I’m going to start off on a bit of a tangent. Has anyone ever wondered why the technology to feed Devil Fruits to inanimate objects was created? In pretty much every instance it would be more beneficial for one to eat a fruit themselves, unless they already had one and would die. I believe DF powered weapons were merely a side result of another project

The Gorosei ordered Vegapunk to perform a very specific task – The artificial recombination of Devil Fruits. For what purpose? To recreate the fruit of life

So how does this relate to Sanji? Many people have connected the spiral pattern in his eyebrows with those found on all Devil Fruits, but what is his connection with them specifically? He is one. Or more accurately, he is two. In his attempts to recombine the fruits, Vegapunk fed a human human fruit model to another Devil Fruit, which resulted in it coming to life

It is reasonable to assume that the feeding of DFs to inanimate objects is a recent technology as it’s still relatively unknown that it even exists. It’s invention likely coincides with the year of Sanji’s “birth”

As to how Sanji escaped, he was probably given away by Vegapunk himself. Vegapunk is, unlike his masters, not a heartless monster, and decided that Sanji should lead a proper life in the real world. He was sent to North Blue

The reason that he is wanted “only alive” is that the Gorosei have deemed him their “property”, and intend to use his body to further research the possibility of recreating the fruit of life. His identity was determined purely through the now complete spiral pattern from both wanted posters, as there is no way the Gorosei or Tenryuubito could recognise someone who was lost to them as a baby from their general facial features

(This one is COMPLETELY crazy but I feel like there isn’t much variety in Sanji theories at the moment)

*Theory by Go D. Usopp

eyebrows spiral one piece chapter 801 SANJI - THE GOROSEI'S SECRET EXPERIMENT

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  1. But Sanji can swim, so if he was a devil fruit he would sink.

  2. Juan Miguel Baysantos

    then explain to me how is he able to swim?

  3. so, Duval is also a devil fruit? your only argument is the curly eyebrows…

  4. Maybe since the Devil fruits are synthetic they don’t have that drawback/weakness 😛

  5. BaloneyDragon

    This theory is shit.

  6. How about Duval’s curly brows?

  7. Well I guess you forgot about chopper who is reall user of human devil fruit

  8. your theory is a complete nonsense.. human human devil fruit was eaten by chopper.. if the humanhuman devilfruit is the reason why sanji is alive then.. how did chopper get the humanhuman fruit when sanji is still alive.. remember that a devilfruit only reappear when the user dies

    • there is more than one model of the Human Human fruit. I believe Sengoku also ate the Human Human fruit (Golden Buddha model). The bigger flaw is that Sanji can swim

  9. Kaidothebeast

    i wasted time reading this crap.

  10. SANji already has a df anywy its a zzone so you are rong noob hahahaha

  11. Kuro Ashi

    I believe this theory is plausible. To all those who wants a justification for his swimming ability, Vegapunk also made some experiments to create the artificial devil fruits (one of them eaten by momo). And we don’t know if it behaves exactly like the natural ones. More importantly, It hasn’t been revealed yet whether
    1. Artificial DF users lose the ability to swim
    2. Artificial DF users can have multiple DFs
    3. Existence of multiple number of same type of artificial DF
    So its completely possible that Sanji was an experimental result of 2 experiments, first creating a DF, second making inanimate objects (a Devilfruit) consume another DF (which is artificial).


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