769 through a short flashback of how Bellamy and the others met Doflamingo. Illustrated below.


            Now we know this town has a great deal of money and wealth. Bellamy calls it boring but then again, he’s an idiot. Besides the name however, there isn’t much else to go by about Notice. But the name in itself could be significant.

            We begin with the story of Sanji’s mother, name unknown and I won’t speculate either, but Sanji’s mother was the most beautiful woman in this town in North Blue. And a particular man took notice:D of her when he visited the incredibly wealthy town in North Blue. He was so bewitched by her beauty, he took her as his woman. Yes, against her will, he raped her and had his way. She of course could not speak out and had to bare it because of who this man was.

            He lavished her with gifts and fine clothes made of silk (importance later), and Sanji’s mother was little more than a wealthy concubine. This man would come when he pleases and take off when he felt like. The story of Sanji’s mother is all too common. Now who is this man, before I go any further? Well the common theory is it’s the Blonde Gorosei. And I agree. My basis for this story is based on the Chinese Myth of the “Three Sovereign and the Five Emperors”

            But more specifically the part about the Yellow Emperor (The Blonde Gorosei) and who his main wife was. I mentioned it in another theory that the Yellow Emperor out of all the Emperors had a wife who was renowned for her connection to silk.

            So that’s where the silk connection comes from. Not only is it a very expensive fabric befitting of the Nobles of a rich town in North Blue, it would tie together if Sanji’s mother in particular was noted for the silk that she wore.

            Now back to the story. At some point, she got pregnant right after one of his visits and she had a son while he was away. But there in lies the problem. Because he was a Gorosei, they are notorious for taking any children they have on the Blue Seas to Mariejoa, leaving the mother behind so that they could groom them to be a World Noble. She after all is just Blue Sea Trash.

            Sanji’s mother made preparations to leave Notice with her son on a ship to escape his fate, because she couldn’t bare the thought of him growing up without her. The people in Notice obviously consider it an honour to have a child of a Celestial Dragon and one of them ratted her out before her plans could be set in place. Knowing the fate of her son, she resisted when the Blonde Gorosei returned and tried to take a young Sanji. This is where Sanji got his aversion for hitting women.

            WHAT IF, a young Sanji witnessed this man, whom he had never met, who his mother called his father, beat his beautiful mother to death while she told him to run and never come back. Sanji’s mother sacrificed herself to stop Sanji from being taken to Mariejoa and be influenced by the man who basically controlled her and raped her for years.

            Sanji thus developed a hatred of the idea of hitting a beautiful woman because of his own experience witnessing his mother die at the hands of domestic abuse.

            Now where does this story parallel? As someone said, Sanji does refer to himself as Mr. Prince, but more importantly, there are key Star Wars references and vibes in this current arc, and people have suggested it would make sense if Sanji represented Luke Skywalker and his father was ruler of the Empire (World Government) and Darth Vader. Responsible for Sanji’s mother’s death.

            Thus I think this is the story of Sanji’s past and his name will be a significant one, one of the Royal Clan names that were of the original 20 families that formed the WG. And once it’s revealed, the shock around the world when Sanji is claimed as a World Noble on a Pirate crew would bring even more shame to the WG.

            *Theory by TheConqueror

              One Piece「AMV」- Zoro Vs Pica “Burn The City”

                One Piece Laughter Styles. Which is your favorite?

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                  One Piece Laughter Styles


                    Blonde guys in One Piece: which is your favorite? :-)

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