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Kid, On Air and Hawkins Alliance

  • Status: UnknownDuring the Punk Hazard Arc, three captains of The Worst Generation, Eustass Kid, Scratchmen Apoo and Basil Hawkins, met on the Kid Pirates’ base to discuss the terms of an alliance for the sole purpose of defeating Shanks. Despite some minor altercations, the three were eventually able to come to terms, and their alliance was reported in the newspaper. After Law and Luffy’s victory over Doflamingo, the three pirates were relieved that the two were not going after the same Yonko they were targeting.

Suddenly, Kaido landed on their base and the three found themselves face-to-face with him.

While it is unknown what happened between them, it appears that they formed an alliance with Kaido as Scratchmen informed him about Jack’s fate.

However, Kid was badly beaten and imprisoned by the Yonko and his crew.

The status of Hawkins and fellow Worst Generation member Killer are currently unknown.


    Hello everyone ! I will show you a rather small theory today and it concerns Kaido’s death.

    I don’t think I have to explain this fact right ? We all know that Kaido is looking for a way to kill himself and so it’s seems logical that before the end of One Piece he will reach his goal somehow. Watch Kaido’s first introduction :


    I mean we haven’t seen the guy yet and Oda is already telling us that he wants to die ! How many manga can introduce this kind of character :lmao:.
    Anyway, now that it’s clear for everyone, let’s continue.

    With the recent revelation of the 824th chapter, I just thought about a character that will help or find a way to kill Kaido. I’m talking about this guy :We don’t know what happened to Hawkins after the Kidd – Hawkins – Apoo alliance met Kaido. But we can already tell that Kidd refused to go under Kaido’s order so he ended up half-dead in a cage. We can already assume that Apoo betrayed the alliance and is now a part of Kaido’s crew. But what about Hawkins ?
    I mean is it a coincidence that in one side we have a Yonko who is supposed immortal and is looking for a way to die and in the other side, we have a fortune teller that can see “the shadow of death” upon someone ? I’m sure that Oda has something in store for these two characters.

    I won’t try to guess what will happen exactly, Oda’s imagination is not in my league anyway :D. But I’m telling you this guys, I’m sure Hawkins prediction will have a huge impact on Kaido’s death.

    That’s it guys, as I said it was quite short but I wanted to talk about this cause I haven’t seen anyone talking about Hawkins recently :D.

    Tell me what you think about it !

    *Theory by Xdidzic

      All Bounties in One Piece


        Others have tried to crack the seventh Shichibukai for awhile. Now it’s my turn. Who is the seventh Shichibukai? Many believe he is a brand new character, however, I only half agree. While the seventh character is new to the manga, he isn’t new to the OP universe. I’m talking about Shiki.

        I mentioned Shiki’s return in another theory before, so I’ll transfer info here.

        So first thing is first, why did Oda bothered mentioning Shiki? It doesn’t make any since for useless info to be added. Knowing Oda, he just doesn’t add unnecessary info to his story. Shiki has some kind of significant purpose outside his feat of breaking out of Impel Down.

        We know Shiki is cannon thanks to Oda and that the early events before the story started actually occurred. The movie Strong World on the other hand is not cannon and should be completely disregarded. We also know Zephyr as a character is cannon, with his Z movie also not considered cannon like Strong World. Zephyr was an Admiral for the Marines until he left after losing his men to the very person who became the seventh Shichibukai.

        Now look right here:
        Now look here:

        Shiki the Golden Lion has been around for a long time. Zephyr in the movie died at 74. He was an admiral at 38 and an instructor at 41. That’s a 36 year gap to be filled.

        Now Shiki competed with Roger during his days of piracy. Considering how he talks to Whitebeard (example shown below) and the fact that he fought Roger on equal grounds comes to tell you that Shiki is no pushover. But what if Shiki was responsible for causing the incident to Zephyr and was the one who cut his arm off? Shiki is a swordsman after all, though now his swords are his legs.

        Shiki marched straight into the former Marine HQ and slaughtered a mountain of marines. It took Sengoku and Garp to bring him down, and he still escaped after being thrown into the impenetrable fortress that is the Impel Down. So this doesn’t surprise me if Shiki toppled Zephyr in a fight.

        Let’s continue about Shiki. Last time we saw him, he was on a jungle island somewhere in the Grand Line, it could be Paradise or the New World, it never mentioned which.
        But what if this island was actually Zou.

        Yes, the mountains look slightly different with the 785 chapter showing an unusual tree species than the Strong World chapter. But also look here:

        Who is he/she? (Looks like a she to me) She may be a result of Shiki’s planning.

        Note a lot could change, and the mountain could have suffered physical alterations (highly doubt it), but keep Zou in mind. Say Shiki is on Zou, the seventh Shichibukai is yet to be fully revealed. Based on how Oda is introducing these new characters, I am expecting the seventh Shichibukai and third Admiral within the next two-to-four arcs.

        Look here:
        okAll these characters are only being shown their heads, not their full bodies. Notice what is under Buggy’s head, we have something “furry” of some sort shown. Some are saying that it’s part of Buggy’s shoulder wear. Others claim its Doflamingo’s coat. I say it is neither, it is the seventh Shichibukai. Let’s do an elimination, don’t we?
        The marines and revolutionaries have their own panels, so I will eliminate any possibility of them being that “fur” thing. Here are the Yonko:
        • Shanks
        • Big Mam
        • Kaido
        • Blackbeard
        • Doflamingo Donquixote
        • Dracule Mihawk
        • Boa Hancock
        • Bartholomew Kuma
        • Trafalgar Law
        • Buggy
        • Unknown Shichibukai
        Worst Generation:
        • Monkey D Luffy
        • Roronoa Zoro
        • Eustass Kidd
        • Killer
        • Basil Hawkins
        • Scratchmen Apoo
        • Trafalgar Law
        • X Drake
        • Urouge
        • Jewelry Bonney
        • Capone Bege

        As you see, everyone above except the seventh and Doflamingo has their face shown. But that “furry” thing isn’t Doflamingo specifically because the pattern of Doflamingo’s coat and the “fur” object are different. It isn’t Jack either because he shares the same pattern as Doflamingo.

        Notice how in both pictures, the coats appear more feather-like rather than a downward spike pattern. But look at Shiki’s hair:

        A perfect match from a cone top to a spread as the pattern descends.

        With the text bubble in the way, likely on purpose, any evidence of a steering wheel lodged in the way is none. This is likely as Oda doesn’t want us to guess who the last Shichibukai really is, and Shiki’s twenty year old plan will finally come to play during Luffy’s era.

        An extra side note, unrelated to the theory, look at the head underneath Akainu next to Fujitora and Kizaru. No doubt that is the thrid Admiral. Keep your eyes out for character with curly dark hair.

        Anyway, back to topic, Zephyr left the marines because of the injustice of allowing the seventh Shichibukai to join the ranks of exempt pirates. To be a Shichibukai you have to be well-known with a threat that can put fear among other pirates. But why would Shiki want to join the very group of people that were responsible for Roger’s death. Well he has something planned, and he means to show the world the true terror of a pirate. If you ask me, he will play a significant role in the initiation of the Throne Wars described by Doflamingo, and against the Worst Generation, the Yonko, and the Shichibukai, he will open a wrath unlike any other seen in One Piece. What is he planning? Whatever it is, he is likely pulling a Blackbeard in using his special status.

        Before I end this, there begs one last question. Why would the WG allow Shiki to join the Shichibukai? Well he does meet the qualifications to become one, he is also on par with the Yonko as far as strength goes. If anything, the WG were probably desperate for the power needed to fill in the missing strength gap that Aokoji, Blackbeard, Gecko Moriah and Crocodile left vacant. This leaves the WG bouncing back from an almost ruptured power-struggle.

        To rap things up:
        • Shiki is back
        • Shiki is the seventh Shichibukai
        • Shiki is responsible for cutting Zephyr’s arm
        • Shiki may be on Zou
        • Shiki will be revealed in the next arc or two

        And done…

        *Theory by Phi

          Let The Throne Wars Begin!

          The Throne Wars


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