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      True power of Busoshoku Haki.

      This is a theory about what i think CoA is capable of.

      Everybody already knows that Busoshoku can be used to bypass DFs, project a force as an offense or defence or used to coat things for offense or defence.

      When it is trained enough, one can visibly show their haki, this technique is called CoA. Vergo mastered his CoA by obtaining full body arnament but my question is, did he really master it?

      I think it can be taken way deeper than it has been shown.

      There are people i speculate who have taken it higher than Vergo; Garp, Roger, Zephyr, Kong, and etc but there are two that i believe have truly mastered it.

      Rayleigh and Shanks

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      Rayleigh has the epithet “Dark King”. I dont think he is evil or was a king, i think this was a reference to his CoA. He was given the title as the king of Busoshoku, a worthy title for the 2nd in command to the Pirate King.

      Shanks being part of Rogers crew it is very pausible that Rayliegh would have taught him to use haki. Shanks crew seems to represent normal humans and uninterested in DFs. He has no DF, one arm, and made Yonko status. Shanks has to have strong haki.

      I strongly believe that in present time Shanks is the strongest being alive and has the best haki of anything/anyone breathing.

      I think Shanks and Rayleigh have taken CoA further than anybody else in the series.

      Now im going to explain what i think their CoA should be able to do.

      Remember when the Admirals projected haki to deflect Whitebeards quake? The full extent of this power could projecting black barriers that work similar to Bartolomeos fruit. See? CoA has the power of an entire DF. This can be taken further by projecting things more creative than barriers, like shapes. Depending on how much imagination you have or how smart you are is what makes this power even more powerful.

      Remember when Rayliegh knocked out the elephant with a blue projection? Another thing i think a master of CoA can do is produce waves that look like Ki blast. This can be taken further by making something that is similar to a Rasengan. I believe this would be a great Naruto reference, something Oda is bound to do since he and Kishimoto are so close. It also would be a quick and easy way to destroy Logia users.

      The final and most deadly of the things i think that Busoskoku can do is to fill the air and the ground with it. That would give the user the basic intimidation/fainting powers of Haoshoku because Busoahoku haki that strong could have that effect, almost like physically and mentally smothering the person and will give the user the basic kenbunshoku power to sense the presence of others because they would be literally moving through the users Busoshoku, an extension of themselves.

      Allo of these powers are extensions of full body CoA.

      So i believe CoA masters can construct and erect things that are dependant on their will, project it as energy waves, and copy the basic forms of the other two types of haki.

      *Theory by AnonymousStrawHat