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Which is the best Straw Hat Pirates’ outfit?


    From the events and info that was revealed in chapter 820, we have learned that Marco and the remainder of the WB pirates had an all out war against Blackbeard and his crew; known as the ‘Payback War’, that occurred about a year ago; which resulted in Marco and his men suffering an overwhelming defeat. Now the minks and samurai are going to seek him out to join the alliance in taking down Kaido.

    This ‘rebirth’ of Marco that I will try to explain, is not an actual physical rebirth as a result of his phoenix powers; but rather a symbolic rebirth, to signal a new beginning for Marco.
    The phoenix is a very popular mythical creature, prevalent in many different cultures and folklore. In particular, Japanese mythology; it is said that the phoenix was thought to only appear at the birth of a virtuous ruler/King, and was said to mark the beginning of a new era.
    This could be likened to Marco once being the first commander under Whitebeard’s command. He served under Edward Newgate in what was known as the Whitebeard era. But this era ended with the war at Marineford.

    It is said that at the end of one era, the phoenix returns to its celestial abode or ‘dies’ only to await its ‘rebirth’ at the dawn of a new era. As the story goes, the phoenix; near the end of its life, settles in to its nest which then burns ferociously; reducing the bird and its nest to ashes. And from those ashes, a fledgling phoenix rises – renewed and reborn.

    From the beginning of the main storyline (chapter 1) to the present (chapter 820), if we were to follow the path of Marco’s life within that time; it is; simply put, been filled with death, tragedy, defeat and loss. From the time Thatch found the yami yami fruit which led to him being killed by Teach…..then losing Ace….then losing Whitebeard…..and finally being defeated in the payback war; and all the while not to mention Weevil being on the hunt for him and killing his allies. The only bright spot in an otherwise dark time; was his ability to protect Luffy and ensure that he didn’t die at Marineford…

    The sequence of events over the last 2-3 years surrounding Marco symbolizes the ending of his ‘life’ as serving the past ruler of the era; Whitebeard; which has now ended. These events represents the ‘fire’ that consumed him before he awaits his ‘rebirth’ and the new era.

    Now, as we’ve learned in chapter 820, the minks and samurai are now embarking on a journey to seek out Marco; so that he may join the alliance to take down Kaido and reclaim Wano.
    This, I believe, will be the beginning of Marco’s new life; his rebirth of sorts; to serve under the new era and the next rightful King…..Monkey D. Luffy!!

    *Theory by phoenixxx91

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        Crocodile’s and Arlong’s Fate

        Myth: Oda stated in an interview that Crocodile and Arlong were executed.

        Fact: An old rumor based on unfounded sources that claims Oda stated in an interview that Crocodile and Arlong were executed. However, no such interview has been shown to actually exist. When Luffy defeated Crocodile, he was knocked through the bedrock and fell to the ground outside the temple, wounded. Same goes to Arlong whose nose was broken and his castle fell on him.

        But in the Miss Goldenweek side-story, Crocodile was in fact alive in prison and later seen to be still alive in Impel Down, exposing the interview to actually be a myth, Hatchan also confimed that Arlong was in prison as well.

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