Notice the elements in color spread 811, it would detail who would be involved in Sanji’s solo Arc (i presume after Zou Arc, then Wano-Kuni Arc follows after that imo)

Alright, notice that Sanji holds a coffee mug with words “all women are great”—-i think this suggests Big Mom, its becoming clear imo, that Sanji used Caesar as a bait to keep the Big Mom pirates from following the rest of his team at Zou.

The chimney from that emits smoke is Smoker and Chopper with Tashigi’s glasses and his hat with the color of Tashigi’s hair signifies Tashigi and Smoker. Remember that Smoker and Tashigi are on their way to Vegapunk which is a rival of Caesar which Sanji is holding hostage at the moment.

Nami’s oranges with a monkey near it with a spiral tail, which could have 2 meanings:

First is much simple, that Nami would be invovled in Sanji’s solo arc or:

The mikans signifies the explanation of devil fruits (the spiral monkey signifies devil fruits and Sanji’s eyebrow)….oh and about the yellow monkey, Kizaru is gonna be involved as well: head of science division and possibly Sanji’s main rival

The big bag of Doskoi Panda imo is Doctor Vegapunk, signifying his big head

So to recap, i think it would go like this:

Sanji takes Caesar away to get Big Mom Pirates away from Zou

Sanji would end up either meeting Smoker and Tashigi or he would end up meeting Vegapunk

Vegapunk would be finally revealed and will reveal the origin of Sanji and the devil fruits (note that i dont think Sanji is a devil fruit)

Sanji and Kizaru would meet up, and Vegapunk would protect him, finally revealing his true affiliation with the Revolutionary Army

Smoker and Tashigi goes with Sanji to Wano-Kuni…learning another corruption by the government

Probably i dont need to mention that Nami is holding Sanji’s letter, Zoro is waiting on the ship, basically meaning that the Wano Kuni Arc will have to wait for now to give way to Sanji’s arc…but notice the other 5 original strawhats are happy because Sanji will come back but Sanji is there waiting…signifying that Sanji will be seen by his crewmates soon (after his arc)

Sanji forming a team with Smoker and Tashigi is also a big possibility…and him bringing them along to Wano

Ok back to my vacation, Happy Holidays!

*Theory by beck 


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6 commenti

  1. dragonwarrior

    good theory!
    and also, the hat the monkey has on his head has iirc the same pattern as kizarus suit

  2. Keen observation and very interesting theory. High possibility. Thank you

  3. is that brook’s head and clothes in the big bag ?

  4. Sentomaru’s red and white sumo band next to brooks hair , you missed that one.

  5. He who like to read theories

    I also see that Sanji’s has three rings, but no one on the ‘ringfinger’.
    You don’t draw this because it looks cool, no no no … here is another secret hidden!

  6. Is that winter island means aokiji will dead and sanji will eat his fruit? Diable jamble for heating food, and ice for freezing food…
    Awesome!!! Left foot fire, left foot ice


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