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      Females in the Whitebeard Pirates


      D: Odacchi! Question!! You know how there aren’t any females in the Whitebeard Pirates? It bothers me!        P.N. Apple


      O: Hrmmm. So back when they made their first appearance (volume 25), there were female nurses on board. These lovely ladies were actually the Whitebeard Pirates’ official medical team. However, due to Whitebeard’s own set of morals, he never allowed a woman on board his ship as “fighters”. This is the reason why there wasn’t a single woman in his crew when they arrived in the “Summit War Arc”. He was prepared for “death” at this point. He had ripped off all of the medical tools that were helping him stablize is condition despite his illness, left the women of his medical team, who desperately tried to stop him, in a safe place while tearing up, and went back out into sea for battle with just his boys!! I ended up not drawing all of this, but that’s basically all the drama that went down before Pops finally showed up in the house.

        Bari Bari’s worth

        D: Oda-san, hello~. About Bartolomeo, he said something about how his barriers have a limit or whatever, so how many Bari-Bari’s worth is its maximum capacity?                                               P.N. Hoichael Jackson


        O: Great question. There is in fact a limit to the space his barriers can cover, as well as how many barriers he can put up at a time. He can only hold up one barrier at a time, and they say that this one barrier can cover up to 50 thousand Bari-Bari’s!! Amazing! 1 Bari-Bari equates to roughly 100x that of 1 Bori-Bari-Bari, so in other words, his barrier capacity is just about 500 Pickle-Pori-Pori-Bari-Bari’s.

        (Translator’s Note: Bari, Bori, and Pori are all Japanese sound effects that roughly translate to ‘crunching’.)

          Did You Know?


            About Vivi

            D: About Vivi, I noticed that out of the countless characters that have appeared in the series so far, she seems to be the only character who is deemed to be a comrade without officially being in the crew, and if possible, I wanted to know if you could please tell us the image number/color/animal/country/blood type/favorite food/least favorite food/etc., revealed for the rest of the Straw Hat Crew so far, for her as well.    P.N. Hoshino Shizuku

            SBS76 1 Vivi

            O: Gotcha. The fandom is strong with Vivi.

            • Number: 5.5
            • Color: White (Gold)
            • Animal: Dove (Discussed with her voice actor: Misa Watanabe)
            • Blood Type: F
            • Favorite Food: Curry, Pudding
            • Least Favorite Food: Dried Squid

              Did You Know?