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Ever since Kaido was mentioned, several theories regarding his powers have surfaced all over the internet. The most popular ones being:

  1. Dragon Mythical Zoan Devil Fruit
  2. Oni Mythical Zoan Devil Fruit
  3. Oni with no Devil Fruit

I have always been switching between Oni and Dragon every time we get some new information on Kaido.
When he first appeared in the manga (Chapter 795) an idea struck my mind…what if he is both an Oni and a Dragon…let me explain.

Kaido is an Oni who ate the Dragon Mythical Zoan Devil Fruit

I will provide reasons for why I think this way in this post.

Before I can explain anything, I would like to mention that when I say Dragon, I mean a Japanese or Chinese Dragon only (I don’t know the differences between them, but I know that they are very very similar) and for those of you who don’t know what an Oni is, it’s pretty much the Japanese Ogre. A demon like mythical creature in Japanese folklore.
They are characterized by their enormous size, demon-like horns, an iron club they’re usually depicted carrying.

Here’s an Oni:

As depicted in a video game:


And here is Kaido:


Notice the similarities right? Monstrous appearance and size, fuzzy hair, horns and in Chpater 824 we got confirmation that Kaido uses an Iron Club as well. The similarities point strongly to the fact that Kaido is quite possibly an Oni.


Here Kaido is seen carrying and using an Iron Club.

These ‘clues’ are what convinced me that Kaido is an Oni.

Then what about the Dragon Mythical Zoan part?

In the above manga page, Kaido said his dream was to have an army/crew of only Devil Fruit users. So it would make sense if Kaido himself has a Devil Fruit, right?

BUT WAIT! There’s one more compelling reason!

With his appearance, we saw that he has a very very long mustache and some sort of (Dragon) scales on his chest and arm.. This could be hinting at his Dragon powers.

Why the mustache? Japanese dragons are depicted having long whisker like appendages on their upper lips


The scales on Kaido’s chest do resemble the scales on this Dragon (Ryuu) don’t they? And in the anime preview of episode 739, we see that his scales are reddish in color

So I’m well convinced that those scales are Dragon scales.
His mustache would become the appendages on the Dragons face and his scales will become the scales of a dragon.

Putting these two things together, we have Kaido, an Oni who ate the Dragon Mythical Zoan Devil Fruit!

What do you guys think?

*Theory by ToBeThriller


    I think a lot of people underrate Kid when they say he has absolutely no chance against Shanks; i personally believe that Kid is one of the strongest(if not the strongest) supernovas, and the only supernova who is currently qualified to beat Shanks.

    I think Kid has the magnet magnet fruit; this gives him the power to create and manipulate electromagnetic fields. This may not seem very impressive, but i believe it is one of the strongest paramecias in OP. Let me explain

    Objects attracted to magnets are known as paramagnetic. Objects that are not attracted by magnets are called diamagnetic. Diamagnetic objects are actually repelled by magnetic fields. If a magnetic field is strong enough, it can actually be used to levitate objects. Here are some powers Kid could use by creating powerful magnetic fields

    • flight, repels the ground by creating a powerful magnetic field
    • he could even coat his fists with a magnetic field. If Kid did a “magnet punch” by coating his fist with a magnetic field; it would repel the person hit, as organic matter is daimagnetic, however the iron in blood is paramagnetic and would be attracted to Kid’s fist. The result? Kid would be able to send enemies flying with just one punch, the magnetic field would attract the enemy’s blood, this means that they would be sent flying while their blood would go in the exact opposite direction, thereby causing them to bleed out
    • he could create massive, powerful fields; this would allow him to possibly levitate islands, then smash them into opponents. He could even manipulate water, as water is diamagnetic; this means kid would be a huge threat to DF users
    • he could even cover his body with a powerful magnetic field; this would basically be like a force-field which would repel any diamagnetic attack, so basically everything but metal would be repelled. However Kid can control metal as well, so even metal wouldn’t be effective. He could also cover other people’s bodies with magnetic fields, this would basically crush them

    Now when a lot of people say that Kid doesn’t have a chance against Shanks, they seem to forget that KID IS A FRICKIN GENIUS

    • when he was a child, he was shown to know how to build robots
    • he even turned himself into a cyborg
    • Kid’s power requires knowledge of magnetic fields in order to be used at it’s full potential, Oda wouldn’t give Kid this power unless Kid had the knowledge to use it

    So if Kid is as smart as he appears, then it’s likely that he has a plan; but what could that plan be?

    I think it could revolve around pacifistas

    Kid can completely manipulate metal, so a pacifista would stand no chance against him; that’s why i believe that kid has or is planning to steal a pacifista. Once Kid steals one, he can take it apart and learn how to make some of the pacifista’s technology

    With Kid’s knowledge and power, i believe he could create a robot army to help defeat Shanks. With pacifista technology, Kid could equip his robots with lasers and durable metals for more power and durability. Kid could also use pacifista technology to enhance the bodies of him and his crew. What if Kid became like Franky? Under his skin he would have a coat of armor for better defense, he could replace his eye for a robot eye, and even equip his arm with lasers and possibly even sea stone.

    Some of Kid’s crew already appear to be cyborgs, so having pacifista technology would be a big boost to their overall strength.

    Now i know this is a big what if, but what if Kid figured out how to weaponize zoans? We know that Kid is well informed about underground deals, so what if Kid already made a deal for smiles? Kid could give a smile to his cyborg body parts to enhance them even further, i mean what if kid’s arm could turn into a dragon? I know it’s kinda unlikely as Kid didn’t even seem mad when he learned that doffy fell, but it would still be a cool power to see


    Even though Kid may not necessarily defeat Shanks, due to his devil fruit and his intelligence, it is possible that Kid will have a chance to defeat Shanks.

    *Theory by Monkey D Theories

      That’s why there will never be a One Piece-Fairy Tail crossover! XD



        In this theory I shall talk about the true strength of Monkey D. Dragon. However, I cant talk about Dragon without discussing the Conqueror’s Haki.

        First of all, we know Dragon has his own fighting style as seen with Sabo:

        But once again, the Conqueror’s Haki is what makes Dragon truly fearsome. Dragon also has no devil fruit but for those who think he odes, do NOT be discouraged. You’ll see why later on.

        Now lets get into what CoC is and what Dragon’s(and others) real abilities are.

        Conqueror’s Haki is the ability to use your willpower as a weapon. It is truly the most powerful ability in One Piece and its even more powerful than the Ancient Weapons.

        There are multiple levels to Conqueror’s Haki can it can be broken down into 5 simple levels.

        Level 1: Using your will to conquer the will of others

        The most simplest and well known example of Conqueror’s Haki. It is very effective against fodder.

        However, contrary to popular belief, it is still useful against those with good willpower.

        Smoker of all people began to sweat against Hancock’s CoC. It depends on how strong your CoC is compared to the will of your target. Replace Hancock with Rayleigh or Shanks, Smoker might have had a worse reaction.

        Level 2: Conquering the Elements

        As simple as it sounds. Dragon used his CoC to conqueror the fir of Gray Terminal to give the people a path to escape.

        Doflamingo was completely incased in Kuzan’s ice but managed to use his CoC to conquer the ice and break free.

        This level can also be applied to objects.

        Level 3: Conquering the Weather

        The Cnqueror’s Haki has a certain radius. The stronger the will, the more range one’s CoC has and it can affect and manipulate the environment. That storm that saved Roger and destroyed Shiki’s fleet was because of Roger’s CoC and it is how Dragon summoned lightning to save Luffy.

        Level 4: Conquering yourself.

        One with the Conqueror’s Haki can manifest his will/spirit in physical form. Your personal traits and characteristics that describe will become a physical weapon per say.

        Shanks has shown that Conqueror’s Haki can cause PHYSICAL damage to objects.

        Now then, there is ALOT more to Level 4 Conqueror’s Haki. Everyone’s spirit is different and can be represented by different things. Some spirits are like tigers, some are like ice and others can even be cocaine. Of course, only those with the Conqueror’s Haki can achieve this, but it can be done by those who haven’t unlocked it yet. The willpower of a person must very strong in order to achieve this feat though.

        Zoro spirit in physical form is Asura.

        Sanji’s spirit in physical form is Diable Jambe. Oda said that Sanji doesn’t get burned because his spirit burns hotter.

        Shanks’ spirit in physical form is red lightning.

        Kaidou may be a dragon zoan but his spirit in physical form may be a Typhon. The Typhon is the father of beasts and Kaidou leads an army of beasts.

        Level 5: Conquering Reality

        The highest level of Conqueror Haki. Only 2 people have achieved this form of CoC aside from Dragon. This level can only be achieved by those who are a direct descendant of D.

        The Conqueror’s Haki can conqueror ANYTHING and that includes time, space, light and dark. The concept of reality itself bends to the will of the conqueror.

        The distortion of reality, time and space is synonymous with air cracking.

        A Conqueror’s Haki clash is the sudden impact of two conqueror spirits and those combined spirits is strong enough to distort time and space for a short time.

        Now to avoid any confusion, a person can master level 1,2 and 4 but could still need work for level 3 for example. Some people can only level up so far not matter how much they try. Don Chinjao for example may be unable to use level 2 or 3.


        Of course you know, Luffy will be the greatest Conqueror of them all.

        Those with the Conqueror’s Haki are very common in the New World and it is the only way to climb to the top.

        However, those with the Conqueror’s Haki are the least of Luffy’s worries.

        “Blackbeard” Marshall D. Teach cannot use haki because of the Yami Yami no mi. Despite that, he can make sure that his opponents cannot use haki either.

        The Darkness Fruit consumes absolutely everything.

        We know Teach can neutralize devil fruit powers via physical contact.

        But with his devil fruit awakening, he can neutralize devil fruits and haki without needing physical contact.

        The only thing that can save Luffy is his Conqueror’s Haki conquering Teach’s darkness.


        Now then, what about Monkey D. Dragon?

        As I implied earler, Dragon’s Conqueror’s Haki is probably the strongest alive. It is the main reason why he is the most wanted man.

        Dragon’s conqueror’s haki(along with Shanks and Roger) is so strong that he can cause the air to crack without clashing with anyone.

        As for Dragon’s spirit in physical form, it is an actual dragon.

        With his CoC, Dragon can manipulate the weather and become a dragon. This is why I believe Dragon has no DF because he doesn’t need one. He is already a dragon in a literal sense. Dragon’s body wont deform and turn into a dragon itself if that’s what your thinking. Just his spirit will turn into a dragon behind or above him like an aura.

        This brings up a few questions though….what are CoC in physical forms of Roger?

        *Theory by Vandenreich



            The Three Great Weapons & One Piece Universe Theory


            We know the name of the three great weapons, and they are:

            1) Pluton 2) Poseidon 3) Uranus

            It’s been confirmed that Pluton is a ship and Poseidon is the Mermaid Princess, but Uranus is up-in-the-air as it were, and that is the main point I wanted to talk about.

            To give a brief history of these mythological gods:

            • Pluton (or Pluto) is the god of death. To traverse his domain, one needs to ride with Charon on the river Styx to get to the judgement place. He is one of the three great god brothers in Greek mythology.
            • Poseidon is the god of the sea. He rules all things in the water, can communicate with all forms of creatures there, and in general is just the most powerful being in the sea. He is one of the three great god brothers in Greek mythology.
            • Uranus, along with Gaea, is the creator of the world. He was overthrown by his children, the Titans (mostly because he hated them) in collusion with their other brothers, the Cyclops and the Hekatonkheires. After he was castrated, the world was filled with all manner of creatures, the Giants, the Furies, etc. He is NOT one of the three great god brothers, but their ancestor.

            Now, the last part should be a bit odd, because it doesn’t fit into the theme of the weapons being named after the god brothers and each having their own domain: Zeus controls the skies, Poseidon controls the seas, and Pluton controls the underworld. This is an important point, however, since the domains are STILL split up:

            • Uranus is the Sky
            • Poseidon rules the Seas
            • Pluton rules the Underworld

            And so, to connect this to One Piece, we have to consider certain aspects of this:

            • Pluton is a large Ship that can destroy Islands.
            • Poseidon is the Mermaid Princess who controls the Sea Kings and all creatures below it.
            • Uranus is ?

            Pluton and Poseidon have clear, direct parallels to their Greek roots, so on that basis I think Uranus must also have the same roots in Greek mythology.

            I also want to take note, that Pluton was essentially created on an island in the Grand Line and Poseidon was a power that manifested in the Mermaid Princess, and both of these are powers that existed in their respective realms (i.e. the realms Greek mythology would have them exist). On that important note, I think Uranus is in one of the Sky Islands.

            Another thing to note, is that Uranus mixing with Gaea lead to the creation of all the exotic creatures in the world. However, in the One Piece universe, we don’t have too many nuanced creatures besides Giants. Except, its not realistic for the power of Uranus to be “control the Giants” because that contradicts Uranus’ personality: he hated all his own offspring.

            So here’s my theory on Uranus, and in extension, where Raftel is, why no one has ever reached there besides Gol D Roger, and why the World Government was able to overthrow the previous civilization:

            DISCLAIMER: at a certain point, this will obviously become guesstimates because the future parts are contingent on the previous parts happening which could also not happen

            • Uranus is not a ship, or person, or anything like that, but is actually a tree in one of the Sky Islands which “drops” the Devil Fruits onto either the ground or on one of the lower Sky Islands. It is the highest Sky Island, from that logic, so it can “drop” its fruits anywhere. This is supported by a small point:

            All the devil fruits in the world have been accounted for.

            This is, from a logical perspective, an impossible thing to catalog. Even if you got all the devil fruit users named, how do you know that there aren’t other devil fruits available that no one has ever been able to arrive at? The only way to do that is if you knew the total amount of fruits a priori (before the fact).

            • And this is the part where I guess that the Sky Island Uranus is on is actually called Raftel.

            This might seem totally random, but I actually have a reason for this:

            Sky Islands are remarkably hard to arrive at, not just for the route to get there but because even getting the Sky Island on your map requires A LOT OF LUCK. Think about Luffy getting on Skypiea: this feat was just pure luck that his compass started to point up. This normally never happens, which is why we didn’t see other pirates on Skypiea besides the people who already lived there, because it just so hard to get there. If Raftel was on the sea, then why wouldn’t some person just randomly get Raftel as their next destination point? It only seems logical that when people normally do get Raftel in their destination point, it seems like their compass is just dead.

            Which, also being a pure guess, gets me the next point:

            • Raftel is an Island that moves.

            If Raftel were just a Sky Island that stayed put, it would be easy for some people who did get Raftel on their maps to consider Raftel a Sky Island and go there and find Gol D Roger’s treasure. This hasn’t happened, so Raftel must have another layer of complexity the likes which has never been seen. Additionally, because Devil Fruits can be found anywhere, Raftel must be floating if Uranus is on it so that Devil Fruits can be found anywhere.

            Additionally, from all this, the treasure that Gol D Roger held was not a huge pile of booty. I can only assume this, because no major pirate or the Marines (who have the infrastructure) have been randomly digging in any of the islands. Not a single person, in fact, has been shown “treasure hunting.” For instance, what if Luffy found out that One Piece, the treasure, was in Log Town? That would be crazy stupid, because you actually would never have had to cross the Grand Line to find One Piece. People assume that One Piece should be very difficult to get to, but what if it was just a simple place to be? Additionally, how much wealth would really be in One Piece? Let’s say One Piece was worth 10 Billion Beri. Well, who wouldn’t have noticed Gol D Roger depositing large amounts of treasure onto an island that he stayed on for a while? Shanks and Buggy would surely have known about the treasure of One Piece and Buggy would definitely have taken a part of the treasure for himself after Roger died. But Buggy didn’t, in fact, Buggy doesn’t give two shits about finding One Piece, and I can only find a reason for that if:

            • One Piece isn’t the name of the treasure he had, but it is the name of the PAST CIVILIZATION found in the poneglyphs.

            That’s the only sensible way that Gol D Roger would have found both the True History and also One Piece on the same journey.

            • This next prediction has no rhyme or reason, but it is my guess as to how the World Government toppled “One Piece”: the World Government used Haki to defend against the Devil Fruit Users, they sent Posiedon to the seas also through Haki and Devil Fruits they had, and forced Pluton away by using a combination of Devil Fruits and Haki users.

            *Theory by Manlymysteriousman

              Cavendish: Cursed Sword? – Theory

              Does Cavendish have a cursed sword? Or is it some kind of Devil Fruit?

              *Theory & Video made by HawkeyeAnime


                (you can send your theory about  everything related to OnePiece via email at [email protected])


                So when Monet died on Punk Hazard her ability went on to another fruit. Maybe it went to one of Nami’s tangerines? Why I think Nami out of all the other none devil fruit crew will it eat is because of three reasons.

                1. She loves tangerines. They’re her connection to Bellamere and back home
                2. It suits her already existing abilities (all things concerning weather)
                3. Nami isn’t the one to save the crews devil fruit users when they fall into water, (Zoro,Sanji) so she’ll be able to eat it without being troubled with the burden of saving the crew, though she would be extra baggage when in water.

                I don’t think she necessarily eats it on purpose. More mistake, then she realises after it tastes so horribly.


                *All rights go to TJSperling


                  (you can send your theory about  everything related to OnePiece via email at [email protected])


                  There’s a possibility that Burgess is still on the island and he probably didn’t have enough time to leave before DD put the birdcage on. We haven’t seen him since the conclusion of the fights in the Colosseum, and while reading the discussions it seems that many people think that he could go after the factory and that he could be interested in smiles.
                  Now I really doubt he or BB would be interested in the artificial fruits to eat them, mostly because of how BB seems to be only after the more rare fruits like the Mera Mera no mi.Seeing how Burgess wasn’t able to retrieve the fruit, it’s more logical that he would seek another fruit of that caliber. Maybe not as powerful as the Mera Mera, but maybe another logia type.So I really doubt that artificial Zoan type of fruits would do the trick for him. So which fruit should he look for? I was thinking about…the Yuki Yuki no mi.
                  While not being as powerful as the Mera Mera no mi, it’s still has some pretty interesting abilities. Now in order for this theory to work, obviously Monet needs to be dead which I think she is, and DD must have been able to retrieve it from Punk Hazard. But we saw that it’s filled with the poisonous gas, so he shouldn’t be able to get it himself…but he could send a clone made of strings to retrieve it. The clones work like Robin’s hands, they’re just made of strings so they shouldn’t need to breath.
                  What do you guys think? Could Burgess be interested in the Yuki Yuki no mi, If not will there be other fruits he can be interested in? Someone could mention the Ope Ope, but we pretty much know it’s going to be useless on someone who doesn’t have medical knowledge.

                  *All rights go to ladylola

                    Haki Theory

                    (you can send your argumented theory about  everything related to OnePiece via email at [email protected])


                    This is a theory about haki. I believe that there are more than three kinds of haki. It feels fairly obvious really, it seems so strange that a “natural” force like haki would be so tightly divided into three neat categories. No, I believe the three forms of haki we know now are just the most common, and the most predictable. The other forms are, I believe, so rare that any person with a rare haki type is basically unique, the chance of two people with the same rare haki type appearing is really low. This makes rare hakis much more unpredictable than other forces (like normal haki, devil fruits, rokushiki etc) and thus we should be seeing more of them in the New World. And I believe we have.

                    My theory is based on the idea that those rare versions of haki are somewhat variations of the main three ones. The reason I think that is because of the two most obvious examples of rare haki we’ve seen in the series: Jango’s hypnosis and Miss Goldenweek’s drawings. Both of these seem related to Conqueror’s haki, as they’re about affecting the minds of others, but in more precise and “weaker” ways than conqueror’s haki that just makes people faint. Note that none of these people have real Conqueror’s haki, nor are very powerful fighters, but I don’t see how that’s a problem; Aisa’s a good example of character who was simply born with excellent haki without any exceptional other skills. I see no reason these rarer haki types should be any different.

                    One of the reasons I think these skills are a kind of haki is because of one of Oda’s SBS, where he was asked if Miss Goldenweek’s power came from a devil fruit. He stated that that wasn’t the case, but refused to go into further detail. This seems to imply that it’s a kind of power that hasn’t been described yet, but will probably get explained at some point.

                    I believe there’s another good example of a rare haki we’ve seen quite recently: Doffy’s “pace”. Again, this seems like a variation of conqueror’s haki and a very subtle yet effective one. Since we’ve already seen it being very effective against Luffy, I believe it will play a critical role in their fight. My guess is that a chapter will end with Luffy being almost controlled by Doffy’s pace, only for the next chapter to contain a Rayleigh flashback of him explaining about rarer haki types and how to counter them. If they exist, it would be nuts of Rayleigh not to prepare Luffy for them, especially if they’re more common in the New World.

                    Speaking of Rayleigh: Another example of a rare haki type candidate is Roger, whose ability to “hear the voice of all things” sounds a lot like a variation of observation haki to me. Also, I believe there’s a good candidate for a variation on armament haki: Zoro’s Asura. This creates a nice parallell with how Zoro’s observation and armament haki was initially shown in Alabasta but not fully explained, only to get very well explained a long time later.

                    TLDR: There are many rare kinds of haki, including Doffy’s “pace” and it’ll be important in Luffy’s fight.

                    *All rights go to Trasteby