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Tokyo One Piece Tower 1st Anniversary

Straw Hats new outfits for the first anniversary of the Tokyo One Piece Tower


    Recently we were introduced to the Kougetsu family, which was re-named the “Kouzuki” family.

    Kou + Getsu = Deep Red/Crimson + Moon

    Kou + Zuki = Light + Moon

    However, with deeper searches, I found out that Kou also means “Scarlet”:

    Kou + Zuki = Scarlet/Light + Moon


    Notice how Kouzuki/Kougetsu are both associated with the Moon.

    The Red Poneglyph & The Kouzuki Family Crest

    Seeing as how Kouzuki can mean “Scarlet Moon”, and scarlet is a deep red colour, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Kouzuki family were the ones who were involved with the creation/placing of the Red Poneglyph in Zou.

    If this were true, then it would mean that they had strong links with the Ancient Kingdom.

    Interestingly, the colour red is usually affiliated with happiness in Japanese culture, unlike Western culture where it represents negativity (danger, death etc…)

    So what if the Red Poneglyph doesn’t tell us of any thing bad, but rather, something good:
    I was thinking that it might’ve talked about how the Kouzuki & Minks became united due to the AK helping out. Just speculation though.

    We also know that Wano has no links with the World Government, its fighters being so strong that they even scare away marines.

    This would mean that during the Void Century, the 20 Kingdoms were perhaps unable to invade and destroy Wano Kingdom – thus the Wano may know a lot about the happenings of that time since they survived.​


    Luffy interested?
    Luffy rarely ever cares for such things.
    Usually he starts snoring, picking his nose, or outright says he doesn’t care.

    It’s interesting that Oda chose to show Luffy being actually interested in what “Kouzuki” is.

    Most of us can agree by now that the Ancient Kingdom was probably alien in origin, possibly coming from the moon.
    “D. = Half-Moon Theory”

    Clover’s Illustration Of The Ancient Kingdom


    Look at this:


    Don’t the 8 balls surrounding the bigger ball at the centre of the crane resemble the 8 phases of the Moon around Earth?

    Defo interesting. Another link with the Moon.

    Furthermore, the crane crest may be based on the real life Daimyo crane crest:


    I found out that it’s also the symbol for the Japan Airlines:


    Could the Kouzuki’s Kamon represent freedom?
    The red represents happiness.

    Additionally, the Tsuru Kamon (Crane Family Crest) is usually affiliated with royalty in Japan.

    Look at this:

    There are several Crane-Kamons on Luffy’s kimono – could this have been a foreshadowing of the Kouzuki, or also, have been a foreshadowing of Luffy being of royalty.

    It’s a common theory that Luffy is descended from Joy Boy (King of the AK), and thus is of royalty.

    If we dig deeper, it could be a link between the D. People (AK People) and the Kouzuki.

    Since the Crane-Kamon is common in Japan, it could just be a coincidence.
    But we know that Oda doesn’t add things for nothing.


    Remember this?

    How about this?


    Seems familiar.


    Seeing as how the first symbol represents the Celestial Dragons, could the second symbol represent the Ancient Kingdom?
    Or more particularly, an important ‘sub’-symbol of the Ancient Kingdom.

    Seeing the links between the Kouzuki Family and the Ancient Kingdom, I wouldn’t be surprised if the main royalty (Oden & Momo) of the Kouzuki Family are actually D. in origin.
    By D. I mean being descendants of the Ancient Kingdom.

    As we know, the Ancient Kingdom had a unity of different countries (e.g. Fishman Island, Shandora etc…), so since the Kouzuki were likely part of that unity, their main royalty could’ve been related to them.

    Momonosuke, like his father, can hear the “Voice Of All Things” (perhaps Law too since he’s drawn silent in the same row), and Neko & Inua say that someone else they remember could too.
    It could’ve been Roger.

    Seeing as so far all of those who could hear the Voice Of All Things are D. People (descendants of the AK), then perhaps the main royalty of the Kouzuki Family are descendants too.

    8 Races = 8 Balls


    Here we see 9 different Races.
    But since the Fishmen and Merfolk live together, we can count this as 8.

    If not the moon phases, could the 8 small balls in the crest be a reference to these 8 ‘Races’.

    This is all speculation though, as so far we haven’t gotten too much info on the Kouzuki Family.​

    *Theory by Saffron Kaizoku

      What group would you join in One Piece?


        Kuma’s Intention

        Myth: Kuma separated the Straw Hat Pirates so they can become stronger.


        Fact: The full reason behind Kuma separating the Straw Hat Pirates is still unknown though a great deal of evidence seems to point to this myth being proven at least partially true.

        By Chapter 591, it was revealed that Kuma wished to save the Straw Hats. Sentomaru also stated that the user of the Nikyu Nikyu no Mi can control where to send people, which was also proven by the fact that Perona was sent to a dark castle like she wanted. The Straw Hats then landed on suspiciously convenient spots (like Zoro ending up on Mihawk’s island and Nami on an island dedicated to studying the weather). This evidence strongly supports the myth’s veracity. Even so, until it is confirmed, this cannot be taken as a fact.

          The greatest enigma in One Piece: Monkey D. Dragon

          • Devil Fruit: What is his Devil Fruit? Did he even eat one?
          • Ancient Weapon: Does he possess one? (Uranus)
          • Ancient Kingdom/Void Century: Does he know the true history? Does he search for the Poneglyphs?
          • Power-Level: How strong exactly is he? Who does he compare to? Supernovas? Admirals? Yonko?
          • Motivation: Why did he choose a life of hiding, secrecy and war? Did something happen to him?

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