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One Piece x Toriko x Dragon Ball Z AMV


    Here’s another one for ya guys: Big Mom could have the Spider Spider Fruit.


    This whole Idea started from the fact that CHARLOTTE’S Web is about a spider that has the same name as BIG MOM. Then I started thinking and researching on spiders more and found some interesting connections. Let me show you them:

    Spiders can lay more than 500 eggs.
    -good reason why Big Mom has 35 daughters

    Spiders eat insects but do not eat plants
    -Big Mom, since she has massive power as a Yonko, might see humans as “insects”. And she doesnt eat “vegetables(plants)”, only sweets.

    Interesting enough, i found out that female spiders eat their mates even while mating.
    -It Explains why she eats her own kind. Humans.

    Spiders can use VENOM
    -Big Mom’s nasty ass saliva could be mixed with the venom and acid in her body. So that stuff is probably DEADLY. Watch out for the big mom. All she has to do is drool on you and you’re dead. A YONKO’s power.

    Now I didnt say anything about “webs”. I just said that she has the “spider” fruit because I really don’t want her to be another doflamingo.

    I don’t know much about card games, but everyone that has owned a windows xp should know the game, Spider Solitaire.
    -Oda seems to be using card games in the story now. Maybe Big Mom could’ve came from this. Who knows?

    Anyways, thanks for reading. Please tell me what you think down below.

    *Theory by Icecream001

      I wonder if Doflamingo is talking about the last unknown ‘Road Poneglyph’ here

      What do you think?


        When Nico Robin lets sprouts flowers…

        D: When Robin-chan lets sprouts flowers, blossoms scatter around her. Those are blossoms of what kind of flower?


        O: You spotted something interesting. Those blossoms that dance flufilly in the air, present the glory of Robin’s techniques. They are called “Fuwa* Flowers” and waft flufilly.

        • T/N note: Fuwa is a word used to describe fluffy things

          Did You Know? O.o

          How Kozuki Oden was executed was almost the same as how the Ninja Thief Ishikawa Goemon was executed as well.

            One Piece in Guardians of The Galaxy