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Sanji’s Haki

It was stated by Luffy that Sanji possesses Haki, when discussing it in the context of members of his crew who could fight Caesar Clown, a Logia user. Since Law was referring to the ability to coat themselves in armor, it confirms Sanji as a Busoshoku Haki user. However, Sanji did not actively display any of these abilities until the Punk Hazard Arc when searching for Kin’emon’s body using Kenbunshoku Haki.

Although it is unknown if he can use it, Sanji does know about Haoshoku Haki, something he (along with the rest of the crew) had not shown any knowledge of during the first half of the series. He, along with Zoro, has commented on Luffy’s ability to passively knock out half of Hody’s men, noting that he actually possesses it. It was also hinted at during the Fishman Island Arc, that both he and Zoro possess Kenbunshoku Haki when asked by Luffy if the pair could sense a “wild animal” in the Ryugu Palace, which they both answered that they could.

Kenbunshoku Haki

Kenbunshoku Haki is Sanji’s speciality concerning Haki. When helping Kin’emon recover his torso from within the lake on Punk Hazard, Sanji actively used Kenbunshoku Haki in order to locate the samurai’s torso within the dark water. Sanji seems to be really proficent using this kind of Haki, as being able to perceive Tashigi being beaten by Vergo despite the long distance between them, detect a sniper at a 16 mts. rooftop and act before him, finding the Thousand Sunny (with some of their crewmates aboard) in the middle of the sea or even to tell people’s true intentions the first time they meet (as with Kin’emon or Viola). He was also able to sense Nekomamushi’s aura from within Capone Bege’s body during the Zou Arc.

    Hierarchy of the World Government


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            Hello once again everyone and welcome back to yet another theory for your entertainment. This time I shall be discussing Smoker’s possible clash/confrontation with Jack.

            Let me off on how this theory came to be. Its obvious that a bunch Oda’s characters has designs based off real people.

            With this in mind, which real life person does Smoker look like? I originally thought Ben Beckman resembled this person but he more so resembles Steven Seagal like in the picture above but enough stalling.


            Clint Eastwood or more specifically, his role in the movie White Hunter Black Hear that aired in 1990.


            Notice the elephant in the picture? That fact that the movie has Smoker’s epithet of ‘White Hunter’? In this movie, Clint Eastwood plays a white hunter who becomes obsessed with hunting elephants and his friends tries to convince him to stop. Eastwood finally gets over his addiction by letting ONE elephant go, only for it to come back and kill his best friend. Does this sounds similar to Smoker hunting down every pirate that comes his way, Luffy being the ONE and only pirate to escape him and showing obsession by chasing Luffy throughout that Grand Line and New World simply because of pride?

            Now then, a White Hunter is a professional hunter of European and American backgrounds(Smoker seems German and yes there are German White Hunters). White hunters derived their income from organizing and leading safaris for paying clients, or from the sale of ivory, which are the tusks and teeth of mammals and most notably, elephant and mammoth tusks(the most valuable kind). In fact, even the wordivory derives from the Egyptian word abu which means “elephant”.

            Need more? Ivory is VERY valuable to the Chinese. White Hunters would collect ivory and sell it to the Chinese via the Silk Road, a trading route made famous by the Mongol Empire.

            Now for Smoker to go for Jack, that means Smoker(and Tashigi) shall be returning in Zou or Wano right?…..right? Smoker and Tashigi were off to deliver the PH kids to Vegapunk and since it has been 12 days so far, surely they’ve already delivered the kids. Not only that, Smoker has a debt to repay.

            It is essentially Smoker’s fault that Fujitora got banned from all marine bases.

            1. Smoker believes in an eye for an eye and repaying his debts(he let Luffy go for saving his life)
            2. Smoker believes the SH pirates are is to capture
            3. Since Fujitora got revenge for Smoker and that it was the SH pirates that Fuji needs to get unbanned, the rebellious stray dog Smoker will kill two birds with one stone by finally capturing Luffy and helping Fujitora.

            There is a chance that Smoker will arrive in Zou because as I said earlier, white hunters hunt mammals and Zou flourishes with them.

            If its Wano instead, its good to know that Smoker draws direct references from the Japanese police of the Edo period. The main weapon of the Japanese police was the jitte.


            For icing on the cake, Smoker resembles an Enenra, which is a japanese smoke demon(yokai) that can only be seen by the pure of heart.

            I’ll end it with something interesting. Smoker’s DF is called the Moku Moku no mi but that has always bothered me. The literal translation of Smoke to Japanese is Kemuri. The literal translation of moku to English is wood, timber or trees and “Moku Moku” means many trees. I ound this interesting becuase the name of Smoker’s best friend Hina means sunshine and Tashigi’s sword Shigure means drizzle(literal translation).

            So we have trees(Smoker), sunshine(Hina) and rain(Tashigi)…..trees need both sunshine and rain to grow but there will be no growing if there is a drought.

            *Theory by Vandenreich



              Notice the elements in color spread 811, it would detail who would be involved in Sanji’s solo Arc (i presume after Zou Arc, then Wano-Kuni Arc follows after that imo)

              Alright, notice that Sanji holds a coffee mug with words “all women are great”—-i think this suggests Big Mom, its becoming clear imo, that Sanji used Caesar as a bait to keep the Big Mom pirates from following the rest of his team at Zou.

              The chimney from that emits smoke is Smoker and Chopper with Tashigi’s glasses and his hat with the color of Tashigi’s hair signifies Tashigi and Smoker. Remember that Smoker and Tashigi are on their way to Vegapunk which is a rival of Caesar which Sanji is holding hostage at the moment.

              Nami’s oranges with a monkey near it with a spiral tail, which could have 2 meanings:

              First is much simple, that Nami would be invovled in Sanji’s solo arc or:

              The mikans signifies the explanation of devil fruits (the spiral monkey signifies devil fruits and Sanji’s eyebrow)….oh and about the yellow monkey, Kizaru is gonna be involved as well: head of science division and possibly Sanji’s main rival

              The big bag of Doskoi Panda imo is Doctor Vegapunk, signifying his big head

              So to recap, i think it would go like this:

              Sanji takes Caesar away to get Big Mom Pirates away from Zou

              Sanji would end up either meeting Smoker and Tashigi or he would end up meeting Vegapunk

              Vegapunk would be finally revealed and will reveal the origin of Sanji and the devil fruits (note that i dont think Sanji is a devil fruit)

              Sanji and Kizaru would meet up, and Vegapunk would protect him, finally revealing his true affiliation with the Revolutionary Army

              Smoker and Tashigi goes with Sanji to Wano-Kuni…learning another corruption by the government

              Probably i dont need to mention that Nami is holding Sanji’s letter, Zoro is waiting on the ship, basically meaning that the Wano Kuni Arc will have to wait for now to give way to Sanji’s arc…but notice the other 5 original strawhats are happy because Sanji will come back but Sanji is there waiting…signifying that Sanji will be seen by his crewmates soon (after his arc)

              Sanji forming a team with Smoker and Tashigi is also a big possibility…and him bringing them along to Wano

              Ok back to my vacation, Happy Holidays!

              *Theory by beck 




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