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So when Monet died on Punk Hazard her ability went on to another fruit. Maybe it went to one of Nami’s tangerines? Why I think Nami out of all the other none devil fruit crew will it eat is because of three reasons.

1. She loves tangerines. They’re her connection to Bellamere and back home
2. It suits her already existing abilities (all things concerning weather)
3. Nami isn’t the one to save the crews devil fruit users when they fall into water, (Zoro,Sanji) so she’ll be able to eat it without being troubled with the burden of saving the crew, though she would be extra baggage when in water.

I don’t think she necessarily eats it on purpose. More mistake, then she realises after it tastes so horribly.


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  1. I don’t think tha Namy or Usopp will eat a DF. The reason that Oda presents them as weaker than Zoro, Luffy and Sanji (I personaly don’t think that Nami or Usopp are weak) is to have a compare measurement in the crew so that Luffy, Zoro and Sanji look stronger. If all the crew and their rivals had the same strength after the timeskip, then we weren’t able to understand their strength in in comparison with before the time skip.

  2. Firintiger123

    Even tough that might not happen, it would still be an interesting outcome ^^

  3. anOx_Senpai

    i think yuki yuki fruit

  4. Nami is the brain of the crew she doesn’t need a DF. Because of the simple reason that she only had to say something to Luffy or maybe Chopper and they are gonna do it (if they agree 😀 )

  5. Monet’s DF? What’s if Oda give us some plot twist. NaNami eat axolotl DF, not snow DF. Imagine that….

  6. I don’t think Nami would be a DF user. She’s already awesome in all things concerning the weather because of her natural instincts that has been honed in weatheria. She can’t fight agressively because she’s a bit of a coward, but she can do long-range fighting and lots of supporting with her clima-tact. I personally like her being one of the normal ones on the ship, it makes the characters more believable.

  7. i don’t think so because in arc Shabody, Nami swam to rescue Chopper when Chopper and Brook jumped down to rescue Luffy.

  8. 나미찡~~~

    So i think that Nami won’t eat any Devil Fruits because there was this person who tried to make the Devil fruits name to number 1-10(only) (ppl only in Straw hat pirates) Gomu Gomu -5656, Hito Hito(Chopper’s fruit)-1,10,1,10 Hana Hana(Robin’s Fruit) – 8787 Yomi Yomi(Brook’s fruit) – 4343. So there is 1,3,4,5,6,7,8,10 but not 2 and 9, 2929 makes a Devil Fruit Nikyu Nikyu which it means it is Kuma’s Ability because of this in Korean society we don’t expect another Devil Fruit user to join Luffy or anyone to have Devil Fruit.

  9. Oda already said he want to make usop the weakest crew. Right now usop stronger than nami. So nami will be given devil fruit power is possible

  10. I don’t really know that Nami should have the DF, but if we got a good back story so yeah why not. A good back story is only a good story

  11. 1. Oda has said the next straw hat member will be a woman
    2. Monet isn’t dead – Ceasar didn’t fully stab the heart so it’s quite likely she’s alive
    3. She supposedly threw the note to chopper in punk hazard
    4. she let the straw hats go after she realised they were helping the kids at punk hazard. I think she’s nice, but feels some sort of debt to Doflamingo and so she did what she did.
    5. it’s likely chopper (or one of the straw hats) took her heart with them because at the end of the arc, the marines and the straw hats had a party, where they split the land on the marine and pirate side. Monet’s heart was on the straw hat’s side.
    6. Monet will likely go after the straw hats and will eventually see how they are nice people, and ask to join as she no longer has a place to stay (look up monet and robin similarities!)
    7. luffy loves snow! he wanted a musician and he got one, he loves robots etc. and got one so he’ll definitely get a snow member
    8. there is a zoan member (chopper), a paramecia member (luffy, brook, robin) but no logia member (monet is a logia)

    Nami can’t therefore have monet’s power as she is still alive and will be the next member. Also, when a person dies, their devil’s fruit appears at the exact place where they died – which is how blackbeard got whitebeard’s power (read latest one piece manga episode 786)

    Also mastery of the power determines its effectiveness. Nami having a logia power with her strengh would be useless, as she hasn’t the strength to use it well. Think about how good buggy’s power would be in the hands of someone like doflamingo?

    The monster trio – luffy, zoro and sanji are the main fighters of the team. Nami and Usopp are meant to be the human side of the team. Having nami with a df and losing her human side will be worse for the group. her and usopp’s scared reactions etc. make them seem more normal.

    TL:DR, Monet is alive, will join the Straw hats, and Nami still needs to represent the human side of the crew, so won’t get the fruit.

  12. It would be true in some way.

    – But due to OnePiece death style: they die mostly in flashbacks (korazon, belle-mere … etc) or like Ace and Edward Newgate. => The Death scenes appear clearly and we didn’t see Monet dying. It’s like the hawk of alabasta and the person who stays a lot with Vivi in weasky spike.

    I think Monet is still alive and she’ll be the last women in the crew.


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