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One Piece (AMV) Luffy VS Doflamingo ~ King Kong Gun

    Best Scenes of Luffy’s Gear Fourth!


      The Hype is real!

      The hype is real

        Lucci’s New World Awakening “Gear 4th vs Leopard Demon” Theory

        Ch. 810+ [Spoilers]

        *Theory by OneWorldHD

          Gear Fourth!

          • In this form, Luffy’s Busoshoku Haki takes the shape of tribal flames on his body. This is the first example of Busoshoku Haki forming a recognizable pattern.
          • The position of Luffy’s hands to perform Leo Bazooka highly resembles the Kamehameha stance from the Dragon Ball series, a manga that highly inspired Oda.
          • Similarly to Gear 2nd, Gear 4th allows Luffy to use techniques that appear to be his own reimagining of Rokushiki abilities, his pseudo-flight bears a striking resemblance to Geppo, and Leo Bazooka is seemingly reminiscent of Rokuogan (with Gear 2nd allowing Luffy to move at a speed similar to Soru)



            Luffy developed the best way to use his devil fruit power. We were able to see some devil fruit users who could only use the basic attacks, and they were laughing his rubber ability out, but when you combine it with haki it looks invincible.

            The rubber allows him to widen his skin and to create balloon like muscles, that he covers in haki and than everyone is watching him in amazement. Gear 2. was taking away his lifespan, but he got even that under control. He still can’t make full armament haki like Vergo but I bet we will see that too in several years.


              Inspiration for the Gear Fourth

              D: Oda-sensei! Hello. I think that Luffy’s pose in his G4 form resembles that of the two Devas. Is there a special meaning behind it? Next time, when I have a dispute with my dear, I want to use this pose, I think.
              P.N. Sanadacchi

              Oda: You’re married, right? Instead of Luffy’s G4, you should do a dogeza (bowing) like Fujitora, isn’t it better for your body?
              Hahaha…Yes, it’s the pose of the two Devas! Well, I thought about ideas for power-ups from around the world, so the strong impression of the earlier Japan is what caught my attention.

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                Many people have speculated on how awakening will effect Luffy, so i wanted to give my thoughts. Originally i thought awakening could effect Luffy by allowing him to manipulate the surroundings, however now i think otherwise. I realized that it would make absolutely no sense for all paramecia to have to same awakenings and that they would rather have different awakenings based on what each paramecia did. Therefore i believe that Luffy’s awakening will effect his own body, but exactly how will it do this?? Well lets take a look at Luffy’s other powers

                I believe that Oda has been basing Luffy’s powers on rokushiki

                • G2 emulates soru by making Luffy faster
                • G3 emulates tekkai by making Luffy harder
                • G4 emulates geppo by allowing Luffy to bounce off the air

                So what about awakening? Well awakening isn’t a gear so i don’t think it will be rokushiki based, however i do believe it will be based on another marine technique; that technique being life return.

                • awakening will emulate life return by giving Luffy full control over his body and rubber

                This means luffy will be able to manipulate qualities of rubber, such as:

                • tear resistance
                • elasticity
                • stretchiness
                • electric resistance
                • density

                So what will this look like?

                Here’s what i think Luffy’s awakened form would look like
                With his awakening, i think Luffy’s muscles would decompress and become less dense; this would basically make him look more muscular. Because his muscles are more expanded and less compressed, they would be able to stretch more and have more room to stretch; this would basically increase the power of Luffy’s punches. Furthermore he would be able to use more power with his muscles; normally humans cannot use all 100% of their own muscle, however if luffy gains better control of his body via awakening, he will be able to use all 100% of his muscle fibers. Furthermore by using the power of rubber, all of his muscle contractions would happen way faster; due to his muscles being rubber, they would not tear like normal muscles would, however he would need more energy to use his muscles.
                Being as chimpanzee’s can naturally use all 100% of their muscle, imo it’s likely Luffy will do the same via awakening as his name is MONKEY D Luffy.

                So this is basically what Luffy will gain from using all 100% of his muscles and his awakening

                • the ability to move as fast(if not faster) than G2 in his awakened form
                • the ability to punch as hard(if not harder) than G4 in his awakened form
                • the ability to be undamaged by most(if not all) non-haki impact and cutting attacks by increasing elasticity
                • near infinite stretching

                However Luffy will also gain boosts to his gears with awakening

                • gear 2 will by way faster as Luffy will be able to make his blood vessels more elastic, thereby increasing the amount of blood pressure he can handle
                • gear 3 will be way stronger; as Luffy will be able to juice way more power out of his muscles, he will be able to use G3 way faster and stronger. Furthermore he will be able to compress the bone balloon to increase the hardness and speed
                • Gear 4 will become more slender and stronger as he will be able to increase elasticity with both his DF and his haki


                But how will Luffy awaken?????
                I believe that it could possibly be with the help of professor Vegapunk
                We know that Smoker is going to Vegapunk, we also learned a lot about Vegapunk in Punk Hazard; imo we could possibly see Vegapunk very soon as we have been hinted at him for a long time. But why Vegapunk? Well in an SBS, Oda stated that a certain professor would explain DFs; now we can assume that this professor Oda is talking about is likely Vegapunk. And with awakening being introduced, it would be a good time for Oda to introduce Vegapunk so that he can fully explain awakening.

                However i think someone else could help Luffy awaken. Vegapunk will likely explain awakening, however i think someone else could train awakening. Those others being

                – Monkey D Dragon

                We know that the revos are trying to stop the distribution of weapons from a specific weapons shop
                From this cover story, we can assume that the weapons are being distributed by Kaido; so i think Dragon could possibly become involved and maybe train Luffy to take down Kaido.

                Another possibility could be Scopper Gaban, however i am doubting if he has a DF

                Lastly, Luffy could awaken just by getting stronger(he gets stronger by experiance)

                *Theory by knaal



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