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Its pretty well known that Oda is referring to feudal Japan with Wano. Shogun was a military dictator in Japan during the period from 1192 to 1867. A number of Daimyos used to work under the Shogun. Daimyo were the most powerful feudal rulers during that period.

1192-1867 is long period and the rank of Shogun and Daimyo varied a lot between those period. But I have a few reasons to believe that Oda is referring to Edo/Tokugawa (1683-1868) period here.

The first clue is the closed door policy. As Brook is saying in this panel, “The Wano country is a sealed-off nation whose people do not take kindly to the outsiders

Now lets take a look at Edo history. Tokugawa Iemitsu, the 3rd Shogun during Tokugawa regime, enacted the Sakoku edict back in 1633. The key point of the Sakoku edict was:

“The Japanese were to be kept within Japan’s own boundaries. Strict rules were set to prevent them from leaving the country, and if any such attempt was made, they would face penalty of death. Europeans that entered Japan illegally would face the death penalty as well.”

Fits perfectly with Oda’s description of Wano, right?

Secondly, Women are treated inferior to men in Wano.
Kinemon, “A woman’s place is to stand demurely in the menfolk’s shadow and speak with reserve and modesty”

Now lets look back at Edo period. Women in the Edo Period had a lower status and possessed fewer rights compared to men to a certain extent. Women also lost economical and political rights due to the Tokugawa law. Women could not own property, and a women’s husband was entitled to kill his wife for being lazy or bad, in the circumstances of household chores or how she presented herself as a faithful wife and obedient mother.

Thirdly, The chongmage.

The chongmage and topknot hairstyle was there even before Edo period. But its mostly associated with the Edo period and samurai.

So everything indicates that Oda is referring to Edo period (1603-1808) and I will speculate a few things based on history.

1. Shogun is based on Tokugawa Iemitsu:
As mentioned earlier, the controversial Sakoku edict was enacted during Iemitsu’s period. Iemitsu ruled from 1623 to 1651, and during this period he crucified Christians, expelled all Europeans from Japan and closed the borders of the country, a foreign politics policy that continued for over 200 years after its institution.
He had every quality to be an antagonist if you ask me :cool:

2. Shogun and Oden are brothers?:
This one is most likely going to be proven false very soon but if the Shogun is based on Iemitsu, it has some chance to be true.
Tokugawa Tadanaga was the younger brother of Iemitsu. Because of his good heart, military and intellectual prowess, he was favored by his mother over Iemitsu as the 3rd Shogun. However, Iemitsu forced him to commit suicide just after the death of their father.
Oden was also forced to commit seppuku by the hands of shogun and Kaido?

3. Zoro will represent Yagyu Jubei
One of the most famous and romanticized swordsman of Japanese history was Yagyu Jubei. During Iemitsu’s reign, Jubei was probably the best samurai of the famous Yagyu clan.
There is a legend that Jubei could use only one eye, he lost his other eye during a sparring session with his father.ū_Jūbei_Mitsuyoshi
An one eyed swordsman, sounds familiar?

4. Zoro will kill the Shogun
Jubei’s father contributed significantly for the first and second shognate and therefore was granted a minor daimyo status. He was the teacher and a father like figure of the 3rd shognate Iemitsu. Jubei also served under Iemitsu.
So how does everything fit in?
In the famous film Shogun’s Samurai (1978) that was later broadcasted as a TV series called the Yagyu conspiracy (1978 – 1979), Iemitsu is killed and decapitated by the Jubei in an act of revenge.

A famous dialogue of the TV series which was later paraphrased by Kill Bill,

“If you want revenge, you have to be willing to kill God and even the Buddha”

Sounds like a dialogue made for Zoro! :cool:

5. Strawhat fleet of 4 ships:
Many isolated attempts to end Japan’s closed door policy were made by Western powers during 17th – 19th centuries. In 1853, Commodore Matthew Perry of the US navy threatened Japan with four warships, Mississipi, Plymouth, Saratoga and Susquehanna. He forced Japan to open to trade with the West and end the Sakoku edict finally. These ships became known as the kurofune, the Black Ships.

Luffy, like Matthew Perry, will also attack Wano with 4 ships, (1) Thousand Sunny, (2) Law’s ship, (3) Mink’s ship and (4) a samurai ship and liberate Wano from the shogun!

*Theory by Nidai_Kitetsu

    Each Straw Hat will have an Arc strongly revolving around them and their development.

    Hi guys, quick fire theory here based upon what we know about Wanokuni and Dressrosa; in which I explore the ideas of separate arcs themed for each Strawhat currently within the crew.

    As is common knowledge to most people here, the Wano arc is highly likely (although not confirmed) to give Zoro the spotlight at some point in some way, shape or form. There is a lot of evidence that points towards this, which is as follows:

    • Wano is the country of Samurai, indicating the Arc will have a lot of swordsmen and swordswomen, Zoro is also a swordsman, unsurprisingly
    • Zoro is the current owner of Shusui, the Katana of former Wanokuni national hero Ryuuma. Shusui is regarded by Wano residents to be a national treasure
    • Zoro is to duel with Kin’emon over the fate of Shusui
    • There are many parallels between Ryuuma himself and Zoro
    • Roronoa-San is also dressed in a similar fashion to stereotypical Samurai and wields Katana, his appearance is semi-coherent and he follows his own strong code, he’d very much fit in at Wano
      [​IMG] [​IMG]
    • It’s possible Zoro will learn to cut fire and potentially fight with fire too, in fact he will probably come into possession of new Katana

    There is also another arc in the New World that has been themed on a Strawhat, this arc is Dressrosa and Usopp. Again there are a lot of things that show this, as I’m sure we’re all aware, but for the sake of memory I will list only a few ways in which the Dressrosa Arc was very much Usopps own:

    • God Usopp, the 5* wanted man
    • God Usopp the saviour of 8,000 + warriors
    • Usopp unlocks or comes to the realization of Kenbunshoku Haki
    • Usopp’s bounty increases by over 660% , the largest bounty increase every in One Piece to date
    • Usopp is based upon Pinocchio, the Dressrosa arc has parallels to the Pinocchio story

      Pinnocchio the liar:


      Charles Judels:


      Jiminy Cricket:








    • CP0-Aegis using Sogeking’s mask or something similar, throwback to Lucci and CP9 as well
      [​IMG] [​IMG]

    It’s not just a coincidence that these two had arcs that were very coherent to themselves and their character development, giving them the spotlight, there are a few more pieces of evidence to suggest others will have their own arcs, but most notably Chopper and Zou:

    • Chopper is a Zoan user, and Kaidou’s crew is likely to be exclusively Zoan, they were introduced to us on Zou
    • Zou means Zoo and Elephant, both are references to animals, Chopper is an animal
    • We saw this girl, who looks like the antithesis and palinode of chopper as a female Deer Minkman or something along those lines, point is they’re linked

    Other arcs will include:
    -Sanji and Kanokuni, the country of martial arts, where we will see Ideo, Gilly, Abdullah and Jeet
    -Franky and the Vegapunk arc for very obvious cyborg and technology reasons
    -Robin and CP0 as we know Lucci, her old enemy is in CP0, it’s likely to involve Poneglyphs
    -Nami and a sky island due to weather links, or space (if it happens) as she can see the world from there
    -Brook and an arc involving the undead or Laboon, maybe Moriah will be involved?
    -Luffy and Raftel, finding the One Piece and becoming Pirate King

    So, concluding this theory; simply each Strawhat will have an arc strongly revolving around them and their development in terms of character, progress towards goals and increasing strength. Choppers turn is next in Zou.

    *Theory by L o g i a